Terrafirma Power Plug

- Plug & play chip to cnhance the performance of your Land Rover Irom £517.50 (call for details)

HO unit all models £795.00 Viscous coupling £475.00 Rear differential . £364.25 New take off Rover Diesel clutch £75.00

ton IB IS lurto Onrl ingot, tv r irrend« onrd "C take off TDS Cytnde* Heids hjrR r*rtor\ Cvxk Kt and WlK* '.rp fli Ewfinçr <MY*e1r wlh »nerton.

Q3S0.00 nhtv camshaft faiewii

SousInon trto peval Idieit e-annIron KUH pressée tes») «jdcjycked XOWId SlicranlFvlliivnnniWk P.0A. £.95 • ,A

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