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waterproof power gel turbo filters

A common fault with six-cylinder turbo Falcons and FPVs is the OEM turbo oil filter pipe that supplies oil to the turbocharger becomes clogged and restricted due to heat from the exhaust manifold. The turbo oil filter also becomes restricted if it's not replaced, and both these factors will cause premature turbo failure, resulting in expensive repairs. The most effective solution until now has been to replace the OEM turbo oil feed pipe and filter with expensive factory replacement items. However, IPV has developed a direct bolt-on replacement kit for the OEM parts. With quality fittings consisting of a billet alloy in-line filter kit including a removable stainless steel gauze filter and braided stainless steel lines, It provides unrestricted clean oil and enables filter cleaning at scheduled service intervals, making for a longer living turbocharger. where: Isaac Performance Vehicles, Taupo Motorsport Park, Taupo More Info: 07 377 2081, [email protected] RRP: $340 (fitting additional)

# valiant handling package

Hemi Performance has a Stage One suspension kit that replaces every front bush in any model of Valiant. The bushes are made of quality MDI urethane, which lasts twice as long as rubber. The Stage One kits include upper arm bushes, lower arm bushes, brake rod reaction bar bushes, torsion bar boots, sway bar eye bushes, as per original or aftermarket 'D' bushes, R/T style lower bump stops and upper bump stops.

Where: Hemi Performance NZ ltd, 34 Beach Road, Richmond, Nelson More Info: 03 544 8106 RRP: POA

50™ anniversary brew bolt on


Many of us are familiar with the D2 brand thanks to the company's value-for-money adjustable suspension. However, D2 also has a range of aftermarket brake kits for vehicles such as Commodores. You can buy four-, six-

or eight-pot upgrade kits. They come with everything you need and they bolt up to your existing assembly, taking away the hassle of having to fabricate mounts and top hats and getting custom brake lines made. The six-pot

Big Brake kit is on special online so check out the D2 website for details.

Where: www.d2racing.co.nz

More Info: www.d2racing.co.nz

RRP: From $1899

# tough tools

Wayco Equipment is now the official supplier of KC Tools for New Zealand. That means you can buy the top quality tools at the same retailers that stock Wayco jacks, axle stands, engine cranes and all of the company's other tough products. The KC range includes sockets, spanners, complete tool boxes, hammers, pry bars, measuring equipment and much more. Check out the full range on www.wayco.co.nz. where: Key West Fabrication & Supplies, Unit 1/12 Corban Ave, Henderson. 09 838 7274, Tool Express (mobile tool van - Auckland) 027 777 8665, Quality Tools (mobile sales - Palmerston North) 027 44 33 237, More info: www.wayco.co.nz RRP: Varies

DB Breweries is marking the 50lh anniversary of its DB Export brand by bringing back the original quart-sized DB Export Beer for a limited period in two-packs and single bottles. Around 100,000 two-packs will be sold through supermarkets and specialist stores, while individual quart bottles are being sold at 300 bars nationwide. The iconic 5.35 percent alcohol beer has been brewed to the original recipe first developed five decades ago by master brewer Morton Coutts. It also sports the original 1960s label design and the beer's history on the exterior packaging. For a five-minute video all about the tipple, check out www.dbexportbeer.co.nz. Where: Nationwide throughout selected supermarkets, bottle stores and bars More info: www.dbexportbeer.co.nz RRP: POA

0 waterproof hold

Schwarzkopf has just launched a new hair product. Taft Full On Waterproof Power Gel provides 24-hour hold and extra water-resistant-styling. According to Schwarzkopf, it gives hair up to 30 percent more strength without leaving it sticky. Even so, the Gel is apparently easy to wash out with shampoo.

Sounds like the perfect product for those trips to the beach.

Where: leading supermarkets, selected pharmacies and department stores More info: Available in stores RRP: $7.15 (150ml)

O bullet caps

BG Marketing is now a supplier of bullet centre caps and wheel nuts. The caps are available In 3.28-inch outside diameter, spider caps (in Ford and Chev PCD) and bullet wheel nuts in 7/16 and half-inch thread. To top it off, BG's also got bullet valve caps. Just the thing to deck out your retro ride or hot rod for summer. Where: Wheel and tyre stores nationwide More info: www.bgworldwheels.co.nz RRP: Varies who is

Ol the stig?

The Man In The White Suit: The Stig, Le Mans, the Fast Lane and Me has set the automotive world alight and its tell-all content has seen author Ben 'The Stig' Collins removed from Top Gear. Ever since the Black Stig disappeared off the front end of HMS Invincible in 2003, one question has captivated the 350 million viewers of Top Gear around the world: who is the man in the white suit? Besides all the Top Gear antics, Ben has won races in every category from Formula Three to le Mans Sportscars and GT, and captured the European NASCAR title. Eight years and 13 series on, his alter ego is recognised by millions around the world. The Man In The White Suit is your chance to find out all about the man behind the helmet.

Where: Good book stores nationwide More info: www.harpercollins.co.nz RRP: $39.99


It's been a while since we've furthered our education, so were looking forward to seeing what the DuPont Refinishing Centre had to offer to people like us who had never really painted before. Along with the boys from New Zealand Performance Car magazine and one from ClassicCar, we headed off to the first class: theory. As we were soon to discover, DuPont uses its own system and is unlike any other paint brand out there. Rather than use different paints for different surfaces like metal, plastic and so on, DuPont uses the same main ingredients with a purpose hardener. This is great if you're planning to paint a bonnet and a bumper, because you only need to buy one lot of colour, and two smaller lots of hardener. DuPont says this is also the reason why its products can be pricier per litre than some other brands: you use a lot less of it, because it is more concentrated. The theory session taught us all about the molecules involved in paint and various chemical breakdowns, but most importantly it underlined the value of correct preparation. Gone are the days of applying body filler directly over bare metal. Instead, it's a case of coating your bare metal with a metal conditioner, then epoxy primer before filler, followed by more epoxy primer, base coat, colour coat then clear coat.

With our brains overloaded it was time to get our hands dirty. Ashley Webb from Classic Car was deemed to have the car most in need of a touch up, so he focused on that while the rest of us were given a rear quarter panel to put our theory into practice. After scuffing back the gloss (taking great care to follow OSH regulations by wearing the appropriate safety gear), we were soon mixing up primers and hitting the booth.

A few paint runs and dry spots later, we were getting the hang of it, although it's fair to say we won't be going pro any time soon.

With the primer dry, it was time for the base coats. I'd chosen light blue suede for the lower half of my panel, while another went gold, and two went black. With patient tutors Roger and Craig guiding us step-by-step, we soon had the hang of it and applied our second coats to ensure full coverage. One of the lads had chosen a colour change finish, another a metal flake glitter and the last a more sedate gold. Meanwhile, Ashley was making progress on his car, learning the art of touching up stone chips, while the NZPC boys were enjoying the virtues of a provided lunch... Next up was the task of back-masking my panel to ensure the line between the two different colours I chose looked sharp. Okay, sharpish - I'm a beginner. For the top of my panel the DuPont team mixed up some metallic royal blue, which started to look the part after the second coat. It wasn't until the quick drying clear coat was applied that it really came to life, though. If it weren't for the fact that we ran out of time, the lower half of my panel would have ended up with a matting agent in the clear to keep the shine to a minimum. Even with the gloss finish, the panel came out remarkably well, although it does make you appreciate the skill level of professional painters.

The amount of development that goes into paint is also something I'd never thought about before, but after a day of solid learning I'll never look at paint jobs the same way again. Thanks DuPont for a great day out. Y8

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