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The TOAD system is a suite of car diagnostic tools and tuning software. Loaded with all the same functions used by dealerships and constantly updated by expert engineers, so youll always be supported. Use the health-checks to create comprehensive CO2 readouts to ensure youll pass any emission test used in your area. Easily fix and reset that troubling check engine light, or completely tune your cars performance to prevent trouble later down the road. Total Car Diagnostics will continue to offer support to you and your business for as long as you are using their product. When you purchase the TOAD system, you are also buying lifetime support. TOAD is also designed to be simple enough for home car owners to use with ease without years of technical experience working on cars. More here...

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The interface is user friendly with its intuitive layout. Also, the addition of the prompt, with expert advice sets it apart from all the other similar programs. The Total OBD & ECU Auto Diagnostics installation process is clean and without any unpleasant surprises like hidden toolbars, adds or anything like that. However, the installation process takes a bit longer than expected and you actually have to go through ten steps before the installation is complete, but that can hardly be considered a downside though.

I personally recommend to buy this software. The quality is excellent and for this low price and 100% Money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Superlite Th400 Race Trans

Vortech'sV-Power systems feature a unique combination of compressor and charge coolerthat develops up to 492 hp and 432 Ib-ft with 11 psi and 91-octane on an otherwise stock 3V4.6. That's a 192hp bolt-on that's completely OBD-II compatible. Even better, the new V-3 supercharger is internally lubricated, which means there are no oil lines to plumb. All components needed to bolt the system to a stock Mustang are included, such as aluminum mounting brackets, fuel pump, injectors, enlarged air-to-water, dual-pass charge cooler, DiabloSport handheld programmer, compressor bypass valve, and all required fasteners all that and an optional three-year 36,000-mile limited warranty, too.

By Steve Baur Photography By The Author And Courtesy Of Ford Motor Company

THE YEAR 1996 had a lot of Mustang enthusiasts scratching their heads. The body of their beloved ponycar looked the same, but under the hood was something quite unfamiliar. It was the debut of the overhead-cam modular V-8 engine in the Mustang, and many enthusiasts wrote the little 281 i mill off from the get-go. Add in OBD II

Actron Cp 9575 Scan Tool

Actron's newest tool offers professional grade scan tool features at a code reader price. The affordably priced item has the ability to display generic and manufacturer-specific codes and definitions, comes pre-loaded with six modes of OBD II data and state emissions standards, and features a drive cycle mode with live data that allows the user to view vehicle sensor, switch, and relay inputs in real time, all while the engine is running. In short, you can be sure the CP 9575 will help solve your vehicle's problems. Actron www.actron.com 800.228.7667

Not Legal For Sale Or Use In California On Any Pollution Controlled Motor Vehicles

The Touch Screen Xtremc features the latest in wireless technology allowing you program or data log your vchide wirelessly Programming your vehicle with one of SCTs pre-loaded performance or fuel economy tune files is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply plug the wireless OBDII connector into your vehicle's OBDII port, select the pre-loaded tune file using the touch screen and within minutes the Touch Screen Xtreme wirelessly programs your vehicle.

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If your Monte needs a catalytic converter, California has also made life a little more difficult for those car crafters driving '80s and '90s OBD-I emissions-controlled vehicles. In 2009, California outlawed the use of less expensive, non-approved aftermarket catalytic converters. Apparently, these cheaper catalytic converters minimize the amount of precious metals such as palladium, platinum, and rhodium. I did some digging and discovered that MagnaFlow's parent company. Car Sound, makes an exempted replacement catalytic converter that is available in either direct replacement or universal applications. For the Monte, a California-legal, direct-fit four-bolt catalytic converter for the high-output Monte

Scanners And Scan Tools

Because the manufacturers were required to conform to a standardized set of DTCs, it is much easier for independent repair shops and the home mechanic to fix cars, and the scan tools needed to retrieve the codes are much more affordable than they used to be. Some, called code scanners (or simply scanners), can only read and possibly erase the engine computer's stored DTCs. The more expensive scan tools will read and erase codes but can also display live data from the sensors in real time with the engine running. This is an especially helpful feature to use to verify the proper operation of sensors and diagnose driveabillty problems.

