Infiniti G25

i-'iv-'i A smaller V-6 and a lower price. i:[«u.t»i «iTri The new entry-level G uses a 2.5-liter V-6 in place of the 3.7-liter in the G37. It loses about 110 hp but should still be reasonably quick—which is good because you might need to make up time in case you get lost, since no navigation system is available. Nor is a sport package or a manual transmission. Still, opting for the smaller engine means you can get lots of other options, including a sunroof, for what today's base G37 costs.

At Infiniti, it's more horsepower for the coupe and less for the sedan.


■ on sale: October I base price: $32,000 (est.) specs 2.5L V-6,218 hp, 187 Ib-ft; rear-wheel drive

■ on sale: Now I base price rang; $47,115-$60.915 3.7L V-6,330 hp,

270 Ib-ft; 5.6L V-8.420 hp. 417 Ib-ft; rear- or 4-wheel drive

Not as handsome as a Land Rover, but not as finicky, either.

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■ on sale. Now base price range $57.650-$60.750 specs 5.6L V-8,400 hp, 413 Ib-ft; rear- or 4-wheel drive

Ed Infiniti's full-size, three-row SUV rides on a new body-on-frame platform and packs the same eight-cylinder punch as the M56 sedan. irroiv.'M im Full-size SUVs may not be in vogue, but Infiniti isn't about to give up on such a profitable segment. A puffy shape polarizes, but there's no question that the interior is absolutely rich. An optional Hydraulic Body Motion Control System replaces antiroll bars and calms the tall SUV's ride, particularly for rear passengers. The tire-pressure monitoring system knows when you're adjusting tire inflation and honks the horn when you've reached the recommended pressure.

Not as handsome as a Land Rover, but not as finicky, either.

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