Residuals Boost For New Juke

Better known for its sports cars and supercars, Maserati is thought to be planning an upmarket SUV based on the platform of the all-new Jeep

Grand Cherokee - thanks to the linkup between Fiat (owner of Maserati) and Chrys'.er, with the Italian giant holding a controlling stake in the troubled American company.

It was recently revealed that another Fiat subsidiary - Alfa Romeo - would use the Chrysler connection to launch a 4x4 based on the platform of the new Grand Cherokee. And the prospect of a Maserati SUV takes the platform-sharing a stage further, giving the Italians a potential rival to the Porsche Cayenne.

Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne is said to be keen on the proposal, and has revealed that he is looking closely at using Maserati engines in :he SUV.

Depreciation levels for the recently launched Nissan Juke 'mini-crossover' arc already being hailed as among the most competitive in the industry -with data provided by CAP showing 52-54 per cent residuals based on three years and 60,000 miles of ownership.

This extremely competitive figure is higher than many of Juke's B-segment competitors - and is on a par with the new Mini Countryman, which also boasts a 52 per cent retained value.

Tony Lewis, Nissan's corporate sales director, said: 'We have worked hard to ensure that Juke ownership is hassle-free, and that includes the retained value of the car.'


The Saab 9-4X crossover - previewed in the November issue of 4x4 Mart -is unlikely to be offered with a diesel engine option, according to sources quoted from within the Swedish company.

Despite fears that the 9-4X will struggle to sell in Kurope - and particularly the UK - without a diesel version, it is understood that the newcomer will be offered in petrol only guise. And while the crucial US market (where the 9-4X goes on sale in May) will see a choice of two petrol V6 powerplants - a 265bhp 3.0 and a 300bhp 2.8T - it is expected that only the 2.8 will make it to Britain.

The 9-4X is the sister car to Cadillac's new SRX, and will be built at the same General Motors factory in Mexico. Despite its heavy GM influence, however, Saab's engineers are said to have been involved in the car's final tuning, as well as certain aspects of its appearance - including its unique frontal styling and its Saab-designed dashboard and interior.

UK sales of the 9-4X 2.8T are likely to begin next autumn.


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