Youve Got To Pay To Play

ECU Tuning is an essential element for your car to make as much horsepower as possible while remaining reliable. brakes. As cars continue to be made smarter and more sophisticated with every passing year, the tuning market is forced to play catch up, and aftermarket fuel management systems have become a big part of that game. Over the years, the technologies that manufactures have been integrating in newer vehicles have become an obstacle to the entry-level enthusiast who wants to gain additional horsepower but realizes that his car won't run properly without an aftermarket tune. Many enthusiasts lack ECU tuning skills to accomplish it themselves and ultimately end up paying big money for professional tuning. Cars definitely aren't what they used to be. Early model pre-OBD and OBD 1-equipped cars of the '80s and '90s were easily outfitted with a slew of aftermarket parts, often including forced induction systems, without a problem an in-line fuel pump and boost-dependant fuel pressure...

American Expedition Vehicles

Once the module's dipswitches are set at the desired parameters, the unit plugs into the Jeep's OBD port with the engine off and the ignition on. Recalibration is almost instant. The module can reprogram a number of important factory parameters such as tire size, axle gear ratio, low tire pressure indicator, and one-touch lane change. It can set temporary extended idle, can clear diagnostic trouble codes, and can reprogram smart bar indicator disable. It provides dead-center steering wheel indication, daytime running lamps, and pedal

Nor Are They Ecu Fault Codes

Fault codes are retained by a car's ECU for purposes of later diagnosis by technicians. Some of these are part of OBD-II emissions control compliance as well. They're the sort of thing illuminating your car's Check Engine Light. On-Board Diagnostics equipment has been required of all new cars sold in the U.S. since the mid-1990s, SAE J1979 defines a protocol of access as well as a list of operational data that might be included. There's a standardized 2 x 8-pin connector that must be located

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Van Kronenburg Kms

Is a complete line of engine management systems, that offers you an extremely reliable and user-friendly system at a very competitive price. It gives you the possibility to manage all (turbo + n a) petrol engines up to 12 cylinders with options suchas 4m b datalogging, staged banked injection, mapselector, odd firing, self-learning lambda control, boost control, variable launch control, Idle control, powershift, rpm limiters, engine diagnostics, shift-light, water injection, cooling fan, fuel pump, etc.

Vile Berst

Once the engine was assembled and installed, they began the liquid intercooler Installation. Because the 16v head and supercharger left little room in the engine bay, the battery was relocated to an NHRA battery box and kill switch in the spare tire well. This left just enough room for the intercooler up front, although the intake elbow of the I6v Integration kit had to be modified first. They decided to weld an OBD throttle plate to the elbow instead of using the G60 plate, since the OBD throttle body has a TPS sensor, which was required by the lc ECU.

She Be Lean

Found online were from all around the world. The prices varied, but they come in around 1,800 for EFI systems, higher for carbureted systems. There have been tremendous advancements in the EFI side of the conversion market. There are systems available that are OBD II compliant and can be installed on current-model-year vehicles and retain the factory warranty

The Erod Engines

GM Performance Parts is saving us from avoiding the smog-era cars with its new line of E-Rod crate engines. The E-Rod series is the result of negotiations by SEMA, which connected the right people in government with the right people at GM to offer a package of late-model engines that will be deemed emissions compliant with an E.O. number when installed in any pre-OBD-II (generally '95-and-earlier) vehicle. In many areas, there are already laws that allow for legal engine swaps provided that the engine being installed is from a vehicle of the same or lesser weight class and that the engine is of the same model year or newer as the body of the car. In those cases, every aspect of the emissions package from the engine is on the verge of getting an E.O. number from the California ARB and Bureau of Automotive Repair so that it may be installed in pre-OBD-II vehicles. If approved, the E-Rod should become legal hi most areas where emissions inspections are required. In addition to legalizing...

