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Sending Units Available AUTO CITY CLASSIC _800-828-2212

FALCON replacement quarters, also body repair panels for most Fords; MC, Visa accepted, call now. Bill's Speed Shop, 330-832-9403, OH. **44-YR**

FALCON 1962 2-dr wagon, no front fenders, solid body, special trim, good donor or could restore. 719-942-3567, CO. 64 FALCON convertible parts car, $3,500. 607-729-1693; 79 am or 7-9 pm, NY; website: *30-YR* FALCON parts: new and used, parting out 60-65 Falcons, mint fenders, doors, 1/4s, lots of trim, new rubber and ornaments, SASE w/needs. PO Box 6531, Albany, CA 94706, 510-525-9226, FAX: 415-456-1050; email: [email protected]

FAIRLANE parts used, 62-64 headlight switch; 62-63 wiper switches; 62-64 heater control; 63 grille, headlight doors, instrument cluster, taillamps, quarter panel extensions; 70 ignition switch, 66-69 V8 brake drums, 8 inch rear axles, backing plates, 66 emergency flasher switch, station wagon taillights; 66-71 V8 engine stands; 65-66 horn rings; 68 taillamp bezels, 66-71 small block exhaust manifolds, 65-70 water outlets, V8 timing covers, 62-64 parking light lens, 67-68 taillights, 72-79 Ranchero taillights, 68-71 trunk latch, 68-69 door handle cups, 69 coupe/sedan right rear quarter extension, 63-69 inside mirror brackets, 62-65 automatic gearshift collars with stick, 68-69 horn ring, 7071 seat hinge covers, 65-70 alternator brackets, 68-71 air conditioning brackets, 67-73 power steering brackets, C4 transmission pans, 65-71 door strikers, 67-69 inside door handles, 68-69 window handles, 68-69 small hubcaps, 68-70 door latches, 66-67 front bumper arms; 72-79 Torino parking brake handle; NOS 62-66 horn ring retainers, 62-65 brake and clutch pedal pads, 66-71 automatic brake pedal pads, 69-71 stoplight switch with power brake, 62-79 domelight lens; 35 years' Ford experience. Tim, 336-2274949, NC. **13-YR**

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