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It all went wrong from the start when Bruce McLaren decided to woo the Ford Motor Company into Formula One back in 1965. Ford in the US

did a friendly deal on a handful of its huge quad-cam 4.7-litre Indy V8 engines which were to be tooled back to 3.0 litres for :he new formula by Traco Engineering in 1966. It was a disaster. The engine made the most incredible exhaust noise when the new car made its debut at Monaco, but that was about it. Minimal performance. Bruce couldn't have known that Colin Chapman was already well down the road to get Ford in the UK to fund the new Cosworth DFV exclusively for Lotus in 1967. The other compounding problem was that the McLaren team knew all there was to know about the Oldsmobile aluminium V8s built by Traco for CanArn racing - but abandoned them to chase the Ford. Jack Brabham must have found it hard to believe his luck wher. he was able to scoop up a supply of the Olds V8s and give them to Repco which fettled them for Formula One — and the Repco-Brabhams won the world championship in 1966 and 1967!

[of Vehicular ) Hell-Bending would tell you their cars were 'well engineered' when they h«.d never looked under the hood and had to take the things to the dealership to get them shiftcc from first to sccond. Surely this was the place where the Porsche engine joke originated: 'Don't worry dear. I've got a spare one in the trunk. The Malibu Mario Andrettis would tell you their cars were 'beautiful', which they may well have been. But how could men in orange Gucci loafers with shirrs unbuttoned to the ocation of their ulcers know? And all of the Beverly Phil Hills would tell you they loved cars. ®

01 Dario Franchitti

(Photo by Terry Marshall]

2/3 Dario Resta watch from Peugeot

04 The ill-fated McLaren-Ford 3.0-litre four-cam F1 in 1966. From left, Eoin Young, Teddy Maver, Wally Willmott and Bruce McLaren. Top journalist Denis Jenkhson is in the background.

05 Eoin Young and three-time Indy winner Louis Meyer-

first to drink the milk!

06 Driving Like Crazy


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