on the second to last round of pit stops when car 33 was penalised for speeding in pit lane. The resultant penalty dropped it from second to seventh and was further compounded when a gamble on tyres backfired late in the race.

Besnard in particular was impressive. The part-time racer traded blows with both Skaife and Lowndes throughout the race, and until a late race blinder by Jason

Bright he held the fastest lap.

Most of the predicted rivals to » Lowndes and Skaife fell away

• early or simply didn't have the

I speed. Cam McConville stalled the #2 hrt car on the grid and had a door fall off in a pit stop

I and Tander said the car didn't' really have any speed until late in the race.

"When I was standing there at the second pit stop with the door in my hand, I thought it was going to be a very long day," Tander said later. "We i sarsairr7^--

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