Ol Rolls-Royce Corniche

Black/'Iangier, Excellent Condition, Only 10,908 miles

05 Porsche Carrera GT

Black/Black, lk Miles, Best Color and Miles

09 Murcielago LP640 Roadster

Black/Black, Yellow Stitching, E-Gear, ONE OWNER

07 Rolls-Royce Phantom

Black/Black, Rear Entertainment Package, 6,554 miles

05 Porsche Turbo S Cab

Black/Black, Manual, Aluminum Trim, 14,652 miles, Rare!

09 Gallardo LP560-4

Black/Black, E-Gear, only 2,369 miles, Flawless

89 Porsche Turbo

Red/Tan, 74k Miles, Last Year Restored

06 Aston Martin I)B9 Volante

Tungsten Silver/Obsidian Black, White Stitching, Automatic

99 Bentley Azure

Black/Black, 16K Miles

06 Rolls-Royce Phantom

Silver/Oatmeal, 21" Wheels, 3,842 miles

08 Bentley GT Speed

Black/Magnolia, 6K Miles, Rare

08 Bentley GTC Mulliner

Black over Black, 9,975 miles, Mulliner Spec, LOADED

10 Bentley Continental GT Speed

Ghost White/Beluga, I leavy Options, Never Driven, 42 miles

97 Viper GTS

Blue w/White Stripes/Black, 4k Miles, 1-Owner

88 Lamborghini Countach

Red/Tan, 18K Miles, Must See

06 Viper SRT 10

Copperhead Orange/Black, H-Spoke Wheels, only 1,965 miles

09 Galardo LP560-4

Bianco/Nero, E-Gear, Clear Bonnet, White Piping

05 Lamborghini Gallardo

Pearl Yellow/Black, 8,944 miles, Manual, Clear Bonnet

04 MurciƩlago

Green/Snowcorn, Custom Exhaust, Chrome Wheels

65 Shelby Superpertormance MKIII

Black/Black, 201 miles, 1-owner, PERFECT CONDITION!

09 Porsche 911 Turbo Cab

Black over Black, 3,846 miles, Tiptronic, Red Stitching

08 Gallardo Spyder

Silver/Black, E-Gear, Rear Camera, LP560 wheels

09 Ferrari 430 Spider

Red/Tan, Red Calipers, Carbon Fiber, Only 873 miles!

Deerfield Beach, Florida

08 Mercedes CL65 VI2 AMG

Black/Black, only 13,559 miles, excellent condition, LOADED

08 Mercedes CL600 Carlsson CK60

Black/Black, Carlsson CK60 Package, VERY RARE

We are cash Buyers for ALL Exotics!

All units in stock and available for immediate delivery

888-814-6606 www.DomaniMotors.com

61 Corvette Convertible

Red/Red, Restored, Beautiful Driver

05 Ford GT

Mark IV Red/Ebony, All Options, 6,295 miles, Excellent Condition

08 Gallardo Spyder

A ranc io Boreal is/Nero/ A rancio Two-Tone, 6-Sp, 518 miles

69 Pontiac GTO Judge

Carousel Red/Black, 24K miles

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