The Allnew Versado

Chances are yoi. chose your crossover vehicle for the great combination ol luxury, style and performance. Now get all that in your tire, as well. The all-new Versado CJV fron Toyo Tires gives you improved fuel efficiency, an ultra-smooth and quiet ride, anil exceptional all-season performance The new Versado CUV. Cross every otier crossover tre off yoir list

Versado LX" Versado CUV

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'tis the season

Tailgating were.

essentials of the party were.

essentials of the party

Can you smell the approaching season? No, not the burning leaves and pumpkin pie of autumn. We're talking exhaust fumes, cheap beer, and chicken wings. That's right, it's tailgating time. But just because vou want to kick back in the stadium (or speedway) parking lot doesn't mean you have to blend in with the beer-bellied, face-painted masses. Here's a guide to the vehicles, tools, and toys you need to tailgate with style ana—dare we say it?—class.

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Think you have a cool setup?

Upload your tailgating photos at and you could win a collection of gear from Cabela's, Coleman, and Tailgate Toss.


Fashion ooh la la: that's HOT. Fashion faux pas: that's NOT!

U Chill in the Coleman portable deck chair with table. $50.

B Cook your meat with a Paul Jr. Designs Coleman Roadtrip grill, $230.

EI Get a handle on your food with the Coleman three-piece grill set, $20.

D Cool down, hot stuff! Coleman 54-quart steel-belted cooler, $150.

El Practice scoring with this tailgate toss game, $110.

Q Get the games going on this folding tailgate table with net. $130.




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