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How to achieve success in life and in business is the focal point of everybody since elementary school until reaching the age of 60th. This book the manifestation millionaire present a vast variety of techniques that help the readers to develop their desire to transform into successful business figure and it presents a lot of techniques and methods to support the reader in their journey towards earning a six-figure income. The author of the book Darren Reagan explains how he raised from the bottom of failure to the highest of success using these methods presented in his book. The the manifestation millionaire will teach you the positive thinking and will teach you how the positive thinking is the real working method to use in order to break through your obstacles and be wealthy and successful. Any reader should be well skillful in kicking the negativity from his life just after few chapters and should be able to achieve his goals and become wealthy after applying the techniques and method in the book. I really like the variations in the manifestation techniques because it makes you comfortable choosing the best technique suits you and apply it to become a wealthy person. More here...

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Overall my first impression of this book is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

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Daniel Steiger presents the millionaire collection. This classic range contains flawless D-colored, brilliant cut Diamondeau lab created gemstones expertly set in the finest solid sterling silver. Each gem is cut in exactly the same way as a mined diamond and is harder on the Mohs scale than some precious stones such as Emerald, meaning it can cut glass just like a priceless diamond, but at a fraction of the price. Choose from an elegant necklace, matching tennis bracelet, timeless eternity ring or sophisticated hoop earrings. Each piece is dispatched in a magnificent presentation case, perfect for gift giving and guaranteed to impress. search for the Millionaire Collection & enter code 550 Timepieces International Inc, 3580 NW 56th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33309

Fiat Needs Chrysler Almost As Badly As Chrysler Needs Fiat

China, which by some reports now has more than 300,000 U.S. dollar millionaires, has gone from cycle tracks to superhighways in little more than 30 years. As recently as 1992, there were barely one million privately owned vehicles on China's roads now there are more than 40 million. This year, new vehicle sales are expected to top 10 million units, pushing China past the U.S. as the world's largest auto market.

When Moss took up FJunior at 19 he was called Boy Wonder

We won't make money this year, that wasn'ta realisticgoal, said Bernard. But we had certain parameters to hit, and we exceeded them by 30 per cent. The numbers look promisingfor2011. This is a privately-held company that has spent millions upon millions of dollars. Thefamilywon'ttake short cuts. They arein this forthe long haul.

Words And Photography By Jim Donnelly


Mobile, built in Utica, New York, for two years ending in 1905. Before allying himself with Mora, Birdsall designed the Regas, under the Rochester firm's ownership by D.D. Dunn, who'd become rich selling Sen-Sen, the early licorice breath lozenge. At Mora, Birdsall crafted a powerful, durable straight-six, so he was more than ready for the Browniekar.

For Those Wanting A Luxury Ride But

Don't have the means to absorb the horrendous depreciation that a quarter-million-dollar machine can heap on its first owner, then the Holden Calais represents the thinking man's choice. While not in the same league as the uber-Germans of the previous pages, it offers an honest level of luxury for the money asked.

Best Nhtsa Complaints

2009 Toyota Camry A C smell sic like a rotten egg. Online research shows that many car owners have this issue. This smell is so intense that the car cannot be driven w o windows open. It gives head-ache sic and hard to bare s c with it. This issue should have been identified as a major Issue requiring recall since we may end up spendinq more money on health issues associated with it.

Weve Got Your Bailout Ready

This was tine trip of a lifetime, the Holy Grail of automotive journalist perks. The reason it gets a story in HOT ROD magazine is because of its epic nature. I mean, really, can you possibly imagine driving nearly a million dollars worth of Fords through a Third World country and with two beautiful Bollywood actresses and an entire French film crew in tow

The Annual 2010 Goodwood Festival Of Speed

The Moving Motor Show was supplemented by the Supercar Run, a multi-million dollar collection of the world's most desirable contemporary exotica, demonstrated on the Hill. There were world debuts of the stunning McLaren MP4-12C, plus launches of the Ferrari 458 Italia, Spyker C-8 Aileron, Lexus LFA, and many others. Exciting future-focused concepts, including the Audi e-tron, Citroen ReVolte, Rinspeed UC and Vauxhall Ampera.

