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Alan Bowden has been in the car restoration business for forty years and has earned the reputation as being one of the best in the business. In his early years, Alan served an apprenticeship in crash repairs and coachbuilding, both of which have held him ir good stead over the many years he has spent in the industry.

He admires the machines that were built in the past by those with skill, passion and talent and is amazed by the standard of work accomplished by those craftsmen of yesteryear and the results they achieved with equipment that would be considered primitive by today's standards. They'd never heard of a computer or CNC machining centres.

In the business of car restoration, Alan has gained an insight into the engineering philosophy of those master craftsmen. He believes it's possible to re-create any item that was made in the past, even if it's difficult to do. In fact, the more difficult the task, the greater the challenge and reward.

Bowden Bodies will repair, fabricate and build anything - from a set of custom wheels, chassis

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- Rilan Walton, nz Classic Car magazine

Beach, Country side, Wine tours. Holidays and of course Club track days are all waiting for you in a iTlcCregorfTlach

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