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Porsche Classic Models

Porsche Classic Models

The History of Porsche Cars through its generational changes. A must have ebook for any Porsche fanatic, this ebook is a reference book for Porsche enthusiasts. Discover all there is to know about the greatest Porsches ever made. All models are fully described and illustrated providing a definitive production history plus an accurate guide to original specs and equipment.

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Porsche 911 Buyers Guides

This Porsche 911 Buyers Guide is full of easy to follow information, with practical, concise, current and comprehensive advice and no padding. Over 40 pages plus detailed pictures showing you exactly what to look for, where to look, the common faults, what to test, how to test it and the questions to ask. The 911 Secrets Buyers Guide will explain the many things buyers should check, but often dont, the common faults, the tests, checks and the right questions to ask essential information you need when you go to buy a used Porsche . Whatever your level of experience my buyers guides will help you find the right Porsche, in the right condition. Easy to follow information with practical, concise, current and comprehensive advice and no padding. Over 35 pages plus detailed pictures showing you exactly what to look for, where to look, the common faults, what to test, how to test it and what questions to ask. Why learn the hard way? You will learn; The key questions to ask the seller and the correct answers. The common faults for that model. Where and what to check and test. How to be confident that the car you are buying is genuine. Where to look for hidden accident damage or repairs. How to spot forged/falsified documents. How to make a worthwhile test drive. How you can make a detailed inspection. Guarantees/Warranties? what they really offer. How you can get a better deal. Negotiate from a stronger position.

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Contents: 40 Pages Ebook
Author: Adrian Crawford

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this ebook and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

All the modules inside this e-book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

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The Greatness Of Porsche

There's no other company that has stuck to its principles and inherent quirkiness as steadfastly as Porsche, sometimes getting it wrong, but usually getting it so very right. In this celebration of all things Porsche, we give you over 200 pages of the greatest road and race Porsches of all time, from the very first Porsche - the Type 64 - to the most recent Porsche that we'd count as a classic, the early 1990s 993. What's so great about classic Porsches is that there really is one for every budget, which certainly isn't the case for many other marques of this pedigree. For just 1500 you'll pick up a perfectly reasonable 924 or for 150,000 you could stretch to a 911 2.7 RS Carrera. The latter might attract bigger crowds and be eligible for more events, but who's to say it will give more pleasure This publication should give you the rare chance to compare and contrast your favourite models, with the help of some of the world's best motoring writers. Want to know...

Porsche Has Confirmed That Its 918

Spyder hybrid supercar concept will be put into production. The striking vehicle will be an indirect successor to the Carrera GT, and will sit at the top of the Porsche range as both the halo hyper-car and as the ultimate showcase of the company's hybrid powertrain technology must offer 'product qualities typical of a Porsche'. The firm is currently developing three all-electric prototypes based on the Boxster, which will begin field tests early in 2011. must offer 'product qualities typical of a Porsche'. The firm is currently developing three all-electric prototypes based on the Boxster, which will begin field tests early in 2011.

Porsche cayenne steps out amid a spectacular laser show performance in abu dhabi

Porsche Centre Abu Dhabi, part of the Ali & Sons Motor Division, launched the brand new Porsche Cayenne range at a spectacular event at the Emirates Palace Hotel. The new generation Porsche Cayenne made its debut in the UAE's capital on Monday night amid an impressive laser show and applause. Based on the manufacturer's principle of Porsche Intelligent Performance, all Cayenne vehicles offer more power on less fuel, greater efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. Strutting its stuff is the ever-powerful Porsche Cayenne Turbo, with its 500 bhp 4.8-litre, V8 bi-turbo. The latest model boasts a reduction in fuel consumption of 23 percent. Wissam Khalil, Brand Manager of Porsche Centre Abu Dhabi, said at the launch that the latest Cayenne models represent the perfect balance between elegant design, powerful driving dynamics and a high level of comfort. As a premiere for the Porsche brand this model is offered as a hybrid version, the Cayenne S Hybrid. A highly sophisticated parallel full...

Brits Cohhit To Porsche

British privateers John Lloyd and Andrew Barnes are the first two drivers to sign up for this year's Tuthill Porsche Challenge, the first ever one-make series for the 911 (below). Lloyd is no stranger to the German machine, having finished fifth on the Safari Rally in one in the past. The series starts on the Bulldog Rally in Wales in April.

Two Companies One Marque Porsche

Ferry Porsche Personal Cars

We arc leading international dealers and service & engineering specialists in fine historic Porsches. We always have a selection of exceptional Porsche 356 and early 911 for sale and are proud to be Europe's foremost Porsche 356 Whether you are looking to buy or sell an exceptional Porsche or seek the highest engineering expertise, please contact us in confidence. This sublime streamliner pre-dated the original Porsche 356 by nine years. Ferdinand and Ferry Porsche used it as personal transport to evaluate solutions for their subsequent sports car its first private owner then kept it for almost five decades. Now it has returned to the public eye Words. Hans-Karl Lange Photography. Mark Kucera. Rob Box and The Porsche Archives A Porsche before the first Porsche We've been used to thinking that the Type 356.001 mid-engined roadster, followed by the rear-engined Type 356.002 alloy coup , was the origin of the species. Both were built in 1948 near Gm nd in Austria, where the Porsche...

Porsche 993 Carrera

The non-assisted steering is fabulously communicative but loads up significantly in tight corners, and you start to feel the effort in your shoulders after a while. Slow in. fast out is the mantra these early cars run on comparatively skinny 185-section tyres all-round, demanding a high degree of anticipation when you're pressing on in unfamiliar territory. But then, that's how you should drive any car, not just a 911, and the Porsche never feels the slightest bit tail-happy on these dry roads. Thrumming into the hilltop car park in front of a waiting photographer and rapidly chilling pair of Porsche owners, I've rarely wanted to hang on to a car so much. But it's Self-employed software engineer Paul Truckle owned a Porsche Boxster and (briefly) a 930 Turbo before he bought this 993 four years ago. It's not an everyday driver and he occasionally wonders whether he should sell it, but says he thinks he'd come to regret doing that. I think he's right. Porsche had been...

The Baby Porsche Is Secretly The Better Porsche

DRIVE A BOXSTER OR A CAYM A , and most people will think you're just some jerk in a Porsche. You will suffer painful service bills. Carrera drivers will look down on you as though you're a poor Porsche wannabe (they'rejust jealous that your car hasfront tim rear trunks). Ignore all that. Enthusiasts know that the Boxster and the Cayman are blessed with a median ical arrangement that yields better driving dynamics than the rear-engined 911. In a lineup whose purity is diluted by the brisk-selling Cayenne and Panamera, the Cayman and the Boxster still exemplify, even heighten, classic-Porsche values such as a flat-six's raspy purr, steering that's telepathic, and brakes that can almost stop the Earth's rotation. Raw performance numbers are impressive in either standard or S trim, but behind the wheel of a Boxster or a Cayman, you forget the numbers and simply enjoy the connection to the road. Nowhere is this more true than in the Boxster Spvder, a car barely quicker and even more...

Porsche Boxster Spvder

The mid-engine, lightweight Spyder had to be in this test. After all, we called this aluminum-intensive Boxster, which is slimmer than a Boxster S by almost 200 pounds, the best-handling Porsche in our April issue, Plus it's the Porsche with the least mass of those currently for sale, and even the most lust-worthy of 911s GT3, GT3 RS, or GT2 RS though over the price cap, wouldn't necessarily have fared as well. We had a small beefwith the brakes. The Porsche had the longest-stroke pedal, which Remember what we said about handli ng and driver confidence Everything in the Porsche harmonizes to instantly convey its unflappability, leading to unsurpassed and immediate driver assuredness. Plus it's utterly balanced, predictable, and unfazed by any midcornerunevenness.lt lets go with warning and recovers seamlessly. The Porsche's brilliance had us grappling with ways to describe it, such as a coherence that almost defies belief, or, so fluid that it's difficult to dissect the components....

Damen Bennion Porsche

Damen Bennion

I was therefore surprised when he used the Jaguar XJ220 Octane 89 as an example of a car being a disappointment against expectation in context of the new Porsche 918. Instead of the old-hat V12, the XJ220 used a turbocharged development of the rally-bred Metro 6R4 engine. Also ditched was the four-wheel-drive. The result More power, efficiency, purity and added lightness. If you made those changes today you would be commended, not castigated Porsche says the 918 can only do 16 miles on its own battery supply. As a package it does not add up it is clearly more V8 than vegan. Will this stop it being a great car Of course not.