Throttle Bodies

The Max Energy Sport Power Programmer was designed to optimize the vehicle's factory spark and air-fuel curves over the entire rpm band for more power while allowing the end-user to modify the vehicle's top speed, rev limit, check and clear engine diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), 0-60 throttle restrictions, and adjust the VTEC engagement point (if applicable) to customize the power band of the engine to compliment any additional bolt-on power adders. In California and in those states that have adopted California's emissions standards, emissions-related products require certification to be acceptable during smog check inspections. These inspections generally include a visual test, where a vehicle is inspected to determine if any non-stock emissions-related parts have been installed. If installed emissions-related products have been certified, the smog check test proceeds. This latter phase consists of either a tailpipe emissions test or OBD-II readiness check, depending upon the...

Twovalve Tussle

The 4.6-powered fullsize models were followed by the Ford Thunderbird and Mercury Cougar twins in 1994, which both received the 4.6L as a replacement for the good ol' 5.0L. When 1996 rolled around, the Mustang finally received the Two-Valve 4.6L in all its 215hp glory. Ford had finely tuned the modular mill since it only had a relatively small displacement motor to make horsepower. Gone were the leaps and bounds that the DIY weekend-wrencher could make with the pushrod 5.0L. None of the old tricks applied, and the fact that Ford introduced the more stringent second-generation onboard diagnostics only further deterred enthusiasts. Gearheads being creative people, it only took a bit of time and experience to find ways to improve on Ford's foundation.

Innovate Ot2

IF YOU THOUGHT IPhone apps were simply for having fun, think again. US-based Innovate Motorsport recent y unveiled the OT-2, a device that allows data to be collected from a vehicle's OBD socket and analysed wirelessly using an IPhone app. The OT-2 simply plugs into a vehicle's diagnostics port and, using its built-in wireless transmitter, sends it to your IPhone, where it can be viewed

Touch Scree

Diagnostic Trouble Codes Reads and dears OBDII diagnostic trouble codes quickly & easily. The Touch Screen Xtreme features the latest in wireless technology allowing you program or data log your vehicle wirelesily Programming your vehide with one of SCTs pre-loaded performance or fuel economy tune files is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply plug the wireless OBDII connector into your vehicle's OBDII port, select the pre-loaded tune file using the touch screen and within minutes the Touch Screen Xtreme wirelessly programs your vehicle.

Maxed Out Offroad

2 This is the step that gets complicated, especially on late-model vehicles. The trick is figuring out aspects of the management system such as vehicle speed, TPS, mass airflow, and upstream and downstream O2 sensors. Then there's the auto shift relay, injector drivers, and a number of other electronically controlled components to sort out. Lastly, you must determine what not to use, such as electronic door locks, the ambient temperature sensor, and keyless entry. We are still working on the left harness plug-in, but luckily the harness was intact, so we just needed to plug and play. Make sure the OBD-I or -II plug-in is also included for engine diagnostic checks.

Lean On It

The first thing to do is check the engine's compression with a compression tester. While the spark plugs are out, you should also check your plugs and make sure they are all a similar color. You say you're getting a cylinder bank 1 code, but there's only one bank on an inline-four engine. If it does really say bank ft1 then it is likely the short-term and or long-term fuel corrections are beyond the ECU'S ability to correct. You can view these OBDII parameters in real-time if you have a capable scanner. This could be because of the modifications you made to the car, or a bad oxygen sensor, bad MAF sensor, or other mechanical issues like a collapsed catalytic converter or a vacuum leak. Unfortunately, there's no way to correctly diagnose the car via email, so I would recommend you take it to a knowledgeable mechanic for a proper diagnosis.

S2k Bolton Power

For 300 naturally aspirated horsepower at the wheels, you'll need increased compression and, ideally, larger displacement. Cams, head work, a long-tube header, ECU tuning, dyno tuning, etc., will also be required. Unfortunately, it isn't going to be found with just a series ofbolt-ons.

