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I've really enjoyed your recent articles on fullsize pickups. The Ultimate Super Duty and the Ultimate Adventure Z71 were very informative and filled with great ideas. I do have several questions. What would the real-world cost be to build each of the projects mentioned?

I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and it seems your custom shops are not anywhere near where I live. I'm planning on getting an '00 or '01 GMC extended cab or F-250 SuperCab. Can you recommend any shops in my area? JOHN E. GOLECK via

O The Ultimate Super Duty was done so long ago we have no idea what it took, but the UA Z71 is fresh in our minds. Here's a laundry list of what it took and the approximate real-world prices. Remember that prices vary considerably across the nation, as do labor and materials. Yes, it costs as much as a small house (except in California), but the results are worth it.

Used truck $6,500

Transmission rebuild $1,200

Transfer case: ORD Doubler $770

Doubler linkage $290

Transfer cases $1,100

PSC Motorsports hydro assist $1,000

Dynatrac high-steer arms $300

Tubing $1,200

K&N Intake $292 Flowmaster exhaust kit and

Hushpower muffler $490

Refurbished axles $2,000

Detroit Lockers $1,111 Dynatrac hubs, Foote axleshafts,

CTM joints $2,389

Dynatrac differential covers $360

Bilstein shocks and Eibach coils $3,710

Warm M15000 winch $1,500

Warn VTC compressor $700

40-inch BFG KM2 M-Ts $3,000

17-inch Spyder locks $1,800

JE Reel Driveshafts $1,100

Superior gears and master install kits $675

Jazz fuel cell, pumps, and parts $1,200

Plumbing, brake lines, and fittings $1,000 Off Road Evolution four-link with engine cage, links, axles mounts, and joints $4,200 Off Road Evolution Universal Evo-lever rear $789

Off Road Evolution shackle/spring kit $700

Alcan leaf springs $300

Ape wrap $3,000

Custom laser etching $600

Paint for trucks $600

Currie antirock sway bar $285

Off Road Design disc-brake conversion $150

Dale Earnhardt Sr. floor mats Priceless

UA Z71 build tally (including truck) $44,311

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