Porsche 4s Mega Wide Body

Porsche GT3 Rear Bumper Upgrades 2009-2010 - Porsche 997.2 Carreras 8 Turbos w LED Tailights 2005-2008 - Porsche 997 Carreras 8 Turbos (non-LED 8 LED upgrade kit) 2001-2004 - Porsche 996 Carrera 4S 8 Turbos (non-LED) 1999-2004 - Porsche 996 Carreras 8 Boxsters (non-LED) 2010 Porsche GT2 Rear Bumper Upgrade - 1,899.00 2010 Porsche GT Rear Bumper Upgrade 2009-2010 - Porsche 997.2 Carreras & Turbos w LED Tailights 2005-2008 - Porsche 997 2001-2004 - Porsche 996 Carreras 8 Turbos Carrera 4S 8 Turbos 1999-2004 - Porsche 996 Carreras & Boxsters (non-LED) 2010 Porsche GT Rear Bumper Upgrade 2009-2010 - Porsche 997.2 Carreras 8 Turbos w LED Tailights 2005-2008 - Porsche 997 Carreras 8 Turbos (non-LED 8 LED upgrade kit) 2001-2004 - Porsche 996 Carrera 4S 8 Turbos (non-LED) I 1999-2004 - Porsche 996 Carreras 8 Boxsters (non-LED) Porsche GT2 Trunk w Intakes & Wing w Carbon Fiber Blade- 3,699.00 Porsche GT2 Hydraulic Lifting Bi-Wing w Carbon Fiber Blade Porsche GT2 Trunk w Intakes & Wing w Carbon...

Porsche Boxster Spyder

Qd Porsche managed to eliminate 175 pounds from the already lithe Boxster S by ditching the power top, radio, and air-conditioning. And then it stiffened the dampers. i.- *7i iffl The weight trimming was so obsessive that even the interior door handles are gone, replaced by red nylon pulls. The two-piece manual top is a bit cumbersome to put up and take down, but it also adds to the Spyder's unique look. To further drop the weight-to-power ratio. Porsche has added an additional 10 hp and 7 Ib-ft of torque to the flat six.

C2010 Porsche Prnrmerr 4s

The Panamera S is propelled by a 4.8-liter, 400-hp V8 linked to Porsche's very excellent twin-clutch PDK automated manual. The 4S adds all-wheel drive to the mix. On our route, the car was damn fast, and held the road in a German deathgrip on all but the tightest sections. It generally held on in those, too, but it's there that the Panamera's considerable size becomes pretty evident. And it's here that you realize there are some roads in the world where you just cannot beat a 911. Then you get back on the highway, and you begin to wonder if the Porsche Panamera might not be the ultimate road tripper. The cabin is ultra-plush, very comfortable for long distances, and very spaceshiplike in its layout and design. The inside wraps around you like no other sedan or saloon or four-door I've experienced, whether you sit in the front or back. I'd normally slam the seat all the way to the floor. In the Panamera, I actually had to raise it up a bit. Which might speak ill of its overall rear and...

Porsche 911 Speedster

Porsche unveiled the 911 Speedster limited edition model at the Paris Motor Show in 2010, which, like every other Porsche, is expected to be launched in India too by the end of this year. The Speedster is an open-top special edition of the Porsche 911 with a 3.8-litre engine. Only 356 Speedsters will be made. Expect the price to be close to the Rs 1 crore mark. Porsche's 911 has become a byword for subtle evolution over five decades. But is 201 Vs new 991 generation the biggest leap yet By Tim Pollard There will be some who see rhe 'new' 911 as just another facelift on a one-way journey to irrelevance. 'Engine's in the wrong place,' they'll nod sagely. 'Porsche will never tame the fundamental flaws of a rear-engined sports car. Blah blah blah.' Many of those doubters have probably never driven the latest 911s. Never felt a GT3 dance around a track. We'd argue that the 2011 update of the world's definitive sports car is one of the most significant changes to the basic template set back...

Chris Toy 356 Porsche

In the turbulent years preceding the Second World War, little could Ferdinand Porsche have realised the appeal his work would later hold for the free-thinking, avantgarde world of the customiser and hot rodder. Clearly the availability and affordability of the Beetle made it a favourite among customisers but, inevitably, the similarly swooping lines and charismatic style of the sibling 356 also caught the eye of the planet's modifying community. So began the evolution of the Outlaw Porsche Outlaw the word is suffused with excitement and mystique. Which is why it's appropriate to talk of an Outlaw Porsche. Like the hot rods of the 1930s and '40s, the Outlaw Porsche was born of a desire to go fast, be fun and look good doing it. And just as it was with the hot rods, when mensuch as Alex Xydias, Ed Iskenderian and Vic Edelbrock unwittingly established templates that have lasted to this day, the Outlaw Porsche too had its pioneers. 'like the hot rods of the '30s and '40s, the Outlaw...

Porsche 911 Carrera Trivia

Several months after the Carrera and Carrera S models were launched, Porsche introduced all wheel drive (AWD) versions of both. Known as the Carrera 4 and Carrera 4S, both models added the benefits of AWD handling to the Carrera's already impressive performance. It's a measure of the popularity of the sporting Porsches that the market can support a number of magazine titles devoted either in part or exclusively to the 911. Of those, Total 911', a UK-based publication, voted the 997-era Carrera S model the best all-round Porsche 997 to own. 2005 PORSCHE 911 CARRERA S COUPE. 2005 built and complied Carrera S in stunning condition, maintained to the highest standard with full main dealer history from new. One owner car delivered by Porsche Centre, Willoughby in March 2005. One of the most highly optioned Carreras we have seen, items of note are the factory sport seats with memory function and full electric adjustment including base and lumbar airbag support. There is also a...

Porsche Carrera Cabriolet

Purchased from estate of original local owner original window sticker, all manuals & scrvicc booklet showing all services Porsche performed, etc. Guards Red with original black leather & top. Power top, windows, locks, mirrors, etc. All near-new condition. 54,238 miles. S32.000.

Porsche 356b 1600 Super 90 Coupe

This original, correct classic Porsche is in orig silver met paint over orig black leather, w orig 1600cc eng. 68,500 orig miles Purchased new in CA & owned by Paul Strieb from 1961-2004. Meticulous records of all work are with the car incl oil changes every 2,0003,000 miles. Original engine rebuilt in 1975 at 57,593 miles. Electrical system revised from 6-volt to 12-volt system which consisted of a complete changeover using 912 parts. Porsche 1958 356A coupe, ivory with tan interior, excellent mechanics, matching s, recent service by Porsche expert, excellent floors, CA black plate car leading classic car facility for 32 years. Cooper Classics Ltd, 212-929-3909, NY www.cooperclassiccars.com AIR COOLED PORSCHE SPECIALIST VISIT OUR 50+ CAR SHOWROOM WWW.SLOANCARS.COWI

Porsche Carrera 911 Convertible

One of a kind 88 cabriolet, special ordered caramel beige w linen leather and dark red piping, one owner, 85K miles, perfect paint, interior, looks fabulous, all power (seats, top, cruise, alarm, CD, windows), complete service records, drives as new, truly special, only one made like this. Showing at Porsche Parade this spring, beautiful and distinctive, best collectible, senior collector selling at 29,900 obo. 312-2183585, IL or sanderson.richard gmail.com

Oio Porsche Carhera Cup Final Standings

Porsche scholarship winner Euan Hankey overshadowed team-mate Jelley early on, but a mid-season dip left him bewildered. After testing input from Bridgman at Knockhill in September he returned to the fore, and will do well if he stays on in 2011. Hankey was also beaten in the points by another Parker racer, Glynn Geddie. The Scot's exuberant driving style entertained, but perhaps did not suit the latest Michelin rubber, designed for the new-spec Supercup car, which is being introduced to the UK in 2011. Harikey's fellow Porsche scholar Michael Meadows joined Redline and, after initially struggling with the new Michelins, he made strong progress. He finished behind Motorbase's Charlie Bateman, who returned after missing most of 2009 and showed well. Both were beaten by Pro-Am 1 champion Ollie Jackson. The Motorbase man looks like a genuine talent and we might have seen more from him if he didn't have to focus on class points. Lithuanian Jonas Gelzinis a newcomer to the UK if not...

Eleven Parts Ag Porsche Cars For The Collector

One owner PORSCHE 911 2.4S 1972, Swiss car, 77'000KM, all Service records, original bill of sale, tool kit, travel kit, never touched, original paint, matching engine, outstanding original condition. Porsche 914-6 GT ex Str hle Porsche 356 B Beutler, one of 7, the last one built, Geneva show car 1949 VW Hebm ller Polizei Cabrio, very rare. 1973 Porsche 911 2.7 RS, French title, good driver. One owner PORSCHE 911 2.4S 1972, Swiss car, 77'000KM, all Service records, original bill of sale, tool kit, travel kit, never touched, original paint, matching engine, outstanding original condition. Porsche 914-6 GT ex Str hle Porsche 356 B Beutler, one of 7, the last one built, Geneva show car 1949 VW Hebm ller Polizei Cabrio, very rare. 1973 Porsche 911 2.7 RS, French title, good driver.