Cams Hafts

BC Brian Grower cams for the Toyota 3GSTE are CNC ground to two dyno proven lobe specifications. Stage 2 is a street strip that delivers good street manners while producing a 25+ HP gains overstock profiles. OK to use the OEM spring so straight forward remove and replace installation. The Stage 3 profiles are a full race spec requiring extensive mods, ECU tuning and aftermarket valve springs. These cams will deliver added rpm potential and extensive HP gains.


Now you can read and clear trouble codes, view live sensor data, actuate components and system tests from systems such as your DME, EGS, SRS, ABS, and body controllers on your Windows PC. Built-in OBD-n and model specific code library. Indudes status byte support such as Fault Frequency, etc. Full OBD-n scan tool with CAN


Valves are opened and closed via a high-pressure oil chamber between the exhaust cam and the intake valve, managed by a solenoid valve connected to an electronic control unit. By varying the amount of oil in the cylinder, the lift and timing of the valve operation can be controlled to suit the driving conditions. The system can even open and close the valves twice in a single stroke. This precise control, independent of engine speed, means that the ECU can tailor the operation of the inlet valve to suit the task. We could go on, but suggest that those with a thirst for more head to YouTube, where you'll find an excellent animation showing the inner workings of the system.

Wrenchiess Tuning

In a diesel, and over the past few years it is what we have come to expect out of our turbodiesel trucks. Having modified and wrenched on both new and old diesels, I can say that the one major advantage the modern powerplants have is their advanced electronics. Nowadays without so much as lifting a wrench or breaking a sweat you can plug in a downloader to your truck's OBD-II port and unlock ridiculous amounts of hidden horsepower and torque from your diesel, while keeping that legendary diesel fuel economy. Though most programmer companies are tight-lipped about the details of their tuning formulas, the simple fact is each manufacturer has its own way of manipulating engine parameters such as rail pressure, boost, and engine timing that is crucial to know when mapping your engine's computer. Recently we had a chance to test one of Pacific Performance Engineering's (PPE) new Xcelerator programmers for the 5.9L Cummins. Designed to work with the '03-'08 models, it is slated to increase...


Using Bully Dog's GT tuner is as straightforward as it gets. All tuning is downloaded onto the ECM via the truck's OBDII port, and each unit comes with an OBDII adapter plug, main wire harness, wire harness for the gauge, MicroSD card, and a windshield mount. The GT tuner retails for 699.

Common Problems

Stein and Mana stressed verifying the proper operation of the electrical and mechanical parts of the system in question because, in many instances, the electronics are working properly. Most of the driveability problems I see are caused by vacuum leaks, which can trigger lean fuel misfire DTCs, Stein tells us. Mana related a similar story I've worked on cars with plugged fuel filters that triggered a random misfire code. On the scanner, the pump was delivering the proper fuel pressure, but the filter was so plugged, the pump couldn't deliver the proper volume of fuel, especially under heavy load. He also tells us about an Escalade a customer brought in with random misfire and faulty MAF sensor codes. Rather than automatically replacing the MAF, he checked the air filter and ducting and found a giant rat's nest clogging the inlet to the airbox. You've got to treat the scanner as another tool to use while diagnosing problems, not as your only source of information, he says.


Currently, there are two versions OBD-I, which refers to the system found on early fuel-injected and electronic carbureted cars, and the later OBD-II, which is a standardized interface that was phased in sometime between 1994 and 1996. ALDL Assembly Line Data Link. This is the plug used to connect with the ECM it's also referred to as the DLC the Data Link Connector. All OBD-II cars use the same 16-pin plug that is required to be within 16 inches of the steering wheel.

What Is It

This is the next generation of programmable 7-series ignition systems. The Power Grid puts out a bigger punch, incorporating CAN-bus technology for reduced wiring and for easy connections to Racepak systems. The Power Grid controller is compatible with any of the MSD ignitions, offering all-new software for advanced programming capabilities and has the ability to store ignition data acquisition files onto a micro SD card.


