Nourish Racing Engine Company

13 Manor Lane. Langham. Oakham. Leicestershire LE15 7JL, ENGLAND Telephone: (01572) 722712 or Fax: (01572) 722668

* 8 valve conversion kits tor 650cc & 750cc Triumphs

* Crankshafts machined from solid billet. Triumph, Norton. 8SA. Crankshaft dynamic balancing service. NRE connecting rods for

Norton^ and Triumphs * Camshafts for 8 valve kits. NRE. profiles, also suitable for 2 valve Triumphs

* Complete N.R E. engr^es - 8 valve twin cylinder, 500co, 750oc. 850cc & OOOoc

Bui? to order tor racing, street, grass track, etc. NRE "V" complete gearbox, or shell and ¡plined shaft ony Send £1.00 stamps 8 SAE for broclures & prices £2.00 Overseas - World Wide Services


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