Porsche Prototype Custom Sports Cabriolet

One of a kind historically important Porsche. Incredibly rare one-off aluminum body prototype Porsche Custom sports cabriolet finished in metallic green with a tan interior. Exhibited at Pebble Beach in 1992. Built in 1948 by the renowned Swiss coachbuilder and one of the principal creators of the early 356 cars, Hans Waibel. Waibel had close ties to Dr Porsche before and after WW II including building two prototypes and a commission to produce two show cars in 1948. The car is truly a forefather to the later factory 356 cars with such details as a curved windshield. Unique provenance with ownership history including some of the major players in early Porsche history including M Debrunner, president of VW AG Switzerland, and Ruprecht Von Senger. Von Senger financed and established the early Porsche dealership network in Europe much like Max Hoffman would do later in the US in 1953. Truly a historic automobile and an authentic predecessor to the Porsche 356. Cooper Classics (leader in...

Porsche 997 Turbo Manual Gt Silver 9000 Miles

Fii Ebck icitfier nteror Generation I Porsche Ccrts seats. Heated scan Cruse-Control. Multl(uixt on Steering w col. Sports c*K vits. Sports suspcnsviv O rono pack.Whte Dials. AUX USB IPOD connectoit. Xenons, WKu central consol. Telephone Module, Pi As . Rear viprr, 9' Alloy w.rck 2008 PORSCHE 997 C4S CABRIOLET MANUAL ARCTIC SILVER 21,000 MILES

Advertorial Porsche Boxster

With the roof up the car feels rigid and one is cocooned in the snug, but very comfortable, cockpit. Forget for a minute that the Boxster is not the most powerful Porsche and drive it for what it is - a pure sports car. There may be quicker convertibles on the road, but none of them feel like a Porsche. Despite its diminutive proportions, this Boxster still feels as if it were milled from a billet of unobtanium. Everything works with precision and every action requires firm, positive input from the driver Nothing is overly heavy, in fact it's a very easy car to drive, just correctly weighted for balance. If you enjoy driving then this car will reward you by involving you in the process Performance is strong in the long-geared, hang-on-to-the-revs kind of driving style. You must work the car to get it to go quickly but it's such a rewarding process. Appropriately for sports cars this one is a manual, with six speeds no less Gearshift action is positive with just the right amount of...


With an ownership history and race history to die for, this one-of-14 Porsche RS61s also boasted its original bodywork, a rarity among these racing Porsches (though its engine was correct, it was not the one fitted to the car at the factory). No surprise, then, that it not only earned 1.7 million, but also bested the pre-auction estimate ( 1.2 million to 1.5 million). The minor flaws we found-beat-up lugnuts, the spider-cracks in the shift knob, the very dirty gearbox-paled in comparison with the incredible paint, the race-ready but still perfectly refinished interior and the exquisitely detailed engine. For a diehard Porsche enthusiast, this was heaven.

Current Porsches

This is how you do an entry-level Porsche. The Boxster arrived to a rapturous welcome in 1997, priced in upper-ranking Audi TT BMW Z3 territory, with a flat six of only 2.5 litres but 201 bhp. It quickly became clear that the mid-engined chassis could easily handle more power so, in a 911-like move. 228bhp 2.7-litre and 249bhp 3.2 S versions turned up in 2DDD. The second generation arrived in 2005, lightly facelifted to the current spec for 2009, these days with a standard 2.9 and a 306bhp 3.4-litre S. Drive that and you'll wonder why you'd ever need any more power, while the mid-engined balance makes your mind boggle that Porsche insists on continuing with rear-engined cars. Soul is in abundance, and the folding roof is a bonus. Until the Panamera showed up last year, the Cayenne was Porsche's only practical family car and, with its underpinnings pilfered from the Volkswagen Touareg, many derided it for not being a pure Porsche. But it's survived into a second...


L was glad to see you explored ownership of a certified pre-owned Porsche July 2009 , You got the brand right but the wrong model. For rrost of us, 53K (average price of the least expensive Carrera you listed) is still laughably out of reach. Condescend from a 911 to a Boxster, and ownership becomes affordable. A Porsche salesman informed me that in this limping economy, used Boxsters are listing in the mid-20s but often selling in the upper teens. For this price, you can choose nice, new family sedans in lovely shades of beige or you can drive a Porsche. Those who would choose the former are burdened by children, stupidity, or both.

The Porsche

Porsche 901, Coupe, 1964 Porsche delivered a total of 82 models with the type designation 901After that the 901 became the 911 - a triple-digit number that remains synonymous with Porsche today. It generates longing looks in every automobile enthusiast's eyes. Now CMC offers a 901 miniature which, composed of 971 parts, does justice to the original as never accomplished before.

Porsche Panamera V6

For a company that s been around as long as Porsche (nearly 80 years), you'd think there wouldn't be too many firsts these days. Yet the German company breaks new ground a bout asregularly as the Lakers win NBA championships. Porsche water-cooled itsflat-6 engine in 1997, built its first SUV in 2002, and then last year introduced its first sedan, the Panamera. Nowthecompanyhasbuiltitsown3.6-llterV-6 to drop intothe big 5-door'sengine bay (and no, this isn't the same VW-sourced VR6 found in the Cayenne). Matching the V-6 to the PDK gearbox provides for ultra-quick shifts. And with 80 percent of peak torque arriving at 1500 r pm, it's not surprising that Porsche claims the Panamera V-6 will hit 60 mph in 5.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 160 mph. Also in the Cayenne range is the S Hybrid Porsche's first such production vehicle. It should be quick, with a combined output of 380 hp from its supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 and electric motor. It lists for 67,700.

Porsche Carrera 4s

I Purchased from fastidious local owner who'd purchased it as I Porsche Certified. Beautiful, as-new seal grey body & light grey I supple leather & soft leather to rear. 4-whl drive performance I of 0-60 in 3.6 seconds w 24 valve, 3.6 litre eng & 6-spd manual trans. Well optioned w electric seats, Litronic headlamps, Digi-I tal Sound, etc. All orig manuals & tools. 37,349 miles. 38,900 I 2000 PORSCHE BOXSTER S ROADSTER

Porsche Caymans

Opinions were split on the Cayman's Maca-damia Metallic paint job (JS710), with most of our crew comparing the Porsche's hue and shape unfavorably with farm-animal dung. Your humble servant, however, was taken back to an era before his appearance on earth in the late '70s, to that time when anything and everything cool on wheels was painted brown. The other staffers, unfamiliar with Kojak, failed to punctuate every other sentence with baby or fastidiously wear aviator glasses. But one major advantage of the PDK is its launch control when the transmission is paired with the Sport Chrono Package Plus option ( 1320). Set the Cayman S in sport plus, mashthcbrakepedal,pinthcthrottlc to the floor, watch the tachometer needle spin to nearly 7000 rpm, and slip your foot off the brake. The Porsche jumps from o to 60 mph in 4,3 seconds, running even with the Grand Sport. The Cayman S also earned top honors for its skidpad grip, lane-change speed, and braking. But those are not ail...

Porsche 911 Turbos

The Porsche 911 Turbo S has all the latest and greatest technology such as all-wheel drive with torque vectoring, PDK twin-clutch transmission, variable valve timing, and a direct-injected twin-turbo flat-6 powerplant rated at 530 bhp and 516 lb.-ft. of torque. Zero to 60 mph acceleration In 2.6 seconds that's right, matching the 1 million 1001-bhp Bugatti Veyron's incredible feat. While the Turbo S can't match the Veyron for sheer speed, it will still turn in record-breaking stopping distances from 80-0 mph the best Road & Track has ever seen and supercar-level handling numbers comparable to or better than those of the Ferrari Enzo or even Porsche's own Carrera CT.

Porsche 911 Turbo S

Dynamics have been steadily improving over time, too, but there's still a respect for the Turbo born of the self-preservation instinct. During the mountain driving of our 2007 comparo, the test crew was initially inhibited by a sense that the Porsche's rear end was just waiting for a chance to beat the front end into a turn. Spring-loaded for oversteer, said one early logbook note. m But the new-for-2010 911 Turbo includes a number of significant advancements, ones that have helped to make handling far more predictable. Credit the combination of Porsche's brake-based torque-vectoring system, tweaks to the standard all-wheel-drive system and the suspension geometry, and new dynamic engine mounts, which Although the Porsche couldn't quite match the Ferrari's pace on the racetrack, it was a friend in fast very fast mountain driving, allowing pilots to take liberties they wouldn't have chanced with some earlier 911 Turbos. As the miles unwound, confidence grew. The new level of...

