S150.1 1971 Sox & Martin Hemi Cuda Pro Stock JANUARY 26-30

426 CI, 4-Speed, The Boss Osceola Heritage Park

Kissimmee, FL

631654 Rotor Coil



BRAKE, fuel and braided hoses: quality pre bent tubes and stainless braided DOT hoses, Classic Tube manufactures pre bent brake, fuel, transmission and other tubes, all tubes are manufactured on our computerized tubing benders for 100% accuracy, only the best stainless steel, factory steel and aluminum tubing with stainless or zinc fittings. Stainless braided hoses are made to stock or custom lengths, DOT approved for your safety, engineered for more flexibility, power steering, clutch lines and fuel injection tube assemblies, stainless exhaust components for custom fabrication too, buy direct, outstanding quality & price and the largest selection. Classic Tube, 800882-3711 toll-free, 716-759-1800; FAX: 716-759-1014, NY; email: [email protected]; or order online: **22-YR**

BRAKE shoes, disc pads relined, original, hi-performance, racing full/metallic, Velvetouch, all years, models. Metal Frictions Inc, 206-364-8560, Seattle, WA.

CLUTCHES and driveshafts, we can reman your Hays, Ram, Zoom, hi-po, etc, any year, model. Call John, Fort Wayne Clutch & Driveline, 800-CLUTCHES, IN;

CYLINDER heads, 49-53 Ford & Mercury Eddie Meyer heads, perfect condition, $1,050, includes shipping, photos available. 570-296-8923, PA.

DUNLOP racing tires: NOS and take-offs starting at $90, 15 sizes in stock. Lucas Classic Tires, 800-952-4333 or 562-595-6721, CA; EDDIE Meyer speed equipment: now in stock, the rarest and highest quality aftermarket Ford flathead V8 speed equipment ever manufactured, exceptional quality, exacting detail. Don Orosco, 10 Harris Ct, Suite B-1, Monterey, CA 93940, 831-649-0220, 831-250-7289; [email protected]. **42-YR** EDDIE Meyer new product: water heated intake manifold now available after 55 years, exacting detail. Don Orosco, 831-649-0220, 831-250-7289, CA; [email protected] **42-YR** ENGINE: Corvette 454 LS7, complete valve covers to pan, still in the crate, part #3965774, $8,500. Email: [email protected]

FILMS: 1965 Winter Nationals DVD, 30 minutes of rare lost color footage, $12 firm postpaid. Email: [email protected]; or online at: FINNED aluminum valve covers, intake manifolds and other parts for nailhead Buicks, Rocket Olds, Pontiacs, Y-blocks and many other early engines, specify. Car Products, PO Box 1, Paragonah, UT 84760, 435-477-8213; **26-YR**

FLATHEAD Ford supercharger kits: street and competition starting at $2,595. Books: Blown Flathead, $19.95 postpaid; 335 HP Flathead Ford Performance Handbook, $24.95 postpaid. Roadrunner Engineering, PO Box 53296, Albuquerque, NM 87153-3296, 505-2967678;

FLATHEAD V8 speed parts and engine rebuilding: stock, race; specializing in supercharging; crack-free 8BA blocks built to your specs. Chuck's Trucks LLC, PH: 203-2882769, CT; **23-YR** FLATHEAD Ford Offy heads and intakes, Isky cams, gasket sets, pistons and lots more speed and dress-up equipment in our free catalog. Car Products, PO Box 1, Par-agonah, UT 84760, 435-477-8213; **26-YR**

FLATHEAD; pair 1941 Studebaker taillight original assemblies; NOS Auburn 10-inch clutch pressure plate; aluminum flywheel; will trade for NOS 49-53 Merc 4" crank or for 39 Lincoln/trans & parts; 41 Merc block, crack-free; 10" Scheifer aluminum flywheel w/bronze insert. 707-5398301, after 9 am, CA.