Postcard From Paradox Valley

Colorado (often dubbed the Switzerland of America) sits in the shadows oi the vast Rockies ard the spectacular Million Dollar Highway. Apparently it was quite expensive to build. Unfortunately they neglected to actually fil any Armco, so any mistake would be punished by certain death. At least it only snows here a few months a year

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From 1950s Chevys to '70s Lamborghinis, from asphalt-melting big-blocks to howling V-12s, from million-dollar musclecars to cool vintage pickups to classic sports cars to movie machines and factory concepts, well put you in the driver's seat of some of the world's most fascinating cars. And we'll bring you the behind-the-scenes stories of the people who created them, owned them,

Photos By Al Mer Ion Padron

My goal is to make it as a professional driver, he said. I just want to make money doing what I love. Growing up in Indy, I've never missed an Indy 500 in my life and it's a dream of mine to drive in it. But it's also a dream to represent America on the top step of the podium in Formula 1. I'd like to do both.

Letter From The Editor

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard the words, it all happened so fast while working in drag racing, I'd be a millionaire, though I can definitely relate. Sure, a lot has happened since we first kicked open the chicken coop doors (literally, long story) in October of 2005, yet we're just getting started.

Twinscrew Supercharger Wmaaw Lysholivi Us

Easier said than done, but at SEMA we can help you follow your passion. If your business, car club or schojl is a member of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), the SEMA Mentcring program, powered by the SEMA Businesswomen's Netwoifc, can help you get connected with automotive aftermarket industry leaders to enhance your career. If you want to find out how to get more involved, need career advice or have a question for an expert, we're here to accelerate your success. i

Random Happenings In The World Of Motorsport

FORMULA ONE An interesting conversation is going on behind the scenes this season. It doesn't have anything to do with FIA ufaer-dictator Max Mosley and his should I stay or should I go routine, or how much more money King Bernie can take in. While the talk of the town is on the remarkable season that Jenson Button and teammate Rubens Barrichello are having aboard the Brawn GP, a more introspective look is going on regarding the designs of Ross Brawn.

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Racing in a development series is about forwarding your career, which can be challenging in an obsolete car. The Jim Russell Championship Series utilizes the Lola F3-derived FJR-50, a thoroughly current racecar in every respect that's representative of what you're striving toward.

Hooper Coachbuilders 3cm197

ROLLS 1929 Springfield Phantom I Brewster Lonsdale, left hand drive, excellent original California car, very presentable, for 79,500. Gullwing Motor Cars Inc, 718-545-0500, FAX 718-545-1308, NY ROLLS-ROYCE 1930 Phantom II limo, two-tone maroon and black with tan interior, the body was originally on a Silver Ghost chassis then modified to suit Phantom II, the car was used by John Croall of Edinburgh for the transportation of wealthy individuals both to local and distant destinations, car was put in storage until 1963 when bought by Dr Fred Richards, used for a tour of Spain in summer of 1964, on return engine was dismantled and overhauled, for 34,500. Gullwing Motor Cars Inc, 718-545-0500, FAX 718-545-1308, NY PHANTOM II 1930 to be offered at RM Auctions' Monterey event, August 13-14, 2010 please call for more information. 800-211-4371 or visit ROLLS-ROYCE 1931 Brewster Ascot phaeton, chassis S199PR, extremely...

Illustration By Tim Marrs

Tim Marrs Illustration

I'm also including the new 9-5, which I'm almost done with. Granted, it doesn't really make much sense to put all this time and money into the 9-5 now, but try telling that to my wife. She's all, We borrowed billions of dollars from my parents, and you need to build electric cars. And don't even think about supercharging the Camaro, mister. So, my loss, your gain. Well, your gain, assuming that the new 9-5 is any good. But if you give me a deposit or something to prove that you're not a dreamer or a tire-kicker, maybe I'll let you take a mule around the Nurburgring. to know about the badge-engineered Saabs that I didn't build. Let's just say that Pontiac Aztek tooling was available.) Anyway, look where we are now both of us getting rid of our Swedish car companies. Of course, Ford might get a little more money for theirs.