Porsche Memories

AS THE FORMER OWNER of356, 914, and 911 Porsches, I enjoyed Ezra Dyer's article in the December issue Seven Up . It is certainly true that trailing-throttle oversteer could be a stimulating part of driving the earlier cars. In 1969, however, Porsche lengthened the wheelbase of the 911 by about 2.5 inches, which made the later cars less terrifying. I owned both a 1967 and a 1972 model 911, and the '72 was definitely less frightening to drive than the 356 and the earlier 911 had been. The earlier cars were also notorious for rust problems. My fellow Porsche owners and I used to laugh about going into our garages to listen to our cars rust. When looking at a used Porsche in those days (the 1970s, mostly), the first thing an experienced enthusiast would do was kneel down and poke the underbodv structure with a small screwdriver. If it went through (which it often did), it was time to walk away. I once looked at a used 911 that seemed good until I did that test and discovered that duct...

Porschephile Palace

Just for the sake of conveying some Oz-like awesomeness, the old humble Porsche museum had 6,500 square feet of display space and could show 20 cars at any given time from the 400-strong Porsche collection. This new museum I just hiked through has 60,300 square feet and holds 80 company jewels. It holds a steakhouse and a visible restoration workshop and the company archives. The main escalator up is most likely the longest in Germany, there's so much lighting that it also acts as a heating source in winter, and there's already a six-month list of bookings for the multiple multi-use spaces. 1939 Typ 64 Ur-Porsche Were there ever any doubt, it's clear now at least that the Porsche company as nurtured by boss Wendelin Wiedeking is not one to shy away from the big, the bold, and the brash. I cannot even start to think what founding genius Ferdinand Porsche might think of this new museum. Just the price tag of roughly 130 million ( 65 million over the original February 2005 estimates)...

Porsche Cayenne

Since the new and aesthetically much improved Porsche Cayemie was introduced in South Africa in July 2010, it has consistently outsold its more puritanical 911 sibling by a ratio of five to one, and the Cayman Boxster twins by an even more staggering seven to one. Fortunately we drove the car at its i ntemational launch in Dubai last year and gave our first impression of the car in our July 2010 issue, but the local launch did offer up some interesting contradictions. Whereas Porsche went to great lengdis to showcase the car's off-road capability in the soft sand of the Arabian Desert, there was no such nonsense at the local press launch. We know, as does Porsche South Africa, that the locals don't buy their Cayennes to bundu-bash. That's what twin-cab bakkies and clapped out Defenders are for. We buy Cayennes to gobble up Tarmac, to look good in the parking lot of private schools and to perfectly complement our Errol Arendz evening dress as we're

Porsche Panamera

Two dozen Porsche Panameras The function part we get. The Panamera's mission is to transport four adults in supreme comfort at whatever speed its driver deems appropriate. Less obvious is the unnerving mix of 911 and Cayenne design cues that constitute the Panamera's form. The raised hood, large rear passenger compartment, and tailgate all serve worthwhile purposes, but they undermine Porsche's long-standing truth and beauty. We've got two days of driving Panameras over some of the most gorgeous roads in Germany and Austria to resolve this conflict. Porsche began taking cautious steps toward this day a quarter century ago. In 1984, founder Ferry Porsche was presented with a special three-door 928S on his seventy-fifth birthday. Three years later, Porsche and ASC collaborated on the construction of three 928s with a pair of rear-hinged back doors. (Ferry Porsche's reaction I know I asked for it, but it isn't what I expected. ) Later, Porsche spent millions developing a four-door...

Porsche 911 Ct3rs

The 450-hp GT3 RS was fast but got stomped in a straight line by the Corvette Z06 and the LP570-4 Superleggera, both of which kill it in power to weight The Z06 and the Lambo have 6.5 and 6.1 pounds per horsepower, respectively, versus the Porsche's 7.0. Going into the uphill esses, the RS was 2.8 mph off the Corvette's pace and 6.3 mph slower than the Lambo, and it's difficult to claw that gap back through those corners. All the GT3 RS needs is another 150 horsepower to mount a serious challenge to the ZRi's and Superleggera's times. Hang on, Porsche has the answer It's called the 911 GT2 RS, and it actually has 170 more horses.

Porsche 911 Gt3

Takes you into Turbo territory. the verdict A healthy dose of both road and racing Porsche juju. It's amazing, says Can. One day can make a difference in your whole life. Three months later, Can was in Pennsylvania, learning the difference between a Porsche and a Citroen 2C V, the only other car he had ever heard of. 1 moves with all the fluidity of an oar in wet concrete. Porsche assured us that the shifter would loosen up quickly. The break-in hints on page 13 of the gt3's owner's manual include Never lug the engine in high gear at low speeds, do not exceed an engine speed of 4200 rpm, and avoid full-throttle starts and abrupt stops. We read that right before winding it up to about 5500 rpm and popping the heavy clutch. Buying a Porsche is about confronting choiccs. Aside from the 15 available colors, there are 129 line-item options for a GT3 (picking some precludes others, but you get the idea it's best to clear the schedule of any appointments, weddings, bar mitzvahs, and so forth...

Porsche Boxster S

TheTTS is an excellent roadster, second place with a billet bullet, but those key powertrain lapses make it a distant speck in the mirrors of the Boxster S. Especially when Porsche was lauded with such praise Sublime steering feel, alive with feedback. Chassis borders on brilliant it's balanced, powerful yet predictable, ready to flick out its tail usefully if you summon it with the throttle. Six-speed manual HARD TO SEE the 310-horse flat-six stuffed behind the seats, but you can't miss the Porsche's sublime balance and response. Weaknesses Sure. Against the simple symmetric layout in the Z4 and the smartly styled controls of the TTS, the Porsche's button-dominated interior gestalt leaves a bit to be desired. Our jurors balked at the price, though only before a canyon spin in the Boxster S.This just reinforces the idea that such practical considerations can't compete with the powerful, visceral responses generated by a car as well-conceived and brilliantly executed as the Boxster S....


Rolly Resos

Porsche lovers- With a deep, satisfying blip of the throttle, he downshifts from third to second and plants his foot in what's appropriately called the loud pedal. The rorty snarl of his barely muffled flat six crackles through the canopy of trees enveloping the picturesque, two-lane road threading through Carmel Valley, California. But it isn't until Resos backs out of the throttle as he brakes for a hairpin that his vintage Porsche 911 gets really cantankerous, backfiring like a high-powered rifle bap bap bap and spitting flames out the tail. Sorry about that, he says sheepishly as he gets back on the gas and hustles down a short chute. 'With the twin megaphones and the cracked header, you've got to keep your foot in it. Resos is a charter member of R Gruppe, the quasi-underground, semifamous car club whose provocative devotion to hot-rodding early 911s has earned it a reputation as the bad boy of the Porsche world. This morning's spirited drive is part of the group's annual Treffen...

Porsche 911 24s 993

Metallic Green Ducktail 911

Convention has it that the 1973 2.7 Carrera RS is the best driver's car Porsche ever made. But what about the 2.4S or the later 993 Time to find out To be honest, I didn't care very much about how Paul Maddens Metallic Green 2.4S would drive. I just knew that I coveted it because it looked so utterly fabulous. The so-'70s Porsche colour of Metallic Green is original, and it suits the 911 perfectly. Over the next few years, Porsche made it even better, by switching to Bosch fuel injection in 1968, and then progressively enlarging the engine to 2.2 litres in 1969, and 2.4 litres - actually 2341cc - in 1972. The 2.4S developed 190bhp at 6500rpm, which is just 20bhp less than the 2.7RS although the RS did have rather more torque, at 1881b ft compared with the 1601b ft of the S. Porsche aficionados by the oil tank filler cap located in the wing behind the driver's door - a feature unique to this modelyear. Porsche had relocated the engine's oil tank in its never-ending quest to improve...

Porsche 911s

Offered without reserve at Russo and Steele Collector Automobile Auction, Scottsdale, AZ, Jan 19-23, 2011, Porsche's top-of-the-range sporting model throughout late 60s-early 70s. Boasted higher 5th gear, f&r anti-roll bars, Koni shocks, ventilated disc brakes, later receiving alloy front brake calipers. 2 liter engine was improved w higher compression producing 160 bhp. Finished in orig Irish green over black leatherette int, this extraordinarily complete example was recently taken out of long-term storage from 2nd owner and given complete rotisserie and mechanical restoration using only orig Porsche factory parts. Features orig motor, 5-spd trans, all five 6x15 Fuchs and orig int except for headliner & carpets, orig components & tools. Documentation includes orig bill of sale, Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, orig books & service records verifying the 95K orig miles. Very rare 1967 short wheel-base Porsche 911S, has fully matching drivetrain, radio & all gauges are original. 9286

Wanted Porsche

WANTED 1950-1955 Porsche 356 Pre A, bent or split windshield, coupe or cabriolet project needing work, anything considered even parts cars or body shells. 310793-0129, CA macgoodies aol.com WANTED Porsche, early models 356, 911, 928 5-speed, 944 Turbo, any condition, cash buyer. Dave, 732-7420435, NJ ferrari007dave gmail.com WANTED vintage Porsche actively sought in any condition. Mark Hyman, 314-524-6000, MO. WANTED water pump cores, Porsche and Jaguar, call or fax for list of cores we are buying, ask for Bill or Dave. Terry Marrs Enterprises, 618-435-6070, FAX 618-4396230, Benton, IL.

