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VEHICLE: '70 Ford Bronco Sport OWNER: Stuart Dorman, Pensacola, FL TIRES & WHEELS: 33-inch BFG M-Ts on 15x10 Challengers SUSPENSION: 5.5-inch Wild Horses, Rancho shocks DRIVETRAIN: C4, Dana 20, Dana 44 front, 9-inch rear with Auburn Locker, 4.10 gears PERFORMANCE MODS: 5.0L OTHER DOODADS: Hanson bumpers, Warn winch, Painless wiring harness DOES EVERYTHING WORK THE WAY YOU WANT?: Yes ANYTHING YOU WOULD CHANGE?: Adding fuel injection and rear disc


VEHICLE: '84 Ford Bronco OWNER: Rick Fourroux, Fayetteville, NC TIRES & WHEELS: 35-inch Pro Com Xterrains on 16-inch Xtreme Alloys SUSPENSION: 4-inch Tough Country D! IVETRAIN: Stock PERFORMANCE MODS: 351ci DOES EVERYTHING WORK THE WAY YOU WANT?: Yes, for now ANYTHING YOU WOULD CHANGE?: Solid-axle swap

VEHICLE: '79 Ford Bronco OWNER: Jim Noah, Gaston, OR TIRES & WHEELS: 39.5x15 TSLs on 16.5-inch American Racing steel SUSPENSION: 6-inch Skyjacker DRIVETRAIN: C6, NP205, Dana 60 axles PERFORMANCE MODS: 460ci OTHER DOODADS: 3-inch body lift DOES EVERYTHING WORK THE WAY YOU WANT?: It does the job, but there is always room for improvement ANYTHING YOU WOULD CHANGE?: Better brakes, steering, and lockers

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