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A BACKWOODS auto parts sale, GM 64-up. 918-2503942, OK; [email protected]

A GREAT find! All your Buick manuals and literature with one free call, best service, best selection, best price. Faxon's, 800-458-2734, 7 am-6 pm PST, US and Canada; www.faxonautolit.com **31-YR**

A BETTER deal on Buick shop, service, repair manuals, owner's manuals, parts manuals, history books. 206-7213077, 888-380-9277, WA; www.books4cars.com **16-

A TEXAS recycler parting out 4,000+ classic and vintage cars and trucks, call for your classic auto needs, no part too big or small; shipping worldwide, accepting most major credit cards. CTC Auto Ranch, 800-4826199, TX; www.ctcautoranch.com A BACKYARD full of Buicks, parting Buicks 1949-1976, most models, 17 years Buick only. 580-855-2449, OK; [email protected]; www.wheatbeltbuick.com A DECAL and stencil kits for Gran Sport and GSX. 800941-4550, AZ; www.phoenixgraphix.com **20-YR** A BRAND new master cylinder for your 1939-53 Buick; 1939-40 Series 40, 60; 1941-42 Series 60, 90; 1941-52 Series 40, 50, 70; 1953 Series 40, $149.50 postpaid, free catalog. Kanter Auto Products, 800-526-1096, NJ: www.kanter.com; W526-HM6N

A/C specialists, heater cores & valves, switches, EZ-Slider cables, metal vacuum actuators, expansion valves, hot gas bypass kits, STV, POA, VIR update kits, hose assemblies, driers, evaporators, condensers, compressors, blower motors, a/c systems & high-performance aluminum radiators. Old Air Products, 8744 Forum Way, Fort Worth, TX 76140, 817-531-2665, FAX: 817-531-3257; [email protected]; www.oldairproducts.com ACCESSORIES and options for 1965-87 Skylark and Regal: power windows, power trunk release, power door locks, AM-FMs, sport mirrors, steering wheels, tilt columns, deluxe seat belts. 510-489-4251, 510-301-9482 cell, CA; [email protected] **21-YR** ACCESSORIES: sill/scuff plates, 1966-70 Riviera, $99 pr; 1968-72 4-door Skylark (not wagons), $154 set; 1971-76 f/s 2-door, $119 pr. Hydro-E-Lectric, 941-639-0437 or 800343-4261, FL. **31-YR**

ACCESSORY traffic light viewer (Guide), 1946-58, includes mounting hardware, $54.95. Hydro-E-Lectric, 941639-0437 or 800-343-4261, FL; www.hydroe.com **31-YR**

ACEWICHITA.COM has available for antique/vintage Buicks: teens thru 1960s, restored starters, generators, starter/generators, solenoids, voltage controls and starter foot switches, some NOS available; experienced technical assistance; international sales welcomed. Ace Alternator, 239-821-6548 or 316-529-8854, Wichita, KS; email: [email protected]; check out our website: www.acewichita.com **9-YR**

AFFORDABLE parts for 1978-87 Regals, trim, emblems, grilles, bumpers, sheetmetal and more. 352-583-4363, FL; email: [email protected] **15-YR**

ALL parts in stock! Brakes, suspension, engine parts, fuel and water pumps, carburetors and kits, clutches, motor mounts, wheel bearings, seals, shocks, springs, U-joints, auto transmission kits, exhaust and more from 1930-86, all covered by our exclusive lifetime limited warranty, free catalog, call today. Kanter Auto Products, 800-526-1096, NJ; www.kanter.com; W615-HM6N ALL GM auto salvage, Skylarks, Specials, Regals, LeSa-bres, Limiteds, Wildcats, Rivieras, Electras from 1950-1986. PH: 800-447-2886, OK; www.eastwestautoparts.com **14-YR**

