More Power

A 5.9L Mopar engine will power the Scrambler. This Magnum 360 was salvaged from a wrecked Dodge truck. Its 245 hp and 335 lb-ft of torque are more than enough to motivate the Jeep. A 46RE transmission from a '98 Grand Cherokee was scavenged from J&W Jeep Recyclers. The four-speed automatic transmission should make highway travel a breeze. The hydraulic steering was supplied by PSC Motorsports, and BTB's new Master Booster brake combo will supply the braking power.

Sometimes repairing axles on the trail is just another part of an adventure, but the fixes are time-killers. I had custom Dynatrac highpinion Pro Rock 60s built for the Scrambler for dependability. Since the 5.9L is cranking out decent horsepower and torque and the Jeep will be rolling on 37- to 40-inch tires, I shouldn't have to worry about snapped axleshafts. Both front and rear axles were fitted with Detroit Lockers for max traction.

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