Introducing the all new wheel program by NEUSPEED. the RSel4 and RSe07. Utilizing new casting technology allows us to offer these exclusively new designs with perfect equilibrium between strength, light-weight and cost. For more info, please contact us or visit our web site. msrp us 299.95 359.95


Peak Power 500 hp 4200 rpm Peak Torqje 462 lb-ft 3500 rpm 0-62 mph 3.9 Sec. Top Speed 140 mph on an Ohlins suspension, as well as this stripped-out dune jumper. Even in on-road spec potholes, curbs or genrie off roadir.g doesn't trouble this car. It will literally go any place, any time, and it will do it exceptionally fast. The EXR. took the fastest time in the Supercars' section at the Goodwood Festival of Speed earlier in the year and in the real woric is a match for almost anything in the...