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QI have a '96 Ford F-150 Extended Cab shortbed with a 4-inch suspension lift and 35x12.50s on the stock wheels. I am going to buy a new set of wheels and tires in six months or so. I'm going to go with the same tire size and 15x10 rims. My problem is the tires rub the trailing arms when turning, so do I need to get the new rims with a certain backspacing or do I need wheel spacers—and if so, how much? And do I need all four the same?

matt via 4wheeloffroad.com

A Two different things are happening here. Your narrow stock wheels are probably making your tires bulge and making them wide, but at the same time your stock backspacing may be too close to the center of the truck and swinging into the trailing arms. Also, most companies recommend their 6-inch lift kit for 35-inch tall tires. Find the name off the lift kit, call the manufacturer, and ask what backspacing wheels you'll need to run your 35-inch tires on 15x10 wheels without having them rub, but also not stick outside the wheel wells too far. Most suspension companies recommend no more than 4 inches of backspacing. If you have the wrong wheels already, then wheel spacers are an accepted fix, but if you're ordering new wheels I'd recommend getting the proper backspacing to start, and get all four or five the same.

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