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20 Negotiation Tactics

This 70 minute video gives you access to a whole new world of negotiation techniques that you probably have never thought of before. You will learn the psychology of how people make choices, and how you can leverage those choices into your advantage in a negotiation setting. All of these tips were chosen because of how widely they can be applied to all kinds of situations. You will also get 50 real-life examples to use in your own negotiations, so that you can learn to never be taken advantage of. All we need is 70 minutes of your time, and we can have you negotiating like a pro, to be able to have people see your way, no matter what you're proposing. All of these tactics can be applied in many different settings, such as asking for a raise, getting a job, or even winning an argument! All these tactics can change how people view you, and give yourself authority! Continue reading...

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On Trackpersonal Accidentmotortradecommercial Liability

The five-time Bathurst 1000 winner and three-time series champion raced an R8 jointly entered by Audi Australia and Team Joest in the recent Bathurst 12 Hours race. According to Australian publication Motorsport eNews, negotiations between Lowndes's management and Audi representatives have led to an offer of a test in Europe. Details are still

Engineering Solutions

Hembrey, Pirelli's motorsport director. 'We spoke in March, and he asked if we would consider Formula 1, so we had some internal discussions and. at the same time, there had been some internal discussions with our company owner and we decided to go for it. It was a case of an opportunity arising and we went for it. In an ideal situation, we would have done GP3, followed by GP2, then F1, and essentially scale up over time, but we didn't have that opportunity' Pirelli already had an established motorsport production facility in Izmlt, Turkey, which was orginally opened to supply World Rally Car tyres, and it was decided to upgrade it to construct the Formula 1 tyres, although a lot of R and D work would have to be done before the Turkish staff could turn out any grand prix rubber. 'Certain work we had to commence in parallel with the ongoing negotiations before the deal was done, but in terms of physically making tyres it was a very tight thing Hembrey explains. 'We are lucky in the...

The Killing Of A Brand

At least most of us do. A few vocal, uninformed dimwits are like a dog with a bone and just can't shake off the last little bits of glee and let it be. I'm talking about the potential killing off of the Hummer brand. GM has offered up the Hummer brand for sale, and although suitors are in negotiations, as of this writing no sale has been confirmed. That's a travesty. Hummers are fine 4x4 vehicles. By the time you read this, we hope that some forward-thinking company has taken advantage of the deal or that GM has realized what a gem of a brand it's losing and will decide to keep it.

The Erod Engines

GM Performance Parts is saving us from avoiding the smog-era cars with its new line of E-Rod crate engines. The E-Rod series is the result of negotiations by SEMA, which connected the right people in government with the right people at GM to offer a package of late-model engines that will be deemed emissions compliant with an E.O. number when installed in any pre-OBD-II (generally '95-and-earlier) vehicle. In many areas, there are already laws that allow for legal engine swaps provided that the engine being installed is from a vehicle of the same or lesser weight class and that the engine is of the same model year or newer as the body of the car. In those cases, every aspect of the emissions package from the engine


This is quite possibly the question diat first compelled Li to send his negotiators to open up discussions two years ago regarding the purchase of Volvo by Zhejiang Geely. When those talks stalled on six occasions, Li personally flew to Detroit to iron out the glitches and get things moving forward agaitr. His reward for the effort came late in March when the purchase was announced in Sweden in the presence of China's vice-president, Xi Jinping. Li got Volvo, a company that generates five times the annual revenue of his Geely automotive operations, for a paltry US1.8 billion.

The Interview K

A The team's progress early in the season was very slow. What was going through your mind then That was tough, no question. The car was rot only too slow, it was also unreliable, which is extremely unusual for this team. And then, as so often happens in sport we also had a fair amount cf bad luck. That wasn't just annoying, it also made negotiations with potential sponsors pretty much a non-starter.

Attitude Check

Fortunately, a good attitude is often indicated in police notes as well. And that can make a difference during negotiations with a prosecutor prior to trial. Whenever someone is exercising discretion, it's often a minor point that will sway them to decide one way or the other. Bad attitude often equals a bad result, or at minimum a very difficult time obtaining a positive outcome for the accused driver.


Allowed the company to develop production methods that give some economies of scale. Npvprthplpss, Floury is prepared for the possibility of not turning an immediate profit on the 03. 'We know that the first year of production will be difficult and we will not immediately make our money back. But, if we do a good car, we will sell more the second year and things will start to balance out. There are many negotiations going on with different teams but, as they say, talk is cheap and we will have to see who commits.'

Amon On Enzoferrari

T was absolutely in awe of him, as I think most people were. He was actually quite good at putting me at ease. We did the contractual negotiations then went over to the Cavallino restaurant, across the road from the factory at Marandlo. We had a wonderful lunch and I sat there being very good, drinking mineral water with all this good food and wine on the table, and he said via his interpreter that it was always interesting having the first lunch with a new driver. He said Mike Hawthorn had had lunch and drunk a bottle of his best malt whisky, having signed the contract half an hour before. He always took a keen interest in his drivers' relations with the opposite sex. He had a superb in elligence setup. In fact, I think he knew more about what we were doing than we did.'

The Exige S

As Wightman explains, the process involves face-to-face negotiations with SCCA technical staff 'The World Challenge Series is awesome, because it's a sprint race, with one driver, and there's enough latitude in the rules to compete. The Exige has to run against Corvettes, Dodge Vipers and the like, but by adding a turbo, which is allowed, we can get close to their performance - on paper at least. We've had a meeting with the series' technical people and we've gone with a conservative package initially, while we develop the car.'

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Surefire Negotiation Tactics

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