Disposable Funnels

If you're the active type who likes nothing more than exploring the great outdoors and setting up camp - or maybe you're off on an overland expedition -the new LandiePod and LandieFireBox could be of interest.

The LandiePod is a cooking tripod that's claimed to handle most outdoor cooking requirements, and is supplied with two chains and D-shackles as well as two S-hooks - enabling you to suspend your pot or kettle over the fire, the chain being adjustable depending on the amount of heat needed for cooking.

The? LandieFireBox (complete with grill) is the ideal partner for the tripod, and can be used as a grill or barbecue to hang over the lire. Each product is priced at £35 plus VAT. For further details, call 07787 145603 or log on to www.landiebox.co.uk.

For the 4x4 owner who services and maintains their own vehicle, Gunson has launched this handy new Folding Work Mat - a mechanic's mat that can be used for kneeling on or for those times when you need to lie underneath your vehicle.

The mat comes complete with a head rest, handles and waterproof fabric - as well as straps that enable it to be folded away when not in use. When opened, it measures 1200mm in length and 430mm in width.

Expect to pay around £28.95 from Gunson retailers. To find your nearest stockist or for further information on the Folding Work Mat (quoting product code 77096), call Gunson on 01926 815000 or go online to www.gunson.co.uk.


RatSport has been appointed as the European distributor for Bill Hirsch Gas Tank Sealant - an American product that's claimed to be 'the best way to repair and restore your petrol or diesel tank'.

The sealant is said to seal pinhole leaks and seams, as well as preventing further rusting of your tank. Application is carried out inside the tank, simply by pouring in the sealant. It then sets and lines the tank to form a 'tank within a tank', and is suitable for all fuel tanks.

Priced to drastically undercut the cost of a new fuel tank, you can spend as little as £28.89 (including VAT) on enough sealant for an 11-gallon tank - or £56.40 for larger tanks of up to 25 gallons. Order online at www.ratsport. co.uk or call 0208 854 4777 for further information.

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