By Jeff Smith / Photos: John Mcgann and Jeff Smith Illustrations/photos: Courtesy of Competition Engineering

It's never been easier or ' cheaper to make power. But power isn't the endgame-it's acceleration that makes heroes. Have you ever wondered how those cars with 8-inch tires are able to consistently blast low 9s and make it look effortless? Sticky tires are a big part of the plan, but you can bet that the suspensions on these cars have been heavily massaged. Low e.t.'s don't happen by accident, which means the more power your engine makes, the tougher it will be to manage that power all the way to the ground. Applying this knowledge also requires that you crawl under the car and learn a little about rear suspensions—what they are, how they work, along with a few tuning secrets the good racers use to push their cars quicker and faster. So break out those suspension wrenches, find the pizza delivery guy's number, and follow us under the car.

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