Color Him Unimpressed

READING THROUGH THE ARTICLE comparing the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and the Toyota (Lexus) LFA, I had to laugh ["Supercoupe Shootout," August], The Mercedes is a world-class bargain compared to the LFA. Tt outperforms, outclasses, and out-pedigrees the Toyota for half the price. Buy this Toyota for 375 big ones, and watch a Corvette ZR1 or, for that matter, a Z06 or a Nissan GT-R, blow by you for what a set of brakes and tires on the LFA costs. But the dash changes color while that is happening, so I suppose that's worth ten or twenty grand. Toyota took years to build a halo car and came up with this disaster. For that kind of money, there should be some new groundbreaking performance threshold or at least a technological first, but we got neither. We didn't get a hybrid supercar (Porsche), we didn't get a groundbreaking transmission (Ferrari), we didn't get a beautiful car (Maserati GranTurismo or Alfa Romeo 8C), and we didn't get the fastest car in the world (Bugatti Veyron). We got a $400,000 Supra with a dash that changes colors. I guess that's a first, kinda like a mood-ring car.

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