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TRANSMISSIONS: Ford 3-speed manual.

C-4 automatic C73) TRANSFER CASE: Dana 20 low gear of 2.46:1 FRONT AXLE: Dana 30 (Dana 44 after '71) REAR AXLE: Ford 9-inch


FRONT: Coil spring and radius arms REAR: Semielliptical leaf springs


OPTIONAL: Reserve tanks available FUEL CAPACITY (GAL): 14.5 WHEELBASE (IN): 92


170 ci 1-6 with 89 hp and 146 Ib-ft of torque AFTER '73 AND DISCONTINUED IN '75:

200ci 1-6 with 89 hp and 156 Ib-ft OPTIONAL TILL '68:

289 ci V-8 with 150 hp and 242 Ib-ft OPTIONAL AFTER '68:

302ci V-8 with 137 hp and 222 Ib-ft 'Ratings are net after parasitic loss


The fullsize Bronco was 10 inches wider and 2 feet longer than the previous Bronco and was built to take on such vehicles as the Chevy Blazer, which had taken a big bite out of the earlier Bronco's sales. The '78-'79 Bronco was much larger and more comfortable and featured more deluxe appointments than the first generation.

There was a major change with the release of the '80s Ford Bronco. The fullsize rig sported the company's new Twin Traction Beam front suspension Dana 441FS setup. The new suspension didn't perform as well as the old, and the loss of the solid front axle caused some enthusiasts to migrate to the competitor's vehicles.

The fourth generation saw extensive body-style changes, not only for a fresh modern look but to make the bricklike vehicle more aerodynamic. The Bronco was also fitted with a number of drivetrain and suspension components, such as twin-tube gas shocks, which made the vehicle handle and ride better. Interior changes included leather seats and special trim packages.


It had a long production run of 18 years, but the fullsize Bronco was initially released to compete with other sport/utility vehicles from Jeep, Chevy, and Dodge. The fullsize Bronco was based on Ford's F-series pickup and shared a number of components with the truck to keep production costs down.

The larger, more powerful 4x4 represented the second-through-fifth generations of the Ford Bronco and was a big hit with four-wheelers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

The second generation lasted only two model years, '78-'79. The third generation was '80-'86, The fourth '87-'91, and the fifth '92-'96.

Over the years the Bronco underwent a number of styling and performance changes, even losing the dependable solid front axle and moving to an awkward Twin Traction Beam (TTB) for the '80 model year. The fullsize Bronco held its own against the competitive Jeep Wagoneer, Dodge Ramcharger, and Chevy Blazer 4x4 vehicles, but was finally discontinued after the '96 model to make way for its replacement, the Ford Expedition.

The '92-'96 Bronco was restyled for what turned out to be the last years of its production run. Major changes again included revisions for aerodynamics and safety, along with changes for emissions standards.

'78-'79: Standard, 351ci V-8 with 156 hp and 262 Ib-ft of torque; optional, 400ci V-8 with 158 hp and 276 Ib-ft '80-'86: Standard, 300ci 1-6 with 119 hp and 243 Ib-ft; optional, 302ci V-8 with 137 hp and 239 Ib-ft, 351ci V-8 with 138 hp and 263 Ib-ft, 351ci V-8 (multiport injection) with 210 hp and 305 Ib-ft

'87-'91: Standard, 300ci 1-6 (multiport injection) with 145/150 hp and 265/260 Ib-ft; optional, 302ci V-8 with 185 hp and 270 Ib-ft, 351ci V-8 (multiport injection) with 195 hp and 295 Ib-ft '92-'96: Standard. 300ci 1-6 (multiport injection) with 145/150 hp and 265/260 Ib-ft, 302ci V-8 with 185 hp and 270 Ib-ft; optional, 302ci V-8 with 185 hp and 270 Ib-ft, 351ci V-8 (multiport injection) with 200 hp and 300 Ib-ft *Ratings are net after parasitic loss


'78-'79:4-speed New Process NP435 manual,

3-speed C6 automatic '80-'86:4-speed New Process NP435 manual, 3-speed C6 automatic, 4-speed AOD, 4-speed BorgWarner T-18 manual, 4-speed Tremec RTS OverDrive

'87-'91:3-speed C6 automatic, 4-speed E40D automatic, 4-speed AOD automatic, 5-speed M50D-R2 manual '92-'96:5-speed M50D-R2 manual, 4-speed E40D

automatic, 4-speed AOD-E automatic TRANSFER CASES: BorgWarner 1356, NP203.

NP205, NP208 '78-'79 AXLES: Front, Dana 44; Rear, Ford 9-inch '80-'96 AXLES: Front, Dana 44 carrier; Rear, Ford 9-inch/Ford 8.8-inch

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