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1932-1948 Cars

1932-1947 Trucks

Joe s Antique Auto Purls

267 W Hartford Ave, Uxbridge, MA 01569


or call or write for FREE printed ^ Catalog ($5 for int'l postage) ^

FORD truck parts: 1930-56, rubber goods, steel and glass, fenders and boards, chrome grilles, bumpers, bed parts and complete suspension parts, new and recored radiators, NOS and repro parts. S&S Antique Truck Parts, 607-467-2929, FAX: 607-467-2109, NY.

1949-1953 FORD parts, accessories, some new old stock. Claude, 517-424-1956, MI.

1932-48 FORD chassis and parts. 937-322-5134, OH;

FORD 1935-36 body parts, tail pans, rockers, firewalls, trunk floors and more high quality sheetmetal, call. 216541-4585, OH; or: 32-40 FORD runningboards, new vulcanized rubber/Bob Drake: 32, $550 pr; 33-34, $750 pr; 35-36, $750 pr; 37-39, $1,000 pr; 39-40, $1,000 pr; in stock now. 530-889-1600, CA.

32-40 FORD parts, many engines and body parts. 530-8891600, CA.

1937 FORD parts: engine, transmission, driveshaft, rear end, front axle assy, front springs, rear springs, radius rods, (4) artillery wheels, steering column with gearbox and pitman arm, banjo steering wheel, gauge cluster, speedometer, wiper motors, glovebox door; no shipping on drivetrain or suspension parts. 985-796-5252, LA. FORD pair NOS 42-47 truck rear fenders, sell or trade for NOS 38-41 truck rear fenders. 765-423-1768, IN. FORD 1933-1934 doors, USA, roadster/phaeton, set complete, no rust; excellent wood, latches, handles. 702-4390779, NV.

1942-48 FORD and Mercury convertible: top assembly, excellent, $1,500; top assembly, fair, $500; rear seat, $500; interior quarter panels with trim, $650; 1942-46 Ford NOS fenders, $2,400 set; 1949 Ford overdrive transmission w/ bellhousing, $500; 1951 convertible door and quarter glass frames, $500. PH: 607-729-1693; 7-9 am or 7-9 pm, NY; website: **30-YR** 34 FORD coupes, 5-w, $9,500; 3-w, $15,000; 33 3-w passenger's door with garnish, rough, $1,250; 32 frame, $1,500; 34 frame, $1,750; Potters trunk, $1,250; 33 grille, $1,500; Harmon Collins Mag, $1,500; 3/4 Mercury flat-head, $3,000; wanted 33 hood sides, Harley-Davidson 47 FL. 507-852-3875, MN.

FORD 1932 5-w doors, good condition; Auburn dash, original; grilles, 1932 to 1956 NOS stainless; 1940 to 1954 NOS fenders; 1939 to 1959 Columbia 2-spds, radios. 1934 to 1956 flathead engines and parts, most years; have many car, truck parts. 563-323-8791, IA.

1934 FORD inner fender panels and hood sides, excellent condition, original paint, $1,000 for all, plus shipping. 917951-1445, NY.

FORD Tudor, (5) original 33 Ford wire wheels, in like new condition, powder coated red, Firestone/Coker 17 5:25/5:50 tires and tubes with 100 miles on them, $1,500 obo. 805-570-6815, CA; [email protected]

FORD 1937 factory fender skirts, will work on 1936 also, appear to be NOS, $1,500 firm. 412-638-2152, PA.

40 FORD car 3-speed transmission, rebuilt, $295 plus shipping. 503-728-3562, OR.

1939 FORD Deluxe banjo steering wheel, professionally restored, rechromed horn button, $300 plus shipping. 417724-0324, MO.

Kanter Auto Products

FORD 1946-48 Columbia, complete with all controls, $3,000; many more Ford parts for sale, call with needs. 785-527-5235 leave message, KS.

FORD 1932 Model B complete engine for sale, not running, stored in barn fifty years, $400. Ed, 561-929-8293, MI.

