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Ross Henrikson's Ford Escort: straight, black and tough. Look out for a full feature soon

| Sam Groomhridge was handed a lifeline, which he grabbed] I with both hands and ran all the way to the bank

Other show standouts included Ross Henrikson and his immaculate Ford Escort. Following the Escort's debut in Auckland, Ross was stoked to be able to drive his car into this show, having fired it up the week before. Special mention must be made also of Alan Eager. Alan and his wife picked up five trophies in their first event thanks to their fully chromed Mazda Familia.

Regular trophy hounds Chass Wardle and his lime green NOBAIL Mazda RX-3 wagon. Tommy McAdams and his DSTRBU (ex-Tim Woods) Mazda FiX-3, and three-foot blonde mafia leader Christy LILMDM Booth were also rewarded for their efforts, picking up a number of trophies between them.

The beauty of the North Island Jamboree is its versatility. Spectators can mix and match throughout the day, walking between show, circuit and drifting. And wandering across the car park of the complex was like entering another world. More than 70 circuit warriors sat idling noisily in the pit area, ready to unleash on the challenging 3.3km Manfeild circuit. Present were hired guns (circuit racing stars Earl Bamber and Jono Lester), and the Stace Hopper Memorial Trophy was unveiled for the overall winner of the Wynn's Racing Super Lap.

I Cameron Jones's new I circuit monster isn't I quite what you expect I a Trans-Am chassis I packing rotor power. ] Evidently good for 1.07s j I around Manfeild, too

I Cole Armstrong I wanted his sponsors | | to have maximum exposure, so parked repeatedly in the gravel trap in front J of the main stand in | his 400kW-plus R34 . Nissan Skyline. He , made up for his less-j than-great track I showing by winning j the after party j entertainer award

| Tyre guy Bruce Tannock shut up I shop for the weekend and came to do battle for team 'Tron. With more seat time in his 300kW-plus RB26-powered Nissan Cefiro, he will be one to watch in the future

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