Stutz Parts

STUTZ Zenith 105DC carb castings, machined; throttle, light, spark levers, 1929 and up; large gears and arms on steering column; new castings above carb on 1927-28; tail-lights, marker lenses for 1929-32; coming soon: engine valves for SV & DV; Fedco plate for 1926-28; other parts from A K Miller. John Grunder, 860-806-0448, CT. STUTZ braided bronze Titeflex oil hoses, Stewart Warner fuel pump, Schebler & Stromberg carburetor, Klaxon horn trumpets & covers, Bragg Kliesrath brakes, Lockheed master cylinder, Pines winterfront thermostats, Delco Lovejoy shocks, Watson stabilators, Delco-Remy and more; large supply of parts for 1920s & 1930 Stutz. Contact: Classic & Exotic Service Inc, 2032 Heide, Troy, MI 48084 USA, PH: 248-269-9414, FAX: 248-362-1944; or email: [email protected]; or order online at:

1926 STUTZ cylinder head, no cracks, been magnafluxed, $550; also have a camshaft. PH: 207-539-8142, ME. STUTZ 1929 and others, dual ignition, Delco cap, rotor, points, all NOS, $600, shipping included. Ron, 770-7353945, GA.

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