Heavyduty Diff Covers

T&J Performance Center offers these heavy-duty differential covers for the Dana 30, 35, 44, and 50 axles. While providing greater protection against rocks and other hazards, the extra 1/s-inch steel plating along the bottom of the cover also acts as a skidplate to make getting by obstacles much easier. INFORMATION: T&J Performance Center, 714.633.0991, www. tandjperformance.com


Rockhard 4x4 Parts now offers this harness bar for the four-door Jeep Wrangler. The bar makes a secure mounting point for safety harnesses and a great grab handle for rear-seat passengers. A custom fit cover is also available. INFORMATION: Rockhard 4x4, 308.750.4690, www. rockhard4x4parts.com


These SeatSaver seat protectors are easy to install and remove and protect seats from harmful UV rays, which cause cracking and fading. When the covers are dirty, simply wash and dry at home. The seat protectors are fabricated from heavy-duty polycotton, which eliminates that tacky, sticky feeling while driving. INFORMATION: Covercraft Industries, 405.238.9651, www.covercraft.com


The EGO CUP FM Bluetooth car kit offers a quick and easy, plug-and-play way for drivers to comply with the hands-free legislation that many states are now putting into action while incorporating the advanced features typically found in professionally installed devices. INFORMATION: Funkwerk Americas, 858.566.2159, www.egohandsfree.com

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