FREE catalog! Call today for the parts you need. Kanter Auto Products, 800-526-1096, NJ; W505-HM6N

FUEL pumps & water pumps, 10,000 in stock, new & rebuilt, with warranties. Arizona Vintage Parts, 800-4339977, AZ;

FUEL pump parts for bellows type electric fuel pumps; see my ad under GM parts for sale. Donald McKinsey, PO Box 94H, Wilkinson, IN 46186. **25-YR** GAS tanks, sending units, straps, top quality reproductions, low prices, if not available new, we will restore! 800-9018265, CA.

GAS tank sale for 1932-1948 Ford cars and 19331941 pickups; top quality reproduction steel tanks now in stock, call with your needs and ask for latest pricing. Joe's Antique Auto Parts, 267 W Hartford Ave, Uxbridge, MA 01569, 800-508-3980 toll-free or 508-278-3980;

GAUGES, NOS, large stock 34-53, also speedometers and clocks. Baxter Ford Parts, 785-842-9256 weekdays 9-5:30, KS. **35-YR**

GENER-NATOR, an alternator built inside the original generator case (Delco, FoMoCo, Autolite, Model A), 6, 8 and 12-volt, positive or negative ground, 50-60 amps. 541-902-2255, OR;

GENUINE Ford new old stock and used car parts for sale: 1935 coupe and roadster rear fenders, 1935 car front fenders and grilles, NOS and used; 1936 coupe and roadster rear fenders, 1936 car front fenders and grilles, 1937 coupe and roadster rear fenders, 1937 car front fenders and grilles, 1935-36 convertible doors (used), 1935-1937 inner fender panels, 1939 Deluxe grille (used), 1947 station wagon wood roof assembly (used) and doors (used); please call for prices. Contact: Bob Jones (New Old Stock Department), Dennis Carpenter Ford Restoration Parts, 4140 Concord Pkwy S, Concord, NC 28027, 704-786-8139, FAX: 704786-8180 Mon-Fri 8 am-2:30 pm EST. GLASS: flat, teens thru 60s, reproduced from original patterns; windshields available, 50s thru 80s; quality service since 1984, call us for a quote. Vintage Glass USA, 800-889-3826, 860-872-0018, CT.

GLASS, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, new windshields, side glass, back glass, for most makes and models, original tint and custom grey. 800-828-2212, MN.

GRILLES, 49-53 complete replated grilles, hood ornaments, taillights, trunk hinges, parklight hsgs. Baxter Ford Parts, 785-842-9256 weekdays 9-5:30, KS. **35-YR** GRILLE, 1937 pickup, rust-free, one bent bar, $850; V8 motor, 21 stud, late 1936, water pumps on heads, insert mains, complete, $2,750. 573-636-8000, MO. GRILLES: 35-36 NOS, 37 NOS, 39 NOS, 40 Standard, new; 41-46. 530-889-1600, CA.

HEADLINERS, call and order direct from mfg, 1930s-70s, $115-up, Visa, MC. Cut & Sew Headliners, 405-495-1212, OK.

HEATER cores, recored. Classic Heaters, 566 Fulton St, Farmingdale, NY 11735, 516-293-2175; or

HEATER valves, NOS, 1949-56, Rancos, $125 ea; 1952-56 vacuum operated, $75 ea; 1957-58 vacuum operated, $40 ea; 1957-58 cable operated, $125 ea; rebuilding of Ranco made heater valves, $75 ea; $7 shipping. 715-392-6169, WI; [email protected]; HOOD and door hinge rebuilding service, we specialize in the 52-54 boxed hood hinges; 20+ years in business, we don't do reproductions. SMS Auto Restoration Services, 42 Manchester Rd, Derry, NH 03038, PH: 800989-6660; website: HOOD, 1940 Standard, very straight, jet black paint, one of the best, $1,250. 520-797-3251, AZ. IGNITION parts, 1910s-1970s: caps, rotors, points, condensers, coils, brushes, regulators, switches, vacuum controls; show quality restoration: distributors, vacuum controls, generators. Special Interest Autos, PH/FAX: 800-634-2469, 972-722-4079, TX; **19-YR**