Porsche Parts

A BETTER deal on Porsche shop, service, repair manuals, owner's manuals & history books. 206-721-3077, 888-3809277, WA see www.books4cars.com **15-YR** A GREAT find your Porsche manuals and literature (no parts) with one free call, best service, best selection, best price. Faxon's, 800-458-2734, 7 am-6 pm PDT, US and Canada. **31-YR** ABSOLUTELY most Porsche owner's manuals and service manuals for most models. TMC Publications, 410-526-4495, MD.

Porsche 996 Turbo

In the long and storied history of the 911, the 996 represents a dark chapter for Porsche purists. The company that had relied on good old fashioned air-cooled know-how since the original 356 shirked the tradition in favor of a new water-cooled design in 1999. Instead of an evolution of the original model, the 996 was a whole new car. While that may have hurt sales from 1999 to 2005, it's good news for hoons looking to get their hands on a set of Stuttgart keys. And if you're going to join the ranks of Porsche snobs everywhere, why not do it with a 996 Turbo

Porsche Wanted

1 PORSCHE 356, 356A, 356B, 356C, 356SC, dead or alive, any condition, barn finds, abandoned projects, anything considered Top dollar paid Senous buyer, Will pickup from anywhere in the USA. Please call Alex Manos, 877-912-0007, email conti-nental5000 gmail.com. C3 IIMC PORSCHE WANTED 356 Coupe and Cabriolet and any 911. In any condition. Top dollar paid. Gullwng Motor Cars, Inc., 1-800-452-9910, 718-545-0500, fax 718-545-1308. 03 1 WT porsche wanted Dead or alive pre-1973 only.

Porsche 911gt1

Finished 3rd OA at Daytona 1998, sponsored by Brumos-Porsche, also raced Le-Mans and FIA-GT with Kremer, retired from racing in 1999. Engine, gearbox and suspension restored in 2004. Presently back to original Daytona colors and in excellent original condition. Comes with a great history file including the original invoice and a little set of spares. A fabulous piece of Porsche history. As quick as a 962. Located in Luxembourg. WANTED 356 Porsche speedster project, dead or alive, any condition, barn finds, abandoned projects, incomplete projects, crashed, burned, rusty, old race cars, front clips, rear clips, anything considered Also any other open 356 projects, roadsters, cabrios. 310-7930129, CA macgoodies aol.com

Porsche 964 Rs

Which is quickest Well, that's a surprisingly tough question to answer. The Porsche certainly feels the quickest, mainly due to its lower weight and more immediate throttle response. It sounds magnificent too, which always helps. The Renault's delivery is more spiky, thanks to the lunges of turbo boost in each gear. It also places big demands on the front tyres and their ability to find traction, something the Porsche never, ever struggles with. Honestly, all-out I don't think there'd be much in it at all, whether you're on the road or on a track. That's quite an achievement for Renault, but no shame on the 18-year-old Porsche. Either way it's a win-win for jammy old me.

Porsche Type

The second car survived the joyrides of the young Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and Ferdinand Piech, but not the driving habits of the American soldiers who liberated it in the last days of the war' He won the 22 races he entered in 1952, but mostly with one of his two alloy-bodied Porsche 356s. From 1953 the single-armed competitor took on the establishment with a Porsche-powered special of his own design. The Ahnherr Ifor 'the ancestor' of all Porschesl, as Mathe used to call the Type 64, was restored again and became the central piece of his private collection. Why does Porsche tend to neglect the first sports car it ever made The official line is that the carmaker was born in June 1948 when the original 356 was type-approved. The very same Austrian authorities - by then under British occupation - registered the Type 64 in April 1946 in fact, its body was made in June 1940, while the chassis dates from August 1939. But then consider the climate after the war. The Porsche Type 64 (or...

Porsche Attack

Porsche team Trackspeed, which confirmed it will return to the series for the first time since 2008 last month, has signed Porsche Supercup driver Siso Cunill for Oulton. Team manager Rick Martino, who is running the car in the series on a race-by-race basis, said He's doing the first round and then we'll see where we go. He's got experience in the Porsche and is a good little pedaller. Silverstone was our first time on the Avon tyre, but we think we're there or thereabouts. Martino did not rule out running a second Porsche at Oulton or rounds later in the series. Top Carrera Cup squad Team Parker also plans to run a Porsche in the new GT Cup class for Jim and Glynn Geddie at rounds that don't clash with Carrera Cup meetings. Well, several of the entries, such as the United Autosports Audis and the Trackspeed Porsche, are not yet confirmed for the full season. The grid for Oulton Park this weekend looks good, but it's the turn-out for the subsequent rounds that will really tell us...

Lotus Fuel Cell Taxi Piaggio

064 Ferrari v Porsche celebration No two marques have a greater back catalogue than Ferrari and Porsche. We pit their finest head-to-head, starting with the new 599 GTO against the new GT2 RS. You'll also find 288 GTO taking 011 959,458 Italia squaring up to GT. RS, rare ,H8 Competizione tackling 964 RS, and Enzo renewing its tussle with Carrera GT. And because the rivalry extends to motorsport, we also drive those immortal Le Mans warriors, the 917 and 512.

Gvo Rating

Does that make the Porsche the better car It depends on your point of view. There's no doubt that the 458 is a superior technical statement and that its spread of abilities shades the 911's. You could use the 458 every day, its transmission is brilliant and the cabin is ideal for long distances (the optional carbon-backed seats are especially good). What it doesn't deliver is as pure an interactive driving experience as the RS. Some will find the 911 a bore - too difficult, too demanding - but in reality its judgement of hardcore adrenalin rush and surprising useability isn't that far behind the 458's. This one has sat-nav, an iPod connector and electrically adjustable seats. It's just not as refined as the Ferrari.

The Future

Apparently it's bright - and it's green. With both Porsche and Ferrari developing hybrids, the old rivalry looks set to take a new twist H ybrids figure large in Porsche's But where does this leave the lesser Porsches The naturally aspirated Boxster, Cayman and regular 911s are pretty efficient already - even a 400bhp-plus 911 GT3 will return over 25mpg in gentle driving. With direct petrol injection and features such as stop-start technology and brake force regeneration, they should return better figures still. The worry is that the two features acknowledged to improve C02 ratings in the way it is currently measured in the XEDC test - turbocharging and self-shifting twin-clutch transmissions detract from the simple, direct connection that's at the heart of the appeal of these models for enthusiasts. We take it as a good sign that Porsche is to dev elop a small mid-engined sports car platform for the VW group because the indirect spin-off could be a smaller, lighter and therefore more...


Forty years after the Porsche 917 and Ferrari 512 battled it out at Le Mans, evo's Nick Trott and Mark Hales drive two of the cars that starred in this epic race the eventual winner, Porsche 9I7K no. 23, and the car behind it, Ferrari 5I2S no. 5 ifteen minutes before I drive the actual Porsche 917 Kurzheck Coupe that won Le Mans in 1970, the actual driver who won Le Mans in 1970 wanders over to give me some advice. 'Have vou driven a 917 before ' Richard Attwood asks. 'No,' I squeak from my dry throat. 'Well, it's just like any other car with a lot of power,' says Attwood. 'It'll spin its wheels, but overall it's a friendly car to drive.' The 917's fearsome reputation, he explains, is based on its tendency to lift its With that, Attwood makes to walk off, but I suddenly realise that I still have no real useful advice for my run up the hill at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in this priceless Porsche. I collar him again and ask about the clutch action, the gearshift, the throttle...

W No Limits

I stopped liking what Ji* the Porsche 911 had The 911 became my pet subject In the '90s I edited Porsche GB's in-house magazine. The Marque, for a year and wrote three Porsche books, one dedicated to the 911 - with a ducktail 2.7 RS on the cover, naturally. I simply loved the whole 911 thing. And that, I thought, was how it would stay until the end of its days. My big mistake, of course, was to assume that, like the more astute sporting greats. Porsche's would quit while it was ahead, thereby dodging the bullet bearing the inscription 'it went on too long'. I reckon the projectile hit its mark around about the time of the arrival of the facelifted 996 Carrera in 2002. At the press launch in Austria, I remember being worried by the two-stage cup-holders. Worried that the 911 now had cup-holders at all (and a glovebox for the first time) worried that I was distracted by them when I should have been enthralled by the integrity and force of the Porsche's evolutionary...


