Year: 1935 Selling price:

Model: 851SC $434,500

Condition: Restored/#2 Avg. selling

Reserve: None price: $480,000

We won't say this was a perfect car, but it was a show car, if not concours. The last 12 months have seen what we think are an extraordinary number of supercharged Auburn speedsters selling. With a correct, if uncertified, drivetrain, body and frame, not to mention garnet red finish and quality restoration, this was one of the leaders of the pack. However, Worldwide had sold it at the same event in 2007 at $429,000, establishing a solid baseline. On top of that, everyone with the desire and means to buy one has had the opportunity to do so recently. This was a no-reserve part of the R.E. Monical collection dispersal; it might have been a good idea to hold onto it for another five years.

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