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6" & 3" Machine Polish & Bestoe Show Wax' Kit Specials

Over the past 20 years we've perfected machine orbital polishing and waxing. Our machine orbital system is simply die best way to polish out scratches and swirl marks, remove oxidation and apply wax on any painted surface. Polish and protect resulting in a smooth, shiny finish diat's unsurpassed. Experience richer color, greater depth and more clarity to your paint's finish. It's sale, easy and fun. Choose from two kits and sa*c money today. When it comes to the finest products in car care: Wc make it. We teach it. Wc guarantee it Griot's Garage... Car Care for the Perfectkmist! 11605 6" Machine Pollsii & Wax Krr $199.00 Sure S i 5.90 with this kit! 11316 3" Machine Pollsh & Wax Kit w/Rag $149.99 Save $34.93'

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Use code AVA6 when ordering to save!

Order TOIJ. FREE 800-345-5789 , or at wtnr.gti(ilsg(irage.com/AVA6

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