Porsche v Ferrari Tempted by a 928 A good one's a treat, but most are trouble - the 1990 GT does make me wobble, though. Decent 3.0 SC 911s lurk down here, as do some 3.2s and 964s, but I can't help but ogle at 968 Club Sports these days. Feted in the early '90s as a definitive drive, thev're still a crisp steer and, I'd say, due a moderate surge in value. Remember, they're proper lightweight Porsches, and equivalent 91 Is are now 100K. They won't hit those heights, but there's room for movement. Robust too. Older 993s are now well into this price bracket, as are 996s and just about every 964. But the real gem at this price point is a mint 3.2 Carrera, post '88 with the GSO gearbox. It's always best to buy a 'generation-ending' 911 - one that's benefited from everv possible modification before a new model arrives. This was the last 'G-series' car before the 964 arrived and good ones will provide the holy trinity of Porsche ownership solid values, low maintenance costs and proper 911...

RS v 348 GT

The 1990s 964 RS is now one of the most sought-after Porsches, but its even rarer Ferrari counterpart remains a relative unknown. Richard Meaden finds out if the mysterious 348 GTC can give the iconic 964 RS a run for its money PORSCHE v FERRARI 348 GT Competizione J m . ,K Porsche 964 Carrera Fast forward to 2010 and the times they are a-changin', at least as far as the Porsche is concerned. Nowadays its combative character is back in vogue, and enthusiasts appreciate its significance in the grand scheme of things Zuffenhausen. That's also reflected in the 964 RS's steadily increasing value. PORSCHE v FERRARI PORSCHE v FERRARI Funnily enough, I'm actually rather smitten by the 348 GTC's riot of slats, scoops and blingv split-rim wheels. True, it looks dated in the presence of the 964 RS's timeless, brutal simplicity, but there's no question the Competizione makes a standard 348 look rather apologetic and turns heads more readily than the stealthy Porsche. Right Competizione's 320bhp...

Specifications J

PORSCHE 9I7K FERRARI 5I2S With thanks to the Porsche Museum and Sick Mason. There's more about Xick's cars in his new book with Mark Hales. Passion For Speed' (Carlton Publishing) Left Porsches dominated the 1970 24hrs, as this post-race advertisment from the winning manufacturer showed. Of the seven leading cars, all but the pair of Ferraris in 4th and 5th places were Porsches The Porsche Ferrari rivalry has often been played out in the motorsport arena, from the great road-races of the 1950s and '60s right through to this year's N rburgring 24hrs. Roger Green looks back at some of the most memorable clashes Between 1955 and 1973 the Targa Florio was a world championship event and Ferrari and Porsche virtually owned the Sicilian island, sharing 16 wins between them. None however was more closely fought than the 47th running in May 1963. By lap four of the ten-lap, 447-mile race, the Ferrari Dino 196 SP of Scarfiotti and Bandini was leading by a scant few seconds and being chased hard...


'It was the fastest car I could buy for the money I paid for it. It's as quick as a Porsche 911 and, when I got it, was still in warranty. The V8 engine is just sensational - it's so much fun. The M button is also excellent. 'I'm only selling my M3 because I've now got a company car - a boring diesel - for the 1000 miles a week I travel, so I'm now after something even more fun and much less practical. A Porsche Boxster, perhaps '


PORSCHE v FERRARI is marginally the quicker car. Its front axle holds a slightly tighter line - even on normal Michelin Pilot Sport rubber compared with the Porsche's Cup variety - and its traction is simplv remarkable. But the RS is the more effervescent you feel its mass moving around more, vou have to manage the power more actively and it sends some glorious messages back through seat, pedals and wheel. The noise is telling, too. For all the Ferrari's volume and shriek, it offers a slightly synthesised shout, whereas the Porsche sounds more organic. Yes, it too has valves in the exhaust system that open under certain loads, but above 4000rpm it just sounds divine. By now you'll be spotting the vast differences in the way these two go about their business. The Porsche is infinitely more demanding of the driver. All it takes is a second-gear turn approached from a fifth-gear straight to expose the gap that exists between the two experiences they offer. In the Ferrari you simply...

GT3 RS v 458 Italia

Porsche's purist road-racer is easily outgunned by the technology-laden new 'baby' Ferrari, but which is the better car on the road Chris Harris decides PORSCHE v FERRARI And it's during these first few moments that the 911 suddenly feels almost vintage after the 458 - a journey back in time to a quaint period when cars had three pedals and a stubby lever between the front seats. Christ, the Porsche has clock faces on its dashboard - from the driver's seat the 458's dash looks like some kid-gamer's fantasy TFT screens and multiple configurations of pretty much anything. The Porsche has a yellow shift light - and that's about vour lot Minutes earlier, the 458 was imperceptibly swapping gears in fractions of a second at the touch of a paddle, steering with such speed that it wasn't necessary to cross your hands -and now the Porsche is asking you to move a lever, arse about with an extra pedal and use indicator stalks. It feels slightly backward like stepping from a full-carbon Bianchi...

Crossed Up

Porsche and Ferrari have just launched some of their fastest ever street-legal cars and neither is remotely interested in talking top speed. Instead the communicated message has leaned towards technology and weight reduction. It has to continue to do so, for all the right reasons. There's a disconnect opening up between the cars being produced and the desires of customers faster is becoming useless -at least on the public highway.

Buying Cars

I can't decide what car to buy now that I've sold my Porsche 997.1 have a budget of 60,000 and the following models on my shortlist '05 Lamborghini Gallardo, '06 Aston Martin DB9, '04 Ferrari 360, '09 Nissan GT-R and '07 Audi R8. Whatever I buy I want to keep for a long time, so running costs are a concern. My petrolhead friends are divided on what I should get, so any advice you could offer would be appreciated - Chris Wing

Withthefull Lash Of Winter

And its torrential rains and polar blasts upon us, the timing couldn't have been worse for the very first Porsche Boxster Spyder to land in tiie country. It's a car better suited to drought conditions than to floods. Upon seeing the forecast for Queen's Birthday weekend, I Lhought the tough job of testing the Spyder was definitely one for Louisson. Being a biker he's more accustomed to the elements, you see. Now, it's not often that a four-wheeler raises the pulse rate of a seasoned motorcyclist, but we had a positive flurry of txts from him over the long weekend, praising the Spyder's talents royally - 'done sum of da best 300km on 4 wheels eva'. All this despite the rain, and the average weather protection of the Porsche.

The birth of a notion

You could say we've been there, done that in the six decades since. We tested the first Corvette, back in the November 1953 issue. It took 11.5 seconds to reach 60 mph, three tenths of a second longer than it takes the 2009 ZR1 to blow through the quarter mile at over 130 mph. We tested our first Toyota in 1958 and ran our first Corvette versus Porsche comparo in 1959.The Mustang was so new when we drove it for the August 1964 issue, the 15-inch wheel covers for our bright-red tester hadn't even been made.

Focal Point 30 Your Turn 106 Tech Correspondence 108 Road Test Summary 110 The Finish Line 120 Ps

Just as there's more than one way to skin a cat apologies to PETA), there's a number of ways to go about building a supercar with mind-bending performance. Cases in point, in order of ascending cylinder count the Porsche 911 TurboS, Chevrolet Corvette Z06, Audi R8 52 FSI and Aston Martin V12 Vantage. The furious reciprocation starts on page 44.

When The Secondgeneration

PORSCHE is working on a 911 Speedster. The last time it produced a Speedster series was from 1989 to 1990, a limited run of just 936 units of the 964. The 911 Speedster will feature the 3.8-litre flat-six from the 911 Sport Classic. Expect 300kW, o-iookm h in 4.5sec and a top speed of a comfy 3o6km h. Anticipated to debut later this year, the new car will be limited to around 100 units. As with all Speedsters, it draws inspiration from the 356 from the 1950s.

Bulletin I Hyundai On The Move

Engine, and according to AMG's engine and powertrain boss Friedrich Eichler, the V12 will live on for as long as there is demand. Apparently the block is good enough to last another 20-30 years. Speaking of hybrids, according to outgoing _ Porsche R&D boss from launch, but their shared hardware must last for two generations so Porsche is building in the capability from day one. Last month we reported the problems at the Nlirburgring - and no solution appears to be forthcoming as we closed for press. Rheinzeitung, an important regional newspaper, reports that Pirelli is pulling out of the joint Industriepool while Aston Martin and Mercedes are also

Boss Wants Inhousedesigned Engines For Flagship

CS At the very beginning it was tough because there's not much around Ike the I-series Coupe. But then a few days ago Audi announced R53 When we were developing the car we looked closely at the TT RS and also at the Porsche Cayman 5. We also looked at the Golf Rand Focus RS.