FLATHEAD magneto and distributor angle drives are now available, exact reproductions, highest quality. Don Orosco, 831-649-0220, 831-250-7289, CA; [email protected] **42-YR**

FORD Y-block performance domed pistons, stroker kits, Ram horn manifolds, 4-bbl manifolds, porting, cams, headers, ignition, aluminum accessories. Mummert Machine, 619-596-0312, CA; GT40 DS25-2 ZF 5-spd transaxle, in rear subframe from Maserati Bora, complete suspension, driveline and brakes from rotor to rotor, plug and play for your GT40 or mid-engine project, no bellhousing, $17,000. 414-299-0771, WI; [email protected] GURNEY Eagle engine, C8FE, 6015B block, 9B5 date, no serial number, rocker arms, push rods, valve covers, water tubes, flywheel, balancer, timing cover, roller cam, needs freshening, $10,000. 315-946-5025, 315-573-2349, NY.

HALIBRAND wheels: bought, sold and traded; wanted: any magnesium wheels, solids; Kidney Beans, Speedways or Sprints. 559-784-7809, CA; [email protected] **22-YR**

IGNITION parts, 49-53 Ford & Mercury Vertex magneto, red wires, Rajah clips, perfect, $975, includes shipping. 570-296-8923, PA.

INDY Turbo engines and parts, Offy, Ford 4-cam, Cos-worth DFX, DFS and XB, Aurora, Ilmor 265A and C Chevy; also display engines. 636-227-3959, MO;

INSTRUMENT rebuilding: Smith's and British Jaeger electrical, mechanical tachs, speedos, temp, pressure, fuel, combination gauges, ammeters, clocks, tank units, cables, tach and speedo drive gearboxes, 1-year warranty; many older gauges available, outright, new; Smith's supplementary gauges available as well as replacement bezels, glass, gaskets. Nisonger Instruments, 225 Hoyt Ave, Mamaroneck, NY 10543, PH: 914-381-1952; [email protected] INTAKES and speed equipment for many common and unusual applications; multi-carb intakes; valve covers, etc. 559-784-7809, CA; [email protected] **22-

INTAKE manifolds, carb linkage, accessories, dual quads, triples, 4 and 6-carb setups for most engines. Car Products, PO Box 1, Paragonah, UT 84760, 435-477-8213; **26-YR**

LINCOLN rear end, 1948, complete except spring, $450; will sell brake units separately, $350; shipping available on brake assemblies only, complete rear must be picked up by buyer, NE, PA location, call for details. 570-278-2032, PA.

MALLORY ignition Ford Offy Cosworth for old Indy cars; also V8 Sprinters, Offy CD distributors, Mk 1 Lucas 4 shuttle injector, complete; Lucas $9,000 clutch, $750; also Offy multiple clutch. Pat, 321-269-4584, FL; [email protected]

MANIFOLDS, 49-53 Ford & Mercury Eddie Meyer hi-rise, excellent condition, $825, photos available, shipping included. 570-296-8923, PA.

MANUALS, Mitsubishi 3000GT 1992-1996 factory service manuals, volumes I & II, body, chassis and electrical, $135, negotiable. Email: [email protected] MUNCIE ST-10, T-10, T-5; stocking distributor, our own #1 quality overhaul kits, complete rebuild units. Larry, D&L Transmission, 631-351-4837, NY; online catalog: **20-YR**

MUSTANG, two new Boss 429 engine blocks and aluminum heads, $65,000, negotiable. 708-301-5244, IL; [email protected]

NASCAR 426 Hemi race engine, bathtub intake, LeMans center feed carb, magnesium dry sump oil pan, elephant ear motor mount, stainless steel NASCAR headers, blow-proof NASCAR bellhousing with clutch, 4-speed transmission; complete engine in running condition; previously owned by Richard Petty, $35,000. 440-333-0095 eves, 440-331-8808 days, OH; [email protected] NOS Thunderbolt aluminum front bumper, call. 315-9465025, 315-573-2349, NY.

NOS 427 Ford engine, SO block, steel crank, LeMans rods, hi-riser heads, 2/4v intake, CV CU carbs, all parts are new Ford, most still in the box, never used, also included used bald valve covers, std Ford pistons, $17,500. 315-946-5025 days, 315-573-2349 cell, NY.

