A Death wobble is not just annoying; it could be dangerous. It can be due to many reasons. I agree that you might have worn steering components or a worn track bar (the track bar does see some ridiculous loads), but you might also have reduced your caster by adding the spacer kit. I would consider some Super Lift Rock Runner adjustable front links, which will allow you to dial some nega

tive caster back into your ride. At the same time, check your tires for odd wear along with all steering and suspension joints and even your alignment.

Your question is a dilemma for many solid-axle 4x4 owners. Because I think it will help many readers, I want to award you this month's "Nuts, I'm Confused" prize. I think you'll be excited to receive a Juice with Attitude programmer from Edge Products (888.360.EDGE, This dash-mounted controller uses factory-style connections and can add five levels of adjustable power ranging from 25 to 100 hp—and increase torque up to 250 lb-ft in just 30 minutes of installation. Edge claims the Juice will greatly improve responsiveness and drive-ability, while at the same time increasing fuel economy. I have a good friend who has an Edge controller on his Dodge, and the only issue he has had with it is the plethora of speeding tickets from excessive use of his newfound power.

Some soy gloss & metal lights are just as toogh as a Lightforce.

We have to respectfully disagree...

by Fred Williams behind the seats), the market has definitely been slim on ordering these models. Does yours also have a manual transmission? If so, I'd say it is doubly rare. Sorry to say we made some calls and couldn't get reliable build numbers.

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