Thinking About An Old Porker

One of the recurring ideas is an old Porsche 911 - possibly a 964 or 993. With so much being interchangeable on the different 911 models, it's relatively easy to update an older model with modern exterior panels and running gear. The reason we haven't dived in with both feet is because we're worried these older Porsches (or any Porsche come to that) could be a money-pit. And while we can pull favors from friends and acquaintances to keep a car on the road and modify it, is this something the average reader could do To help us decide, we've chosen to do two things the first was to track down the awesome RWB Porsches from Japan, as seen on this month's cover. For any Euro owner, anybody with oil in their veins, this is about as good as it gets - old-school 911s built like the race cars of their day, painted in modern colors, decked out with, modern wheels, but everything is then left slightly unfinished to give the cars an instant patina, extra character. The second part of our voyage...

Hike About 6 Minutes Up The Hill

First up is the 2012 Esprit, a mid-engine supercar with power from Lotus' supercharged version of the Lexus IS-F 5.0-liter V-8, coupled to a seven-speed twin-clutch transmission. It makes 550 horsepower in standard form, up to 620 in R trim, and redlines at 8500 rpm. Performance is claimed to match its key rivals, the Ferrari 458 and Porsche 911 Turbo. Lotus says it weighs 3300 pounds. The body structure is Lotus' patented aluminum frame, for the first time without fiberglass body panels. Instead, the Esprit uses carbon-fiber side panels and aluminum front and rear ends, doors, and roof. The company will offer it as a coupe and a convertible. Lotus also plans a pair of front-engine cars with the same engine. The Elite, launching in calendar-year 2014, and Eterne coming in 2015 will rival the Ferrari California and Aston Martin Rapide, respectively. Yes, the Eterne, coming in 2015, is the first four-door Lotus and, at 196 inches long, is claimed to be nearly as spacious as a Porsche...

Stephen Damico Internet

Contact us at 1-800-PORSCHE or porscheusa.com. 2010 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times. Contact us at 1-800-PORSCHE or porscheusa.com. 2010 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times. Every single ounce of the new 500 hp Cayenne Turbo serves one purpose pure driving performance. Its sports car lines, powerful stance and completely redesigned interior leave no room for excess. And the new Cayenne Turbo is over 400 lbs lighter and more agile than ever. Yet all this performance comes with an impressive new level of efficiency, including a new fuel-saving Auto Start Stop function. Porsche Intelligent Performance means you won't have to surrender a single thing to sports car passion. Porsche. There is no substitute. The new Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Innovation still rife after 125 years

THE Nissan Leaf could add the World Car of the Year award to its European Car of the Year gong after it was one of 10 cars announced to be on the shortlist for the prize. The Leaf joins Audi's A1 and A8, BMW's 5 Series and X3, the Jaguar XJ, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Mercedes SLS, Porsche Cayenne and Volvo S60A 60. No contenders this year from Volkswagen, which claimed the title in each of the last two years the Polo won in 2010 and the Golf in 2009. Other category finalists will be announced at next month's Geneva Motor Show and the overall winner will be revealed at the New York Motor Show on 21 April.

New Racers For Le Mans

NEW AUDI AND PEUGEOT DIESELS GO TESTING LATEST GT-SPEC PORSCHE REVEALED. ROGER GREEN REPORTS cars will be able to run closer to the dominant diesels.) Meanwhile, in the GT category, Porsche has unveiled its 2011 GT3 RSR (top), while the Ferrari 458 GT2 has been spotted testing.

Audi Will Launch A Hardcore

A 1 7kW GT version of the R8 supercar to do battle with the Porsche 911 GT3 and Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. The GT wasn't originally planned to be part of the R8 line up, but Audi has responded to customer demand for a more focused version of the mid-engined coup , similar to the Porsche 911 GT3RS.

The Evolution Of The Icon

Corvette engineers consider the Z06 the purest model in the lineup, because it most faithfully represents their notion of a dualpurpose sports car. Drive a Z06 like a demon on the street, and it begs for more. Toss it into the competitive mix on track day, and it leaves Ferrari and Porsche owners wondering why they spent so much to lap so far off the pace. the Corvette technology leader, several systems arid components engineered for the mighty ZR1 are now available in this Ferrari Porsche foil (see Carbon Footprint).

Road Test I Mini Countryman Cooper S All4

But in building a Mini for the dirt, one has to wonder if the new Countryman doesn't dilute the essence of the original brand, just as the Cayenne did with Porsche. This is unlikely to affect its sales success though, as it exposes the brand to a wider set of family-conscious customers looking for extra versatility, more load space and a higher seating position. For us, the key criteria remains how it drives both 011 road (is it still a Mini ) and off the beaten path (can it handle the rough stuff ).

Le Hans Results Confirmed

The results of the Le Mans 24 Hours in June are now official. The engines in the first- and second-placed GT2 cars in the French endurance classic, the Felbermayr Proton Porsche 911GT3-RSR and the Hankook Team Farnbacher Ferrari 430 GT, have been found to be in accordance with the regulations.

Showtime At The Apollo

I set out from Boston with my friend Dennis in a Porsche Boxster S. I've never been to Monticello, so I figure I can use the Porsche to recon the track while other people are getting their yucks in the Gumpert. I also recruit my friend Steve. He just got a steal on a leftover Chevrolet Corvette Z06, and soon after he bought it, he called me and said, There's a problem with this car. You can't use it. Anywhere. Au contraire. At the glorious fantasyland of Monticello, the road is empty and speed limits are nonexistent.

Fia Academy Finalists

PORSCHE CARRERA CUP racer Tony Gilham will step up to the British Touring Car Championship this year after joining multiple title-winning squad Triple 8 Engineering. Gilham, who won Toyota MR2 and VW Racing Cup titles before moving into Porsches, will partner Triple 8 returnee James Nash, who confirmed last week that he would race for a second year with the team.

Our Kind Of Economy

T TOOK 110 YEARS for the Porsche car company to revisit its founder's concept of a hybrid powertrain with an internal-combustion engine plus electric motors. The Porsche 918 Spyder is one of the most astonishing concept cars ever presented, by anyone. To claim and be able to prove, no doubt-that this missile can get around that crinkly old racetrack in the Eifel mountains faster than a Carrera GT and provide 78-mpg fuel economy (if you respect speed limits) is utterly amazing. Yet, given the source, it's much easier to believe those claims than to question them. The irascible Professor Porsche had finally burned all his bridges to the German motor industry by 1931 and was forced to open his own independent engineering design consultancy seventy- nine years ago. Since then, there have been only five Porsche styling leaders. Austrian Erwin Komenda shaped the Volkswagen Beetle and its Berlin-Rome sports derivative, the magnificent Cisitalia grand prix car, and the iconic 356. He also...

Vice Chairman General Motors

Based on a mid-engine sports-car platform to be shared with Porsche and Volkswagen, the R4 will be slightly shorter and lower than the TT. Interestingly, the R4 will be rear drive, as opposed to all-wheel drive as on the R8. As for the R4's powertrain, all Audi will say for now is that several, probably gasoline combustion but also electric are in the works . Despite the recent commotion about the all-electric e-Tron, it appears Audi will come to production with a gasoline-powered R4 first. The most likely engine choice is Audi's 2.0T turbocharged 4-cylinder with 265-300 bhp, but a source told us that a supercharged V-6 with 300-330 bhp, or the 335-bhp turbocharged 5-cylinder from the TT RS, are under consideration. MM

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Another amazing discovery about the 12C is that you don't need to go berserk in it to realise how quick it really is, and it's the torque that makes it feel so effortless. Even at half throttle it provides enough acceleration to leave most other cars reeling in its wake, including a chap I encountered in a French-registered Porsche 911 Turbo who wouldn't take no for an answer. And at full throttle it feels quite magical in the way it picks up and hurls itself down the road, to the extent that a Ferrari 458 would struggle - and fail - to keep up.

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The result Engine output of 588kW (789bhp) at 5500rpm. Peak torque is -get this - 1420Nmat 2100rpm.The twist has to be electronically limited to 11 OONm. And the car still meets Euro 4- emissions standards. Evidently the modified SL will run from 0-1 OOkm h in 3.6sec, and pass through the 200km h barrier in the same time as the new GT2 RS (just under 10sec).Top speed is again around that of the fastest Porsche, at 330km h but Brabus curtails this to a mere 320km h, for tyre safety reasons.