Application Challenge

We probably have a quarter-million dollars invested in this, said Wilco President Art Maat. The machine-control equipment pays for itself on an annual basis. It enables us to construct projects to tolerances that other contractors cannot match, even though they have the same big iron capabilities we do.

Chevrolet 19111954 Parts

ALL parts in stock Brakes, suspension, engine parts, fuel and water pumps, carburetors and kits, clutches, motor mounts, wheel bearings, seals, shocks, springs, U-joints, auto transmission kits, exhaust and more from 1930-86, all covered by our exclusive lifetime limited warranty, free catalog, call today. Kanter Auto Products, 800-526-1096, NJ W615-HMGM ALL GM auto salvage, 1934-79 Chevy sedans and coupes. 800-447-2886, OK **14-YR** ALL parts after making street rod 35 Chevy Standard, 500 take to Carlisle or Hershey, make money. 315573-1762, NY.

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Achieving success shouldn't mean having to conform to a stereotype. The Volkswagen CC effortlessly combines the comfort and class of a luxury sedan with the style and sophistication of a sports coup . The usual rules don't apply to Volkswagen's Comfort Coup . Its dynamic design has clean, unfussy lines. It has four doors, but it's also a genuine coup . Why work hard to blend in when you can easily set yourself apart

Bob Livingston

In a motorhome at the lowest end of the social and financial scale in America, one can have the same freedom as a millionaire living at the upper end of the social and financial scale. There's a lot of truth in that statement, even if today's motorhome enthusiast is not exactly at the lower end of the financial and social scale. Nevertheless, the full-time lifestyle is envied by almost anyone.

By Jerrod Jones

I WANT TO TALK TO YOU about a problem in our country today Our government and private corporations have for too long let us exercise personal responsibility. In this day and age of being able to blame someone else when we screw up, I can't believe the good majority of us have wasted so much time, money, and effort being accountable for our own actions when we could be making someone else pay for our blunders. But thankfully for us all, there are a few bad apples looking out for ways to make money and cancel out further basic freedoms for the majority in order to save a dimwitted few from themselves.

Pagahi Zomoa R

THE ROLLS-ROYCEGHOST, MERCEDES 65 AMG and Bentley Mulsanne cater to the more discreet millionaire, the nligarrh who shi in the flash hai ints of the super-rich fashionistas. So, to test this trio of uptown transporters, Jeremy, James and Richard travelled not to Monaco, Weribel or Moscow but a country that doesn't tend to feature in the travel plans of your average millionaire. Or, in fact, anyore. Albania is Lhe pooiebt counLiy in Euupe, home to just 3.5 mi lion people, but over a million goats. A country where shaking your head means yes' and nodding means 'no', and in which a s00,000 convoy of 'discreet' luxury cars stands out like a sore thumb at the International Toe Convention.


While the Mercedes takeover of Brawn GP last winter allowed the team to increase its resources, it still operates on a smaller scale than some of the sport's big hitters. And Mercedes-Benz motorsport boss Norbert Haug says that the manufacturer will not throw more money at Formula 1 to move up the grid. People say we could spend more money, and yes indeed we could, Haug told AUTOSPORT. But we won't. In the past lots of people spent money and they didn't achieve their targets.

The Collector

Recently I pulled up to a comedy club in Hollywood and I was driving my 1925 Model T- I've had it for years and I paid something like 7500 for it. As I pulled up the valet came running out and he immediately wanted to park it. If you know anything about a Model T, you'll know a valet is not going to know how to park that car. So I said No, that's okay, I'll park it myself,' and the paparazzi came over and took my picture. I didn't think anything of it. Two days later on one of the tabloid websites and also in a magazine is the headline Cheapskate Leno refuses to let valet park his ultrarare, million-dollar Model T.' First of all, the valet wouldn't have known how to drive it. Secondly, Model Ts are not rare and they don't cost a million dollars. There's still a million of them on the road.