OLDSMOBILE, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Ford flathead speed equipment, too many, many parts to list, call anytime for info; private party, Navy retired. 619-584-6207, CA. **7-YR**

OLDS 49-64 only: new roller rockers; alum heads for Oldsmobile engines; TH350 and TH400 changeovers; stick changeovers for Muncie or T5; cams, solid lifters, small starters, billet flywheels, much more; Rocket engines rebuilt, stock or hopped up for your nostalgia hot rod, dyno tested. 330-544-4466, OH; **12-YR**

ORIGINAL Thunderbolt fiberglass front bumper, original paint, never broken. 315-573-2349, 315-946-5025, NY.

ORIGINAL Thunderbolt 10 piece exhaust headers, nice, very rare. 315-573-2349, NY.

PIRELLI Cinturato tires for 8 different sizes are in stock now. Lucas Classic Tires, 800-952-4333 or 562595-6721, CA;

1962 PONTIAC Super Duty aluminum front bumper. 315946-5025, 315-573-2349, NY.

PORSCHE 911 ST metal flares + aluminium engine lid, manufacturing by Carponit; shipping worldwide; price inquiry. Email: [email protected]

RADIATORS, Griffin aluminum, copper radiators recored with high efficiency cores, Flex-A-Lite cooling fans and accessories. 516-293-9175, Farmingdale, NY;

RESTORATIONS. Hullco Layton Garage, Restorations and Repairs, 973-948-4380, Layton, NJ;

SIX-CYLINDER Chevy, Ford, Mopar, etc: aluminum intake manifolds, polished valve covers, side covers, all in free brochure. Car Products, PO Box 1, Paragonah, UT 84760, 435-477-8213; **26-YR** SUPERCHARGERS: Judson, Corvair with oiler, rebuilt, $875; McCulloch flathead VS-57 with pulley, rebuilt, $875; Paxton, polished SN-89 with bracket, rebuilt, $1,075. 631654-9148, NY.

TACHOMETERS, Sun and Stewart-Warner, 1950s to 1970s, new and used. Priceless Engineering, 920-3462748, WI. **25-YR**

TIRES: Firestone 14.8/27.0-15 1978 Super Sport Indy 500 tires, NOS, 4 available, $250 each. Lucas Classic Tires, 800-952-4333, CA.

TRANSAXLES and parts for high horsepower, Hewland LG, DG300, DGB, VG, March, Lola, Weismann, ZF, Reynard 6-spd sequential; Hewland transaxles and parts wanted. 636-227-3959, MO; WHEELS bought and sold: Halibrands, American Racing, Torq-Thrust, 200-S; wanted: Halibrand or American Racing magnesium, aluminum. 559-784-7809, CA; [email protected] **22-YR** WHEELS Magnesium, Lotus, Elva, Chevron, March, Brabham, Hewland adaptors, side covers, hundreds of new parts for these cars, made in USA. Bill Hallandal, 231-3779310, MI.

WHEELS, two weld Pro-Star 15x14 Ford 4-1/2" bolt pattern with 33x18-15" Pro-Trac tires, $400; Ford 9" carrier, 3:50 gears with mini spool, $135. 607-775-9395 after 5 pm, NY.

WANT 215 aluminum V8 speed parts, like Mickey Thompson crossram, FI or Weber manifold or dual outlet cast aluminum exhaust manifolds, Huffaker intakes, Traco intakes, etc, I'm interested in any 215 speed parts. Dan Lagrou, 810-798-2777, MI.

WANTED: Classic Gaff intake manifold, 6 carburetor to 4-bbl conversion. John Barrett, 504-417-2555, LA. WANTED: Halda Twinmaster, Tripmaster, Speedpilot, Heuer dash mounted stopwatches (Monte Carlo, Mastertime, etc) and Curta calculator, thanks. 310-371-3919, CA; [email protected]

WANTED: Judson, Pepco, Shorrock superchargers for VW or other small cars, complete or for parts; also Marvel mystery oilers. 310-793-0129, CA; [email protected] WANTED: NOS 4.33, 4.44 or 4.55:1 gear set for 37 through 48 Ford. 717-263-5567, PA.