1932 18 INCH Kelsey-Hayes adjustable spoke wheel, only one, $100. Clarence Howland, 1911 Briarcliff, Emporia, KS 66801, 620-342-0215 eves, 620-341-3533 days. 32 JACK; 32 distributor, V8 w/pull-out oiler; 32 open car rearview mirror; 32-34 4-cyl bellhousing; 32-9 tire pump; 34 spare tire locking cap; 34 glovebox radio; 34 aluminum heads, clean used; 34 tire carrier; 34 fuel & amp gauges, nice; 35 headlight doors; 35 grille, good; 35 headlight stands; 35 radio & dial head; 35 speedometer; 35 sedan l rear fender; 35 clutch & brake cover; 35 taillight brackets; 35 headlights; 35 motor mounts;

35 center dash ornament; 35 tire carrier; 35-36 dash & glovebox door; 35-36 bumpers; 35-36 bumper irons; 3536 windshield; 35-36 clutch and brake pedals; 35-36 lh window regulator; 35-36 accelerator assy; 35-37 lower NOS window channels; 36 headlight doors; 36 center dash waterfall; 36 Deluxe tire cover, complete, nice; 36 r&l front fenders; 36 hood s/s trim; 36 taillight bracket;

36 window regulators; 36 taillight bracket; 37 radio & dial head; 37 2-dr sedan rear armrest; 37 Deluxe door garnish; 37 dash; 37 gauges and speedo; 37-38 headlight doors; 37-39 windshield trim; 37-40 NOS steering gear arm; 38 sedan trunk lid; 38 headliner bows; 38 dash w/glovebox door; 38 steering wheel; 38-39 hand brake assy; 38-39 left rear fender; 38-39 windshield trim; 39 Deluxe dash & glovebox door; 39 Deluxe bumper guards; 39 sedan trunk lid; 39 engine pan; 39 accelerator assembly; 39 Deluxe r front fender; 39 speedometer; 39 2-dr rear quarter mldg; 39 speedometer; 39 clock; call for other parts. Mike Dennis, 1845 S 48, Lincoln, NE 68506, PH: 402-489-3036, 8 am to 8 pm; **30-YR**

KEYS, lock cylinders, locksmithing, Classic Key Sets. Jesser's Classic Keys, see our ad in Services Offered. 330376-8181, OH;


Hollow Johnson style...$215/set We have sold 1,000s of these beauties -these are the good ones. Solid, same high quality________$145/set

(760)343-2590 Red's Headers

Thousand Palms, CA Flathead Engine Parts

many other nice 41 parts. Baxter Ford Parts, 785-842-9256

NOS mint 1940 Ford Deluxe speedometer in original box. Gus Garton, 856-825-3618, NJ.

NOS V8 60 trans gears, reasonably priced. 805-588-6799, CA.

PARTING all models of Ford, 1930s-1980s, excellent body, trim, mechanical, electrical, also many new parts, shipping anywhere, credit cards accepted. Collectors' Choice Auto Parts, 941-923-4514, Sarasota, FL.

PARTING hundreds of old cars and trucks, 1920s to 1950s, mostly Fords and Chevys. 970-686-2926, CO; **24-YR** PARTING out 35-48 cars, trucks, Ford, Chevy: fenders, trim, window garnish, dashes, etc; I buy, sell, trade. 936856-6019, leave message, TX.