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READING THROUGH THE ARTICLE comparing the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and the Toyota (Lexus) LFA, I had to laugh Supercoupe Shootout, August , The Mercedes is a world-class bargain compared to the LFA. Tt outperforms, outclasses, and out-pedigrees the Toyota for half the price. Buy this Toyota for 375 big ones, and watch a Corvette ZR1 or, for that matter, a Z06 or a Nissan GT-R, blow by you for what a set of brakes and tires on the LFA costs. But the dash changes color while that is happening, so I suppose that's worth ten or twenty grand. Toyota took years to build a halo car and came up with this disaster. For that kind of money, there should be some new groundbreaking performance threshold or at least a technological first, but we got neither. We didn't get a hybrid supercar (Porsche), we didn't get a groundbreaking transmission (Ferrari), we didn't get a beautiful car (Maserati GranTurismo or Alfa Romeo 8C), and we didn't get the fastest car in the world (Bugatti Veyron). We got a...

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HAVING DRIVEN NEVADA 341 UP to Virginia City, I have a heightened respect for Ezra Dyer's 3 34 time on the hill-climb Spectre 341 Challenge, October 2010 . I think that he did such a professional job of driving the Porsche 911 Turbo and writing the article that Automobile should buy him a racing helmet that fits properly another. Who will the family of Alex Djordjevic hold responsible for his death The state of Nevada The Nevada Highway Patrol Porsche Car and Driver and Automobile Magazine

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An engineering marvel, this 911 Turbo, like a tech briefing that doesn't end. In abnormal Porsche fashion the S comes standard with all the goodies it needs to go fast. Stupid fast, like bordering on Bugatti Veyron fast. That it does so with half the cylinders of the Aston Martin, and nearly half the displacement of the Corvette, is quite a trick. Its 3.8-liter flat-6 of course has help in the form of twin variable-geometry turbo-chargers, a technology previously too unreliable and or expensive for production cars. But Weissach engineers make it work using material technology gleaned from jet engines. Combined with direct injection, variable valve timing and intake lift, the Turbo S makes 530 blip 30 more than the standard Turbo. And remember the optional overboost feature of the regular Turbo The one that gives 10 seconds of increased midrange thrust It's standard in the S and without the fun-restricting time limitation.

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This is what happens if you rile Porsche. You - and by 'you'T mean Nissan - claim your standard GT-R is capable of lapping the Niirburgring faster than Porsche's 997 GT2. Cue a very public spat. At the time, I recall quizzing Andreas Preuninger, the straight-talking head of Porsche GT cars, and all he'd say wits that Porsche would be back . However, we're not in Germany to validate Porsche's 'Ring claims (7min 18sec if you're interested - making the RS Msec quicker than the regular GT2). Instead, we're at home, in a very damp UK, to answer three questions. First, just how much of the Porsche 911GT2 RS vs Carrera Compal

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The trend towards obesity - of the automotive kind, that is Look, for example, at the new Jaguar X) with its feline agility, which is underpinned by its lightweight. Now the reborn Porsche Cayenne is transformed by the loss of 200kg of kerb weight into a contender for the title of best luxo-SUV. Eight years ago, when the Cayenne arrived, it dealt a king-hit to Porsche aficionados. But history records that it came and conquered, quickly becoming the company's best seller. The new Cayenne will continue that trend. Petrol models can be optioned with the active sway bars that come as standard fitment on the Turbo, and both petrol and Turbo variants can be enhanced further with Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus, an electronic locking rear diff that shuffles power in the corners to individual rear wheels.

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My opinion is that the BRC should be at least one of the above. It remains badly in need of some sort of direction the series' bosses could do worse than comparing the 37-car entry with the 80 odd that turned out for the Historic event. I'm not advocating a wholesale shift to Porsche 911s and Escort Mklls for the pinnacle of British rallying, but a departure from the seemingly incessant navel gazing might be nice.

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But really, the Leaf is simply not the car for you if this sort of thing is going to be an issue very often. Just as you wouldn't buy a Porsche 911 in order to carry four adult passengers regularly (or at all), you wouldn't buy a Leaf if you periodically had to go 90 miles or more in a day in

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This ultimate Corvette hides its bulging muscles under a relatively discreet set of duds. Only rabid Corvette geeks can tell at a glance ZRi clues involve its carbon-fiber roof, chin spoiler, and hood with a see-through panel. Look closer, and you'll see that forged aluminum wheels cover giant Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes that are 15.5 inches in diameter at the front axle, 15.0 inches in the back. Inside, the ZRi has some subtle changes, but the overall ambience continues the low-rent tradition, especially compared with the dressy Porsche certainly not what you'd expect in a sports car that stickers for 121,425.

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THE DOOR has been closed on Porsche's RS Spyder LMP2 prototype continuing its competition career next season. Team CytoSport, a race winner in the American Le Mans Series with the RS Spyder in 2010, had been hoping to run the car in LMP1, and at least one other team had expressed interest in fielding a car in North America. Now Porsche has decided that the stock of spare parts necessary to allow the car to continue to race will not be manufactured. Porsche motorsport boss Hartmut Kristen said I cannot go to my board and argue the case for 10 million of parts to be put on the shelf. Therefore the Romain Dumas, who won the ALMS LMP2 title in a Penske-run Spyder in 2007-08, described the Porsche as a great car and my favourite prototype .

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5.0-litre V8 XK with 283ICW and 515N1T1 as well as Porsche's 911 Carrera S Cabrio with 28 kW and 420N111. Whether it has the soul of these rivals and more expensive drop tops like Maserati's Gran Cabrio and Aston Martin's V8 Vantage roadster is an equally subjective debate. But driving the new 6 Series Convertible in isolation, it's clear that it morphs an appealing design with the essential elements of sport, elegance and dynamism. The car should also provide a good dynamic platform for the M version in years to come. We can't wait.

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Subdued at cruising speeds despite higher sound-level measurements than in the Porsche. In fact, the car's a bit disappointing in this environment unless the driver downshifts a couple of gears and floors the throttle, at which point the car simply disappears into the horizon, its V-8 emitting a strident growl.

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Crip and power are what it takes to win the race across the Start Finish A . Coming into the off-camber sweeper B , the 911 shines, as you can feel its active rear differential work to maintain a neutral balance. As the cars crest the hill and come to The Drop C , the GT-R carries the most speed. But, editor Monticello says the 911 Turbo was most composed here, the only car that consistently allowed full throttle. The powerful rear-drive ZR1, on the other hand, was unpredictable each lap. The next corner, a blind right-hand sweeper D , is a true confidence test featuring a mid-corner elevation change. The unflappable Porsche was fastest at the apex, but the other cars exited at higher speedsand were much faster down the high-speed back straight E . The ZR1 dominated here, with a peak speed 5 mph higher than the next car's. Having the best brakes and the least mass also helps the ZR1 slow for the sweeping right that comes up fast at these speeds. The GT-R felt very confident on the...

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The new 911 GT3 R Hybrid makes its American debut at the historic Petit Le Mans 10-hour race at Road Atlanta. It will set out to prove, as it did at the 24 hours at Niirburgring, that Porsche Intelligent Performance is as impressive as it is inspiring. With every braking maneuver, energy is stored and fed back to electric motors to be used for acceleration if needed. The end result technology that increases fuel efficiency and enhances power. Technology that will not only be tested at one of the most challenging races in the world, it will also translate directly to our sports cars on the road. It's no wonder the eyes of the racing world are fixed on Atlanta. Please visit porschemotorsport.com for further information.

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The Corvette is a meat-and-potatoes kind of sports car, and the baritone rumble from its 6.2-liter, pushrod V-8 lills the driver's being with a deep, American-style comfort. Equally satisfying is the ability to slide the tail around, or, on a whim, to easily lay down a controlled burnout. The Grand Sport has so much power and low-end torque that third gear can be used on publ ic roads where the Porsche and Lotus require second.

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The Cayman's ride, with its dynamic suspension ( 1990), is classic German taut and with minimal body roll but compliant on rough surfaces. And the Porsche provides its performance withmore everyday usability than the Lotus or the Chevy. The Corvette, for instance, has more storage space, but its open hatchback means bags can get airborne under sudden braking in the Cayman, your stuff is scaled in the front trunk or kept aft behind a bump that hides the flat-six engine. It's not as fast as the Corvette, nor is it as nimble as the Evora, but the Cayman S combines the hard edges of a pure sports car with the convenience we've come to expect in modern cars at this price. It's like a perfectly warmed bowl of porridge just right.

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SIX new Lotuses, targeting Porsche, Aston Martin and Ferrari -that was the shock of the year at October's Paris Motor Show. We knew about the V8 Esprit, which will take on the Ferrari 458. But we uncovered the scale of the revival in Issue 1,125 with news of the Elite GT and Aston Rapide-rivalling four-door Eterne. an early peek at the Elite coupe-cabrio, which has the Ferrari California in sight. Then came the mass unveiling at Paris, with a heavier, Porsche Boxster-rivalling, 50,000 Elise on display alongside the stunning Elan, which will tackle Porsche's 911.