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Year: 1934 Selling price:

Model: BB wrecker $23,100

Condition: Restored/#3- Avg. selling

Reserve: None price: N/A

If you wanted attitude, World-wide's Ford wrecker had enough for the room. It was built back in the day with the same hand-cranked Earnst Holms dual booms and 20-inch Alliance dual rears it wore in Houston, restored lo those many years ago. The whole thing worked, including an aftermarket gauge cluster, which didn't bother us at all. We would have liked it to have a matched pair of hood V-8 emblems, less perforated vinyl wrap on the steering wheel (there is never a time to use this), and a real radiator hose in place of another accordion. The paint was old and the booms banged up, none of which gave it any less attitude.

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