PARTING Fords 1924-1953, good sheetmetal, good bright-work, 4,000 cars. 208-536-6607, ID. 35-36 PARTS: nice restored speedometers, gauge cluster, large stock NOS gauges; windshield regulator repair kits, $125; glovebox locks. Baxter Ford Parts, 785-842-9256 weekdays 9-5:30, FAX: 785-842-2810, KS. **35-YR** 1934 PARTS, restored speedometers, gauges, dual-temp gauges, steering lock assemblies. Baxter Ford Parts, 785842-9256 weekdays 9-5:30, KS. **35-YR** 42 PARTS, nice clocks, speedometers, gauge cluster, hood center trim, most outside trim, parklights, taillights, NOS convertible antenna, many other parts. Baxter Ford Parts, 785-842-9256 weekdays 9-5:30, KS. **35-YR** PATENT plates, 49-up, show quality, send year, model for details. Backeast, Box 40011, Grand Junction, CO 81504, PH: 860-877-4440; **10-YR** 42-51 PICKUP radiators, some earlier. Baxter Ford Parts, 785-842-9256 weekdays 9-5:30, KS. **35-YR** POWER steering: want modern power steering for your 1949-64 Fords and Mercurys or 1949-56 Lincolns? We have integral power steering to meet your needs. 701223-2269, ND; email: [email protected]; website:

MAC'S Antique Ford Parts has everything you need to buy for your 1932-48 Ford, from new upholstery kits to sheetmetal to a full line of accessories, call for our free 300+ page catalog for your classic auto by mentioning code PTN22. 877-220-8225, NY; or visit us online at: **31-YR**

MID-30s Ford Heyer laboratory test set, original, not restored, includes Battery-Regulator-Starter option. Juer-gen Bruckner, 319-377-8795, IA; pictures available via: [email protected]

NOS lock cyl and keys, 51 trunk lock cyl, $40; door, trunk, glovebox, ign. Baxter Ford Parts, 785-842-9256 weekdays 9-5:30, KS. **35-YR**

NOS 41 restored speedo & instrument cluster, mint replated grille guards w/stiffeners, $200; NOS 11A7650744A worm gear & bearing for top screw; restored hood center trim;

RESTORATION, Antique Auto Restoration has 32 years in business, experienced in American, German, English, French and Italian cars, can fabricate body panels, lead work and types welding; frame-off restorations, full mechanical restorations or maintenance of your antiques and classics; all work done in-house. 831-393-9411, FAX: 831-393-1041, Monterey Peninsula, CA; RESTORATION: a modern full service facility catering to all aspects of the restoration process, from frame-off to partials, also sales and service for all your car needs, over 30 years' experience in award winning craftsmanship, reasonable rates. Vintage Motorcars, LLC, 860-399-2311, CT;

RESTORATIONS. Hullco Layton Garage, Restorations and Repairs, 973-948-4380, Layton, NJ;

RESTORATIONS, no job too big or small, we can do it all; complete or partial, call us now, let's talk about your car. White Post Restorations, 540-837-1140, VA; **50-YR**

32-47 RESTORED steering lock assemblies. Baxter Ford Parts, 785-842-9256 weekdays 9-5:30, KS. **35-YR** 32 RESTORED gauges & speedometers, dual temp gauges, nice 32-34 roadster phaeton wiper motor; large stock. Baxter Ford Parts, 785-842-9256 weekdays 9-5:30 CST, KS. **35-YR**

RESTORED 49 trunk handle, replated trunk hinges, re-plated 7-piece grilles, NOS parklight assembly, matching glovebox & trunk lock cyls & keys, many other 49 parts. Baxter Ford Parts, 785-842-9256 weekdays 9-5:30, KS. **35-YR**

RADIATORS, all new copper or aluminum, stock and high-performance, repairs and recores. Classic Radiator, 516-293-2175, NY;

REPLACING just a part or doing a ground-up restoration on your early V8? Shop Mac's extensive collection of kits that save you money and time, get your free catalog today by calling, mention code PTN22. 877-220-8225, NY; or shop online now: **31-YR**

Frame & Underbody Parts ixact Reproduction

Medieval Bedroll

Made In The USA

Call For Free Catalog!

Precision Coachmtks

www.precisioncoachworks. 800-322-1940

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Antique Collecting

Antique Collecting

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