Now that I'm retired, my car Is secure on my drive at home for longer and so Is LESS likely to be vandalised, damaged by a hit-and-run driver or stolen. There's less risk to the insurer-so why am I paying a higher premium Because these firms see any change of circumstance as an excuse to make more money, not to evaluate risk Rod Theobald, E-mail

Extra Fuel

VEHICLE '01 Ford Excursion OWNER Ron & Lisa Beatty, Farmington Hills, MI TIRES & WHEELS 35-inch Toyo Mud-Terrains on MB Razor SUSPENSION 6-inch Superlift, Bilstein shocks, custom track-bar setup DRIVETRAIN Stock PERFORMANCE MODS 6.8L, Hypertech Programmer, K&N intake, custom throttle-body spacer, Flowmaster exhaust OTHER DOODADS Custom fold-down spare-tire carrier, Rhino-lined doors, 135-dB airhorns DOES EVERYTHING WORK THE WAY YOU WANT Yes ANYTHING YOU WOULD CHANGE Lockers, more lift, and a Whipple supercharger ANYTHING TO ADD Need more money for gas

Beyond The Standard

There must be someone at Porsche employed just to think up fiendish ways of getting customers to spend more money. The Panamera now has a personalization program that offers more power, improved aerodynamics, and some extra visual pizazz. For 21,730, the Panamera Turbo may be upgraded with a Powerkit package that brings engine output up 40 hp and 37 Ib-ft to 504 and 553, respectively. And there's the option of a Sport Plus mode upping twist to 590 lb-ft. It will only shave a tenth from the zero-to-60 time (now 3.9 seconds though fuel consumption remains 15 23 mpg, and that's still a nice load of shove without having to pay a gas-guzzler tax. There's also a Sport Design body kit package ( 4,590 and side skirts ( 1,390 , plus 20-inch Panamera Sport wheels available.


Driving in Australia than here, thanks to the Holden, HSVF.3 series and FPV Boss 335 upgrades. The majority of it has been spent in Victoria, a state noted for its zero tolerance on speeding and for its accumulation recently of several million dollars worth of fines from drivers caught using their mobile phones while at the wheel. The fact that a large percentage of these drivers had pulled over to the side of the road, and were sitting in stationary vehicles when caught, was evidently no excuse. If the motor is running, even when your car is immobile, you are still guilty of this heinous crime that marks you as a lethal danger to other road users. I remember the PR guy explaining that the longer the punters stay upright, the more money they'll give you. In other words, it made business sense to keep people sober and spending. It's a pity our own breweries can't take a leaf out of that book, instead of simply getting people drunk as quick as possible. In New Zealand,...

Dyer Consequences

HIS PAST AUGUST, I vacationed in Nantucket. I highly recommend it if you enjoy feeling extremely poor. Even if you arrive aboard a million-dollar boat, you'll surely dock next to someone with a 10 million yacht, which will be tied up next to a Gucci helicopter lashed to the conning tower of a Ferragamo submarine. When beaches erode in Nantucket, homeowners stabilize the dunes with a slurry of caviar soaked in Scotch and mixed with shredded money.


In the new XJ, Jaguar appears to have crafted a luxury car that's not only competitive on all the usual grounds but has the gravitas to appeal to a broad range of wealthy individuals as well. A target of 20 cars annually seems conservative, particularly given the initial clamour for it in the major markets. PC

Agreeably complex

The base 5.0 from the GT is rather stout, as well, so in all honesty power on the street isn't the reason to plunk down more money. The Boss 302 sound is punchy and agreeably complex, though more muted than you might expect until you get the revs up above


Name change did nothing to halt the sales slump. Desperate promotion plans were hatched, including a competition to win a pony at Edsel dealerships (Edsel sponsored the then popular Wagon Train cowboys and Indians show) leading to dealers finding themselves clearing up pony manure from the 'stables' created in the showrooms and furious parents demanding 'what the hell are we going to do with a pony ' when Junior, who had badgered them into going to the showroom, won the prize. In the end, the ponies all had to be sold back to reputable ranches, leading the dealers to joke they were making more money selling ponies than Edsels


