GRAND AM: The alternative to the ALMS has survived, and to some degree prospered in this no-money climate. Fat fields, close racing—but to the purist, cars of little merit. Porsche has enjoyed a great season in GT against Mazda and the soon-to-be collector's item, Pontiac. And Porsche P.R. can claim the biggest price of the GA with the win at the Daytona 24. The rest of the season hasn't been kind to either Porsche team of Brumos or Penske in the prototurtle clan. Roger's boys have really been a revelation, as the plebs all predicted, "Wait till Penske shows up." Well they have, and somewhere Alex Job is having a good laugh. GA is all about a clubhouse mentality for its members (i.e., competitors] and having a good time on the track regardless of how many or how few spectators take in the show. Fun? Yes... but so is my local go-kart track.

LE MANS: The aftermath of Le Classic has the Lords of the Rings in Ingolstadt wondering what went wrong. Audi, for the first time this decade, was woefully out of synch, and only the efforts of the senior squad of Tom Terrific, Dindo and Nishy kept the R15 relevant against the winning diesel lions of Peugeot. Audi is concentrating on its DTM efforts and fielded a serious effort with the R8 GT3 at the Ring 24, but politically it is mired in the battle between parent company VW and Porsche. Wait and see is the current watchword, and, hopefully for fans of prototype racing, Audi will be back. Leaving behind a decade of achievement would be nothing less than unintended acceleration. —Kerry Morse

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