A There are a lot of things that could be causing problem 1. The first thing that you should do is have a qualified mechanic take a look with a scanning tool and see if there are any trouble codes. These stored trouble codes can offer a world of information in solving the problem. I would just be guessing in anything that I say, but here are my somewhat educated guesses anyway.

Dynamometer Model Qt

Similar to the previous models, the '11 EJ25 engine doesn't take kindly to bolt-on modification. The '07 to '10 STIs are more temperamental than the '04 to '06 STIs in terms of ECU tuning, but are nowhere in comparison to the '11. It seems that the ECUs are becoming more self-aware and simply slapping on aftermarket parts without tuning will cause a loss in power, states William Knose, lead programmer of l-Speed USA and our dyno operator for this installment of Power Pages. Even in baseline testing, the STI never ran consistently, sometimes making 195 whp while at other times up to 236 whp. Knose eventually came to a conclusion that the '11 STI reguires a 10- to 20-second battery disconnect ECU reset between runs to ensure consistency. There was a learning period of 5 to 10 dyno pulls to get the horsepower numbers to stabilize and run consistent back-to-back numbers, stated Knose.

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THE FIRST WIRELESS FLASH DEVICE The Touch Screen Xtreme features the latest in wireless technology allowing you program or data log your vehicle wirelessly Programming your vehicle with one of SCTs pre-loaded performance or fuel economy tune files is as easy as 1 -2-3. Simply plug the wireless OBDII connector into your vehicle's OBDII port, select the pre-loaded tune file using the touch screen and within minutes the Touch Screen Xtreme wirelessly programs your vehicle.


The improved throttle response is immediately noticeable otherwise the car behaves as stock. We witnessed a few degrees of ignition advance at the top of the rev band, as indicated by MKC's OBD-II scanner. The extra revs will further help acceleration over stock because you can now stay in gear longer, and see increased revs into the next gear. And in a car with a wicked top end like the M5, acceleration numbers will improve.


The Touch Screen Xtreme features the latest in wireless technology allowing you program or data log your vehicle wirelessly Programming your vehicle with one of SCTs pre-loaded performance or fuel economy tune files is as easy as 1-2-3. Simpy plug the wireless OBDII connector into your vehicle's OBDI port select the pre-loaded tune file using the touch screen ard within minutes the Touch Screen Xtreme wirelessly programs your vehicle.

Forced Induction

Rossella Scherma

APPLICATIONS Various MSRP 3,787.00 to 6,258.00 Vortech supercharger systems (like the S2000 unit seen here) include a compressor-matched, CAD-designed and machined Vortech centrifugal supercharger with SQ technology for super quiet operation, a calibrated fuel system for proper fuel management, a high-performance ignition system with boost timing retard for proper timing, custom ECU tuning, a high-flow air intake system with a K&N air filter, and all necessary lines, clamps, and hardware. WWW.VORTECHSUPERCHARGERS.COM 805.247.0226

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ALL-IN-ONE WIRELESS.METER FOR iPHONE AND iPOD TOUCH Dyno, Gauge, OBD-H Scan Tool, Economy Meter and Data Logger Plasma Direct is a factory replacement ignition coil system that uses a highpower amplifier built into the unit to increase spark current by two times that of the original equipment. The OBD II-compliant and CARB-approved Plasma Direct system produces a highly effective multi-spark discharge throughout the powerband, in comparison to the factory coil that delivers a single-spark discharge. The Plasma Direct's multi-spark discharge and improved spark energy yields improved ignition and greater combustion efficiency, all of which are beneficial for those driving high-horsepower vehicles R-Magic, Garage Saurus, and M-Speed of Japan all endorse the Plasma Direct system. Having built a long-standing reputation for domestic vehicle tuning since 1985, Tennessee-based Hypertech recently introduced their hand-held, OBD-II, CARB-approved Max Energy power programmer to the sport...

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Do It Yourself Car Diagnosis

Don't pay hundreds of dollars to find out what is wrong with your car. This book is dedicated to helping the do it yourself home and independent technician understand and use OBD-II technology to diagnose and repair their own vehicles.

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