If you have an application for a very shallow woofer and a relatively small enclosure limitation, you'd be seriously amiss not to have a close look at the Soundstream Stealth-13. Yes, there are better performing woofers, for either more money or for much larger boxes, but there aren't very many that will outperform the Stealth-13 for the same money in a small sealed box. I'd love to hear a pair of these in a standard cab pickup Boom Yeah Pa5

Ron Humphrey

Our economy isn't slow only because of lack of employment, but also because Americans are spending their money a little more wisely. Yet you continue to feed into the bigger, more-money-is-better attitude. Folks aren't going for that anymore. Most of the cars you feature are well into the 45-50K mark. I'm talking every car. If you're targeting readers who don't have a problem shelling out 200 a

Hon To

Geneva is no stranger to history re-writing conventions and this week's Motor Show in the Swiss city is expected to deliver the news that the WRC has been waiting for. News such as Russian banking billionaire Vladimir Antonov writing off WRC promoter North One Sport's debts, giving the London-based firm working capital in an agreement initially set to run until the end of 2013 and rumoured to be worth around 3million per year.


Some of our judges felt that the Ferrari was too obvious a choice for their first-place votes, and one actually found something tangible to criticize. I'm disappointed by the plain interior, said Marc Andrea Musa, before he hedged his criticism by noting that the F430 was as fun to drive as his Enzo, which, it should be noted, is priced about half a million dollars higher. Perhaps the loudest gripe came from the driver

By Derek Hill

Racing in a development series is about forwarding your career which can be challenging in an obsolete car. The Jim Russell Championship Series utilizes the Lola F3-derived FJR-50, a thoroughly current racecar in every respect that's representative of what you're striving toward.


So, what have I learned in the short time I have been a track promoter and operator Well, I have figured out I am not going to get rich doing this. Virtually every penny we make goes right back into the track. Our accountant asked us over the winter, When are you going to start making some money off of the track My father and I just laughed. I have learned I am going to


Unlike many previous competition cars (and an increasing number of road-going halo models, such as the Volkswagen Croup's Bugatti Veyron) the current crop of CT3 cars is not a loss-making marketing exercise. To start with much of the benefit comes from the prestige, yes, but in the long term you have to make money, SLS project manager Christoph Jung tells us. The car is our response to strong customer demand for a vehicle for use in the GT3 series. A lot of customers at the AMC Driving Academy had commented that, while they loved driving Mercedes cars on-track, they had to switch over to something

Motion Sickness

We come across a number of enthusiasts, from self-made millionaires to tuners on a budget. However, it's an even more rare sight to find a 21 year-old student sinking 560,000 in aftermarket parts into car that already cost over 540,000 to buy I put in crazy hours at my job and don't rely on my parents, says Mike Khein of Pasadena, CA. I work hard as a server at P.F. Chang's and saved up as much as possible to build this G35, he admitted. With plenty of car at his fingertips, Khein is living large for a student working tables at a restaurant. He even has a huge amount of support from his Import Model girlfriend, Miss Genna ( And with support like that, you definitely would feel motivated to accomplish anything.

Rm S Collection Sale

Million-dollar muscle at RM s Georgia sale This special beast combines the Ram Air IV engine, four-speed 'box and convertible body - and it could go for a million dollars' Of all the cars in his collection, Robson is most connected to this one. His friend Rut Johnson bought it new but sold it before anyone realised how valuable such machinery would become. Total cost when new was 5147.27, and RM Auctions reckons that the concours restored car could go for a million dollars in the sale.


Having invested millions of dollars in his primarily self-funded race operation over the course of nearly 30 years in motorsports, Bode's willingness to fight the perennial uphill battle against the corporately sponsored Goliaths on the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series tour is nothing short of inspiring. Stories are told on almost a daily basis in race shops across the country of the golden years of drag racing when people did it simply for the love of the sport, the thrill of the competition, and the desire to innovate. Though it's hard to believe, there are still men and women out tearing up the quarter- and eighth-mile simply because they love to do it, and Bob Bode is one of them. I see why people like it so much, quipped Bode, before explaining just how drastically different the outcome of this particular race was from what he'd planned on. Our goal this weekend was just to get a round win. Just to win one round. There's not a part left in our trailer. We raced more in one...