ALL Buick 1939-85, large amount NOS, used, recondi tioned parts; 2 locations, 100+ vehicles; 39-85 full size 63-85 Rivieras, 62-72 Skylarks, 73-up A-bodies, sedans hardtops, convertibles, wagons, much trim, bumpers, glass, mechanicals, access to western suppliers. Colonial 170 Perry St, Lowell, MA 01852, 978-454-4237, 888-2652842; FAX: 978-458-7251; [email protected] ALUMINUM bellhousing and flywheel cover, 2-pc T6 strength, new manufacture, heavy duty, adapts GM 3, 4 and 5-speeds to 61-63 Buick/Olds, 215 cid, Rover 3.5-4.6 engines, includes new manufactured clutch dust boot. Schro-eder Enterprises, 619-423-3523, CA. ALUMINUM V8 specialists worldwide! 61-63 Buick/Olds 215 cid, Rover 3.5-4.6, even strokers available, mild to wild! Largest US inventory of stock and speed parts, every engine custom built, over 30 years' experience with over 200 core engines in stock! Stick bellhousings and flywheels, GM auto trans adapters, motor mounts and much, much more; specializing in MG conversions, vintage hydroplanes, dune buggies, street rods; UPS daily; Visa, MC, Discover. 810-798-2491, FAX: 810-798-2777 EST; www.aluminumv8.com

AMAZING New Old Stock parts source, world's largest selection of original and replacement parts, check www.nosgm.com for massive listings w/descriptions for any make/year or call w/part numbers, we want to help. Best prices on collector car tires, worldwide shipping from our US/Canadian locations. Collectors Auto Supply, 800-414-4462, WA and BC, Canada; www.NOSGM.com ARIZONA'S largest antique & classic salvage yard has grown even bigger; pack a lunch and bring even more time to visit two locations serving the hobby; browse over 8,000 donor and project cars nestled among a combined 100+ acres; fresh inventory daily; rust-free body panels cut to your specifications, knowledgeable staff and worldwide professional shipping department; make your restoration a positive one; buy directly from the source. Desert Valley Auto, 23811 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85085, PH: 800-905-8024 toll-free; FAX: 623-5829141; see our cars, parts and locations on the web at: www.dvap.com **19-YR**

AT last, an end to rust! Large stock of rust-free body parts for Buick, late 50s-80s, discount shipping rates; since 1978. West Coast Sheetmetal & Classics, 408-4328498, CA; www.gmsports.com **25-YR** AT Buick Farm, we not only stock vintage NOS Buick parts but now late model items, 1935-present. www.buickfarm.com **27-YR**

AUTO glass for classic Buicks made from original factory patterns. 530-626-6923, CA; instant quote online: www.ClassicFlatGlass.com

AUTOMATIC transmission parts, 1946 to date, master kits, reseal kits, hard parts, repair books. Fatsco Transmission Parts, 800-524-0485, NJ; www.fatsco.com BATTERIES: authentic reproductions, 1932-1952 (6-volt/group 2E); 1953-1966 tar top; 1967-1975 Energizer, top and side terminal (maintenance-free), date coating available. 513-574-4481, 7 days, Cincinnati, OH; see full color photos: www.restorationbattery.com **33-YR** BEARINGS, seals for: axles, clutch, differential, pinion, transmission, wheels, all years. Olcar Bearing Co, 135 James Creek, Southern Pines, NC 28387, 910-6933324. **30-YR**

BOOSTERS and all brakes rebuilt; written lifetime warranty; quick service; shoes relined. White Post Restorations, One Old Car Dr, PO Drawer D, White Post, VA 22663, PH: 540-837-1140; www.whitepost.com **50-YR**

BRAKES: power brakes rebuilt, Buick 55-61, 48-hour turnaround. Ed Strain, 6555 44th St, Unit #2006, Pinellas Park, FL 33781, PH: 800-266-1623, 727-5211597. **26-YR**

BRAKE, fuel and transmission lines, pre-formed for all Buicks, CNC computer manufactured to OEM specifications in premium grade stainless or authentic tin original steel, spring wrap, rubber or stainless flex hoses, brake clips, valves, brake cables, UPS daily, available factory direct, the professional restorer's 1st choice. Inline Tube, 15066 Technology Dr, Shelby Township, MI 48315, PH: 800-385-9452, 586-532-1338; www.inlinetube.com **10-YR**

