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Bell Jet R-T bubble visor

If you're looking for that added touch of authenticity, Bell has recently introduced a bubble visor for their famous Jet helmet. It looks the part and if you've never used a bubble visor you should v give one a try. You get complete protection from the elements, but still feel like you're riding an opcn-facc helmet. And rain; it just runs off it like no visor you've ever worn. It comes in smoke or clear.

Indian Stylmartin Wearing

Stylmartin's classic Indian boot

This new boot from Italian maker Stylmartin is simply gorgeous. Made from a waterproof yet breathable leather, the Indian boot features a padded collar and hard ankle protectors as well as an anti-slip Vibram sole. You also get an extra layer of leather on the toe area for changing gear. This boot is truly an object of beauty and we particularly like the fact that it comes in dark brown rather than the usual black. If you want a protective, shortish boot that doesn't make you look as though you're trying too hard, you may just have found it. Just one thing confuses us. The Indian comes with both brown and red laces; we've no idea why. But the red ones do look pretty cool. Sizes: 41, 42, 43,44, 45, 46 & 47. -f Stylmartin

Stylmartin Indian Boots

The Hailwood zip sweatshirt

When we first saw a sample of this 100% Cotton top we weren't sure whether to wear it or frame it. Its an absolute work of art. And, constructed from 26 separate panels, it's been put together with quality in mind. Starting at the top, the quarter length zip is accompanied by a press-stud fastened collar, which gives it that authentic racer look. Moving down, printed logos and sew-on badges adorn the chest.

Whilst down each arm reads _

the name of the legend himself. It's a fantastic top and a real / v; tribute to 'Mike the bike'. Sizes: S, M, L, XL & XXL. (GPL855) £39.99

Steve Mcqueen Bike Jacket

The famous Belstaff wax cotton Trialmaster jacket

Candidate for the title of most famous jacket in the history of motorcycling is the Trialmaster, which has been reintroduced by Belstaff, albeit to a much higher quality and specification than the original, with heavy duty lOoz wax cotton, a zip-out thermalliner and fitted body armour. As you can see, the Trialmaster is virtually identical to the jacket worn by Steve McQueen when he raced for the American Vase team at the 1964 ISDT in East Berlin. (Ironically, he actually wore a Barbour International but a Barbour doesn't come with armour). It comes in sizes S (36"), M (33"), L (40"), XL (42"), XXL (44"), XXXL (46") & XXX.XL (48"). lor other colours and versions, and indeed the entire Belstaff collection, go to:

1. Black (BEL007B) £389.99 2. Leather (BE104S) £619.99 3. Gold (BEL007BE) £389.99

1. Black (BEL007B) £389.99 2. Leather (BE104S) £619.99 3. Gold (BEL007BE) £389.99


Ráaasa: Sio/aiVMçis â faniarmc). Ma^sMfjas to- Ml i- I' ' £ r'


The Vintage line from Premier helmets

The Premier brand originated in the U.S. back in the fifties, although their helmets are now manufactured in Italy.

Newly released is a terrific range of open-face. Jet style helmets. Obviously, you can gel one in plain while 01 plain black, bul ill addition there are a number of retro colourschemes that are redolent of the sixties and seventies.

You can't fit a visor peak to one of these lids, but there is a rather neat flip down visor to protect your eyes.

Of course, this doesn't stop you wearing a pair of goggles if that's the look you prefer.

All in all, a great range of top quality helmets made of the very best materials throughout. We think the carbon version is particularly stunning.

They come in a range of sizes: XS (53/54cm), S (55/56), M (57/58), L (59/60), XL (61/62).

Captain Virgil Hilts

£199.99 £159.99 £159.99 £149.99 £159.99 £149.99 £159.99 £159.99 £159.99

Saving Private Ryan Roughout Shoes

Captain Virgil Hilts 'Rough-Out' boot

These boots are made by a Mexican company and are stitch perfect replica of the M-43 service boot issued to American GIs during the last war. In truth, they barely qualify as motorcycling footwear but they are the boots that were worn by McQueen throughout The Great Escape. The boots are excellent quality. We've seen cheaper versions and more expensive copies but in terms of accuracy and attention to detail it doesn't get better than these, which is why they were used in films like Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers. And if McQueen could jump barbed wire in them, they're good enough for us. UK sizes: 7, 8: 9, 10&11. ti


1:12 Benelli 750 Sei

Benelli started building bikes in the early 1920s, and before and after the war it was a force to be reckoned with on the race tracks ofF.urope. In 1972, De Tomaso bought Benelli and rather bravely decided to take on the Japanese manufacturers, reasoning that he could triumph by producing motorcycles full of Italian grace, style and handling. To begin this campaign he needed a showpiece, the result of which was the first ever six-cylinder production motorcycle: the Benelli 750 Sei. It became available for sale two years after its launch in 1964, but it was too expensive to be a huge success. The 750 Sei is the latest release in Minichamps' Classic Bike Collection. Although we'te not experts on the Benelli, those who know tell % ^ us that Minichamps have fife Jtó/, {(¡¿S.pjf/

replicated it very faithfully.

replicated it very faithfully.

Mobile Motorcycle Mechanic

* Replica measures approx. 17cm in length.

Orderline: 0844 887 8888

* Replica measures approx. 17cm in length.

Quote Code MMBM02

Quote Code MMBM02

Ráaasa: Sio/aiVMçis â faniarmc). IMapÉte îoï AJ

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