Auburn being Auburn, it follows that any auction held here is going to command a lot of prestige by including the most classic car of all among its offerings. Our immediate impression here was that the restorer had taken obvious care to keep the non-supercharged LeBaron phaeton from appearing over-restored or (horrors ) blinged up. We thus indicate the blackwall tires and simplified finish. That doesn't mean you wouldn't kill to own it, of course. Any time a Duesenberg approaches a guy wielding a gavel, it's big news, regardless of the outcome. This one will last to be bid on another day, in a different locale, and for more money, we're confident.


Monday after the race I called my mom and dad and told them to sell the farm because I'm going to need a lot more money for my desert rock racing career. Team Fun Buggy needs a prerunner, chase trucks, a helicopter, a few semis full of spare parts, and a bigger stereo system in the Fun Buggy for Dave. O

October 2010

Members in racy looking uniforms, the S300.000 haulers parked next to the million dollar motorcoaches all these things are just part of the circus we call racing. It is an amazing logistical show that takes place at four or five different places almost every weekend each season. And let's not forget that racing is a global sport, so what we do is mimicked in most of the civilized world on these same weekends with the only difference being the language.

Less Is More

For instance, when it comes to collecting autographed baseballs, single signed balls will always command more money than halls signed by numerous players. It may seem counterintuitive that a ball signed only by Lou Gehrig or Babe Ruth would be worth more than a ball signed by them both or perhaps by all 25 players from the 1927 New York Yankees

Evn 69

Whoever walked Into that Plymouth dealer in California in '69 and ordered this Alpine white Roadrunner was sufficiently impressed with the 383 that they spent their money making life a bit easier with a 727 Torqueflite three-speed auto and power-steering. A V21 hood stripe package let everyone know this was one car that meant business and, unusually, they also specified the rare bumper overriders that appear little more than decorative. Whoever bought the car also evidently treated it well as it survived the fate of many Roadrunners throughout the Seventies - beaten and raced to death on the strip - and made it to these shores in remarkable condition.


So when a Miami-based millionaire Joseph Safina (a race car driver who's competed in Rolex Daytona 24hr race) contacted Mobsteel headquarters in Brighton, Ml Genei was on the same page, when the customer asked for a black-on-black custom sled. Ttie shell was a clean 1964 Lincoln Continental convertible and other than the frame and some metal, most of the car is completely Mobsteel custom order. As with all Mobsteel projects very little Lincoln remains as they flawlessly fabricate almost everything right down to the badging

Fortunate Some

El You can look at start-up as a monetary investment, in which case you should expect to spend at least a few million dollars for a shop build, trucks, infrastructure (tools and equipment), parts inventory, etc., even before you've spent any money on the year-to-year costs of going racing. But to achieve any level of success, you really need to approach it from the start as a pursuit of people, of talent, of abilities, of experience. And that's the hard part finding the right group of people to build a successful team. And once you have those people, determining how to approach the planning and management needed to find success on the racetrack.

Travis T

A I hate to be all doom and gloom, but in the current economy, the custom fabrication market is getting harder and harder to crack into, especially out west where the sand-rail market has fallen apart and many of the qualified sand-rail builders are out of jobs and finding work in the 4x4 fab shops. Being a rookie isn't bad, it's just going to be difficult, especially if you want to move across the country and hope to have your costs covered. My best advice Get a job locally and build some stuff in your own garage for you buddies until you get your skills up to par and some money in the bank. If possible, work with some local race shops, drag racers, mud boggers, and so on, and learn as many different skills as possible in fabrication, even if it means working nights for little or no money. Also look at every type of race, mud, or show vehicle you can, and learn something from each. If you can't learn something from every fabricated thing in front of you, you're not looking hard...