BRAKE cables, manufactured to OEM specifications in premium stainless or original steel, available factory direct. Inline Tube, 15066 Technology Dr, Shelby Township, MI 48315, PH: 586-532-1338; www.inlinetube.com **10-YR**

BRAKE boosters from Brakeboosters.com for the best 1964-1984 GM boosters and detail plating since 1983. Steve Gregori, 2496 N Zediker, Sanger, CA 93657, 559875-0290; www.Brakeboosters.com

BRAKES sleeved and rebuilt: masters, wheels, clutch, slave, calipers, boosters, proportioning valves and shoes relined, better than new; quick service; lifetime written warranty. White Post Restorations, One Old Car Dr, PO Drawer D, White Post, VA 22663, PH: 540-837-1140; www.whitepost.com **50-YR**

BRAKE parts, chassis parts, ignition parts, engine parts. Northwestern Auto Supply, 1101 S Division, Grand Rapids, MI 49507, PH: 800-704-1078 toll-free, FAX: 616-241-0924; www.northwesternautosupply.com **33-

BRAKE booster rebuild (yours), $110, 1964-90; 1959-63, $130; exchange +$10; plating available. Call "Booster" Dewey, 503-238-8882, OR; boosterdeweyexchange.com or hemibooster.com **20-YR**

BRAKE boosters: Treadle-Vacs, Master Vacs and Hydro-Vacs, new boosters available and all brake-related items. Midwest Power Products, 1254 Leah Rd, Morris, IL 60450, 877-966-0550.

BRAKE parts, new, master cylinder, std brakes, 193960, ex 56, $185; master cylinder kit, 1936-55, $45; wheel cylinders, 1937-64, $45 ea; wheel cylinder kits, 1936-60, $8 ea; brake hoses, 1936-64, $35 ea; brake shoes, 1937-60, $95 set;Visa, MC,AmEx. James Ragsdale, 215-348-1964, Doylestown, PA; email: [email protected]; www.vintagepartshaus.com **30-YR**

BRAKE, fuel and braided hoses: quality pre bent tubes and stainless braided DOT hoses, Classic Tube manufactures pre bent brake, fuel, transmission and other tubes, all tubes are manufactured on our computerized tubing benders for 100% accuracy, only the best stainless steel, factory steel and aluminum tubing with stainless or zinc fittings. Stainless braided hoses are made to stock or custom lengths, DOT approved for your safety, engineered for more flexibility, power steering, clutch lines and fuel injection tube assemblies, stainless exhaust components for custom fabrication too, buy direct, outstanding quality & price and the largest selection. Classic Tube, 800882-3711 toll-free, 716-759-1800; FAX: 716-759-1014, NY; email: [email protected]; or order online: www.classictube.com **22-YR**

BUICK grilles, 1914-1970s; wire wheels, 1932-1936; 1931-32 badge bars; hubcaps, 1920s-1950s; 1941 fender skirt lightning bolts. 858-272-0583, CA. **39-YR** BUICK NOS, used parts 1941-65: trim, carbs, grilles, gauges, horn rings, skirts, sheetmetal, exhaust; 1951 Special grille. 719-942-3567, CO. **6-YR** BUICK 1968-1972 Skylark 2-dr hdtp back glass now available in custom grey, call for introductory price; windshield & side glass also available. 800-828-2212, MN.

BUICK 1933-35 Series 50, 60-80 & 90 Series runningboard mats, in the correct 1-piece molded pattern. Northfield Ltd, PH: 440-786-8141, OH; email: [email protected]; www.northfieldltd.com **25-YR** BUICK GS parts: 68-72 Custom performance engines, transmissions, headers, carburetors, distributors, body parts, send SASE. Baybury Farm Buick Restorations, 591 Tullar Rd, Corinth, VT 05039. **24-YR**

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