The sticks

© I see your point, my friend, and I have the answers. Yes, you need to decide whether a buck an issue is a good deal. I think it is. I doubt many other products give so much for so little, but it is your choice.

Now that I know your "slice job" reference was directed at me and the Rubiwagon ("Ultimate Adventure," Nov. '07), let me explain. That vehicle was built by a collection of shops and donated parts just like all our projects. We can't afford to pay for labor or parts to do such a thing, but the build shops and parts suppliers help out because they know the recognition will pay of.

"Showoff"? Hmm, not me, but I do have the responsibility of showing the best of the best. In that light, the Rubiwagon is certainly not a "mutated, slag-laden, glitch-infested vehicle," but rather a carefully thought out and exquisitely constructed vehicle that wheels like the dickens. It is a dream vehicle like the ones in auto shows—concept cars, but with an added twist: Ours work. We don't make something just look good; it needs to perform. But could we afford to build these vehicles? No, not on our magazine budget or salary. And the money that comes in from advertising goes to the Source Interlink shareholders, not us or our magazine. We do this because it's our passion, not because we're showoffs.

Yes, I'm a country boy far more sick of the city than you'd ever know, as are the rest of our staff, but we love our jobs so are stuck in this wonderful city of L.A. Invite any of us out someday to wheel and wrench or just have a beer. I think you'd be pleased with us. ®

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