WANTED: Oldsmobile, flathead Ford, Chrysler, 302-239392, 426 speed parts, mags, aluminum 2-3-4-6 carb manifolds, looking for old iron Crower logs manifolds, aluminum flywheels, adapters, etc; private party, Navy retired. 619-584-6207 anytime, CA. **7-YR** WANTED: rear end for V8 60 or 4-cyl 38, 39, 40 or 41 car or truck. 717-263-5567, PA.

WANTED: the whereabouts of the overhead cam cylinder heads to fit the 215 b.o.p. engine developed by Clem Tebow of CT Automotive. Dan Lagrou, 810-798-2491, MI. WANTED: Weber carburetors and parts for 35DCO3, 40DCO3, 42DCO3 and 45DCO3; please, please indicate price and conditions. PH: 972-699-1819, TX; [email protected]

DEADLINE REMINDER! Next HMN Deadline is JANUARY 7th for the MARCH Issue!


ASTRA: 1952, metallic blue with white and black interior, Jay Everett's stunning, one-off aluminum bodied piece of custom/hot rod history with unique, tubular steel frame, restored, 303 Olds Kettering V8, comes with collection of 40+ magazines featuring the car, $125,000. Fantasy Junction, 1145 Park Ave, Emeryville, CA 94608, PH: 510-6537555, FAX: 510-653-9754; BOYD CODDINGTON/Chip Foose: one-off factory show car built for Volvo of North America, complete documentation on this, the only one in existence, the least expensive Coddington/ Foose custom car on the planet, priced right or a trade may be considered either up or down; car located in Scottsdale, AZ. Complete photos and information at: BUICK: 1940 Super coupe, tastefully executed street rod, 350 V8, auto, a/c, tilt, disc brakes, drives great, reduced, $35,000 obo. 610-505-8612, PA;

BUICK: 1957 Riviera 2-door post, in progress, bodywork done, late model A-arms, disc brakes, straight, frust-free, good running parts car with nailhead engine goes with, most all parts go with except reupholstered interior, all stainless good, southern car, $7,500 obo, call for details. Steve, 256-505-2551, AL.

Chevrolet 1925 phaeton touring sedan, good condition, auto trans, 389042K exterior, tan vinyl interior, $18,500, negotiable, call for more information. 831-724-7548, CA;
Chevy 1938 full custom show car, just finished 2010, Fresco Au-torama trophy recipient (best show in USA); features 350-350 automatic, Mustang II suspension, disc brakes, push-button entry, much more, $44,500 obo/trade. 559-287-1256, CA.

CHEVROLET: 1947 Fleetline street rod project, powder coated chassis set up for b/b, 8" Ford with parallel springs, Mustang II, nice body & sheetmetal, $3,500 obo. 806-7931932, TX; for pics: [email protected]

Chevrolet 1948 Custom Stepside convertible, excellent condition, auto trans, vibrance copper pearl, cream two-tone exterior, off-white leather interior, fresh 327 w/lots of chrome, $25,000 obo. 231-638-0654, IL; [email protected]

CHEVY: 1948 Fleetline Aerosedan, 9 inch Ford rear end, Mustang 2 front end, set up for small block, rust-free body, $2,900; Model T Haven restores cars. PH: 620-365-6709, KS; or see pictures at:

BUY & SELL Rods, Muscle, Classics, Internet Classified, ads from $24.95. PH: 888694-5254, NJ;

YOUR classified/word ad can now appear in this size type. Call: 800227-4373, ext 79610 to find out how, or see pages 100-101 this issue.

