Working On Both Sides Of The Border

Joining SAN is easy. Log on to to add your voice to this growing movement to protect the rights of automotive enthusiasts.

The border between the United States and Canada is fairly transparent when it comes to 4WD enthusiasts. Four wheelers are four wheelers pretty much anywhere, and we share the same obsessions when it comes to our rigs. The thrill of discovering a great trail or an old Jeep stashed in a barn is just as sweet whether you're in the Great White North or the Lower 48.

On the other hand, we also tend to share the same challenges when it comes to government unfairly meddling with our trucks. Legislation that involves issues like land use, vehicle lighting, and registration fees can hit 4x4 owners particularly hard.

The good news: We have an organization here in the States that monitors these issues, and that organization has expanded to include the Parliament of Canada and the provincial governments. The SEMA Action Network, or SAN, is a partnership of vehicle clubs, enthusiasts, and members of the specialty auto parts industry who want to protect our hobby by stamping out unfair legislation and passing favorable laws. In the U.S., the

SAN regularly rallies the support of 3,500-plus clubs, thousands of individuals, and 100-plus publications, with an estimated reach of 36 million enthusiasts. The SAN sends out action alerts so you can respond to pending legislative proposals, and issues timely updates of regulatory developments.

Membership in the SAN is absolutely free (hey, no exchange rate worries!), so it costs you or your car club nothing to take an active role in keeping our hobby alive and well. For more information about joining the SAN, log on to and add your voice to the growing number of enthusiasts on both sides of the border who support our hobby.

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