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A We checked with the guys from Warn (, and they said they don't make any hubs for that year Ranger. But like the gentlemen they are, they actually referred me to a competing hub manufacturer since they knew it would help a reader. AVM ( out of Brazil makes the hubs you need, and they are available through Tellico 4x4 (800.566.3646,


QIn your Sept. '08 issue, on page 51, picture No. 3 shows the '80s model K-10 behind the red S-10. I was wondering what you would recommend that I could do as far as the lift and tire size to have my '80 model K-10 have the same look. Right now my truck is stock. I was thinking about an 8-inch lift with 42x15x16 tires. Would that be higher than the one in the picture? Also, what are the tire and rim sizes of that truck? I want my truck to look like the one in the picture. Could you respond back as to your suggestions?

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