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The Mulsanne is the first Bentley in decades that isn't based on another company's car.

$287,595 (plus gas-guzzler tax) specs: 6.8L twin-turbo V-8. 505 hp, 752 Ib-ft; rear-wheel drive

CH3 The ultimate droptop Continental ushers out the current-

generation car in style. i.'[»iiv/;<i tiTTJ As the Continental nears retirement (look for its replacement at this fall's Paris auto show), the last of the special variants, the ultra-hard-core Supersports. migrates to the convertible. As a coupe, it was a two-seater (to save weight); here, the rear seats remain. Again there's an awesome. 621-hp twin-turbo W-12; black, twenty-inch wheels; a lowered suspension; and racing-style seats upholstered in quilted Alcantara. Sure, an open car contradicts the Supersports mission, but it's really all about exclusivity— and maintaining interest until the new Continentals arrive.

The last of the current Contis is visually arresting, but we'd wait for its successor, which should be out later this year.

CIO Modern megabuck sedan to replace the Arnage. !.■[•) i A . i-i tiTTi Compared with the aged Arnage. the new Mulsanne makes a big leap in size (nearly seven inches longer overall, with a six-inch-greater span between the axles), in price (some fifty grand dearer), but most of all in credibility. This all-new sedan retains all the handcrafted, old-world charm but makes no apologies in terms of performance or equipment. The performance comes via a reworked version of the traditional V-8 (updated with variable valve timing and cylinder deactivation), now paired with an eight-speed automatic. The V-8 remains a low-revving torque monster that can effortlessly accelerate this heavy car to 60 mph in just 5.1 seconds, and the big Bentley displays remarkable athleticism for its size and heft. Suspension tuning and steering effort are driver-adjustable. The interior can be fitted with myriad choices of leather and wood veneers; the exterior can be painted any color (or colors) you choose.

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