Doug Seybold Buick Parts


BRAKE boosters: 100% new, show quality, USA made, Delco-Moraine stamped, GM restoration parts program approved, brake boosters, 1964-1966 and 1967-72 Skylark/ GS models, $105; buy direct and save. 913-851-7977, KS. 1940-1941 BUICKS, parting out: Specials, Supers, Cen-turys, Roadmasters, Limiteds, any parts for sheetmetal, drivetrains, suspensions, interior and exterior, chrome and plastics. 440-835-1193, OH. **15-YR** 1940-1941 BUICKS, dashboards, engine turned, refin-ished like new. Doug Seybold, 2761 Clark Pkwy, Westlake, OH 44145, PH: 440-835-1193. **15-YR** 1954-1955 BUICKS, dashboards, panel on door, engine turned like new. Doug Seybold, 2761 Clark Pkwy, Westlake, OH 44145, 440-835-1193. "15-YR** BUICK grilles, 1914-1970s; wire wheels, 1932-1936; 1931-32 badge bars; hubcaps, 1920s-1950s; 1941 fender skirt lightning bolts. 858-272-0583, CA. **38-YR** BUICK NOS and used parts 1941-65: trim, carbs, grilles, gauges, sheetmetal, exhaust; 1951 Special grille, etc. 719942-3567, CO.

BUICK 1968-1972 Skylark 2-dr hdtp back glass now available in custom grey, call for introductory price; windshield & side glass also available. 800-828-2212, MN.

BUICK 1933-35 Series 50, 60-80 & 90 Series runningboard mats, in the correct 1-piece molded pattern. Northfield Ltd, PH: 440-786-8141, OH; email: [email protected]; **25-YR** BUICK GS parts: 68-72 Custom performance engines, transmissions, headers, carburetors, distributors, body parts, send SASE. Baybury Farm Buick Restorations, 591 Tullar Rd, Corinth, VT 05039. **18-YR**

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