Chevrolet 1955 sedan delivery, Hot Rods by Boyd, MercedesBenz brilliant silver ext, orig dark shadow grey on dash, chassis, Boyd's wheels, Billet wheel, grey int, very special w/great history & quality, $47,900. Vintage, 941-355-6500, Sarasota, FL;

Chevrolet 1955 sedan delivery, Hot Rods by Boyd, MercedesBenz brilliant silver ext, orig dark shadow grey on dash, chassis, Boyd's wheels, Billet wheel, grey int, very special w/great history & quality, $47,900. Vintage, 941-355-6500, Sarasota, FL;


Chevrolet 1955 Bel Air street rod, one of the finest Tri-Five Chevys you'll find, only 595 miles since custom frame-off, rock solid body, awesome hue of blue, everything left stock, chassis tricked out w/all new susp incl tubular A-arms, front sway bar, gas shocks, $52,500; financing, inspection, insurance & delivery. 830-997-1950, TX; www.streetdreamstexas.com_


Chevrolet 1955 C3100 big window street rod pickup, Stepside bed, short w/b, all steel body, good paint w/handpainted subtle pinstripes, restored oak bed, immaculate interior, power windows operate w/stock chrome cranks, very cool, $39,000; financing, inspection, insurance & delivery. 830-997-1950, TX;

Chevrolet 1956 resto-mod, frame-off nut & bolt rotisserie restoration w/mild mods, finished in black enamel, glass mirror finish, tan leather int, door sculpturing, custom instrumentation, Vintage a/c, 327-300 hp, blueprinted, balanced, Borg-Warner T-10 4-speed trans w/Hurst, Ford 9"/3:70 gears, more options than can list, $49,900. 678-361-4639, GA."/>
Chevrolet 1956 210 Custom sedan, incredible, 572 V8 620 hp, candy tangerine & white pearl, $119,900. Joe Carroll, RK Motors Charlotte, 704-596-5211, NC;

Chevrolet 1956 Bel Air, mint condition, 386 stroker/700R4, total frame-off, 450 miles, 27 Best of Show trophies, Ron Mangus interior, over $200,000 invested, Vintage air, ps, disc brakes, perfect condition, one of a kind, $80,000 obo. Dick, 818-679-4000, CA; [email protected]

Chevrolet 1956 Bel Air, mint condition, 386 stroker/700R4, total frame-off, 450 miles, 27 Best of Show trophies, Ron Mangus interior, over $200,000 invested, Vintage air, ps, disc brakes, perfect condition, one of a kind, $80,000 obo. Dick, 818-679-4000, CA; [email protected]

tops, p/s, a/c, cruise, in-dash video, great paint, great interior, ready to tour, turnkey, $65,000. 913-927-0513, KS; [email protected]

Chevrolet 1957 10, fresh 454 Turbo 400 over/underdrive, Dana 44; 96 Corvette 370 with rear/front suspension coilovers, power rack & pinion; Z'd frame, 18" wheels, 4-wheel power discs, much more, $19,500. 816-238-1588, 816-261-7393, MO; [email protected]

Chevrolet 1957 10, fresh 454 Turbo 400 over/underdrive, Dana 44; 96 Corvette 370 with rear/front suspension coilovers, power rack & pinion; Z'd frame, 18" wheels, 4-wheel power discs, much more, $19,500. 816-238-1588, 816-261-7393, MO; [email protected]

Chevrolet 1957 3100, newly rebuilt 350 engine, balanced, roller cam & Edelbrock carb, Turbo 350 trans, Camaro front clip, disc brakes, coil springs, heavy duty rear end, brand new paint job, $8,500 obo. 775-345-0170, NV.
Chevy 1958 Biscayne, black/gray, too many modifications to list, ground-up restoration with 406 roller engine, 9" Ford rear end, new tinted glass, selling car collection due to health, others available. 913-530-4435, 913-390-5731, KS.
[email protected]"/>
Chevrolet 1966 Chevelle SS convertible, excellent condition, auto trans, regal red exterior, red interior, 4,380 miles, runs great, totally restored, a beautiful car, $55,000. Email: [email protected]
[email protected]"/>
Chevrolet 1971 Custom Classic 150, with custom paint job, custom interior, 350 all chromed out motor, 4-wheel disc brakes, air bag ride, over $50,000 invested, $30,000 obo. 304-489-2975, WV; [email protected]
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