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'Automotive News is reporting that Ford says it will include a four-banger option in every car and crossover by 2013.

•GM expects it will have a total of 36 nameplates in 2012 (that's 25 percent fewer than in 2008).

¡•The economic stimulus bill made it through with-. out a Cash-for-Clunker plan. •Crane Cams is said to have laid off its employees and closed up shop—but as we went to press, rumors were flying that it was just a restructure and the company will be up and running again. •Word is that there have been at least three offers to buy Chrysler's Viper brand.

[•Here's another word: The Camaro Z/28 plan is back among the living.

•Saab will file for reorganization under a "self-managed Swedish court process to create a fully independent business entity that would be sustain able and suitable for investment." •Meanwhile, Saturn is going to stay afloat only , through the end of the planned life cycle of its , products.

•75-80 Dragway, which closed in 2005, has reopened.

•Kenny Bernstein will be inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America.

450hp Boss 347 (14-6007-2347)



Ford Racing engines are engineered, tested, and manufactured to exacting tolerances only an original equipment manufacturer can meet. Buitt from the highest quality, all-new components and backed by the Ford Racing limited warranty our crate engines provide the best value in Ford power!

Get True Blue Ford Racing Performance Parts, the only performance parts good enough to wear the Ford oval!

700hp Aluminator M-6007-A46SC

2008 FR500 Cobra Jet

2008 Mustang Challenge Champion, Andrew Caddetl

2008 Koni Challenge Champion, Team Hypersport

2007 Dl GP Champion, Vaughn Glttln Jr.

Don Sanderson Ford Colorado Mustang Specialists D.S.S. Inc. Apple Valley Joe Heck Racing Tasca Automotive Group

Glendale, AZ Aurora, CO St. Charles. IL Ford Lincoln Mercuiy Lakewood. NJ Cranston, Rl Apple Valley, MN 888-789-3311

(800)729-2593 (877)687-8864 (630)587-1169 952-431-1414 (732)370-4325

Autocars/Speedshop Direct Gary Yeomans Ford Rod Baker Ford Northcoast Performance Tommie Vaughn Motors

Atascadero, CA Daytona Beach, FL Plalnfield. IL RoushYati Ontario, NY Houston. TX

877 SPEED BY (773-3329) 800-231-6172 Mooresville, NC (815)436-5681 585-216-1210 (800)944-4415

(704) 799-7553

Hawaii Racing Powered By Ford. Inc. CPS Companies CJ Pony Paris Inc.

Simi Valley. CA Orlando.FL Illinois: 630-350-1500 Downs Ford Motorsport Harrisburg. PA Michigan: 246-269-9106 Toms River. NJ

(805)583-8880 (407)843-3673 Kansas City: 816-423-8103 (800)888-6473 (800) 378-3673

Dr. Jimmy knew the best way to pick up chicks was if he moved the X-ray machine onto a crate in the women's bathroom.

Dr. Jimmy knew the best way to pick up chicks was if he moved the X-ray machine onto a crate in the women's bathroom.

Part of 'fewer, better' entries strategy"

Bullet point inGM's long-term viability plan, describing how Pontiac will "serve as a Buiik, CMC Candacldil^cad ** automaker wi" focus on the core brands: Chevrolet,

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