ROLLS-ROYCE 1930 Phantom I Regent convertible, left hand drive, chassis S460MR, extremely rare, original body, sitting last 15 years on the block, needs cosmetic restoration, for 165,000. Gullwing Motor Cars Inc, 718-545-0500, FAX 718-545-1308, NY ROLLS-ROYCE 1930 Phantom II limo, two-tone maroon and black with tan interior, the body was originally on a Silver Ghost chassis then modified to suit Phantom II, the car was used by John Croall of Edinburgh for the transportation of wealthy individuals both to local and distant destinations, car was put in storage until 1963 when bought by Dr Fred Richards, used for a tour of Spain in summer of 1964, on return engine was dismantled and overhauled, for 34,500. Gullwing Motor Cars Inc, 718-545-0500, FAX 718-545-1308, NY ROLLS-ROYCE 1931 Brewster Ascot phaeton, chassis S199PR, extremely beautiful condition, 295,000. Gull-wing Motor Cars Inc, 718-545-0500, FAX 718-545-1308, NY...

By Michael Jewell

She considered there was an implicit culture of noncompliance, and getting the jobs done was very important. There was recklessness in relation to the drivers' hours and tachograph rules. She considered this new haulage business, which was granted a licence in August 2007, took off without compliance at its core, with securing work and making money as the motivator, and with its drivers breaching rules.


My primary job is to keep living and make money somehow. Right now, I still make money riding motorcycles. I get paid by a few people for doing freestyle motocross shows and filming. I've stopped competing in contests, so I'm not making any money there. At the same time, contests now are low paying unless you're winning. I make money as a judge at events and for working with Red Bull as a freestyle coach.

For Cars

JAGUAR 1957 XK-SS recreation by Tempero, silver with red leather interior and black top, weather equipment, absolutely as new and detailed throughout, 5-speed manual transmission the faithful all aluminum recreation was manufactured by Tempero Cars of New Zealand, it is exceptional and exacting from the polished alloy sills to the top and side curtains, enjoy the feeling of an original XK-SS and save a million dollars at the same time. Autosport Designs Inc, Tom Papado-poulos, 631-425-1555, FAX 631-425-6185, Long Island, NY


BUSINESS, North American Arkley, US manufacturer of the Arkley SS a body conversion kit, fits AH Sprite and MG Midget includes molds and sales related information check internet for history reasonable, serious inquiries. 760-749-3422, CA arkleyusa EBAY Internet savvy motivated individual wanted to sell 5 to 20 million dollar Corvette parts and car inventory on sliding scale commission basis of 10 to 50 percent of price and or profit achieved this is an on-site opportunity Send cover letter and resume to Box 606, Napoleon, OH 43545 or email terry **36-YR** FIFTEEN year old business for sale, retirement forces sale of parts business, specializing in 1969-1989 General Motors full-size models (B-body) and 1978-1988 mid-size models (G-body) move to Florida or move inventory to you. 352-206-1990, FL gm611 SPRING & Fall Carlisle spaces in T-building, located BT9-BT10, inside spaces, high traffic, located beside pretzel stand, for rent or permanent...

Elon Musk

DAIMLER AG, the guys who used to own Chrysler, have bought a 10-percent stake in Elon Musk's Tesla Motors for a double-digit -million-dollar sum. Tesla will supply lithiumion battery packs for electric smarts in a pilot program beginning before the end of the year. Daimler plans series production of a Tesla battery-pack electric-smart by 2012.

By Saul Vargas

When my father was still with us, his garage full of his tools enabled me to have my first experience with practical mechanics. I got my start when my dad gave me a lawn mower to go out and cut lawns so I could make money for my things. I started doing lawns for the neighbors

The Accessory Guru

So I sold the Porsche to pay for the hospital bill for my new daughter and then got myself a little go-getter, a '67 RS Chevy Camaro convertible. I found that car for 500 drove it for a while, but my lady hated it, he says. At that time the now deceased Ricardo Montalban was pushing on TV the new Chrysler Cordova with rich Corinthian leather, so as luck would have it, that would eventually be their first family car. I put an ad in the Recyder newspaper, which was 'the Craig's List' of its time back in the day, and a guy saw my ad in the paper. He called me and said that he'd trade me a Cordova for my car plus 500, he recalls. Mike knew it was best for his family, so he got the car for his baby doll, but he still wanted a nice car for himself. Mike starting driving around, hustling again which he had already begun prior to getting rid of his Porsche, searching for ways to make money and hook up his own car. Atthattime there weren't too many places locally where he could just go for...

Full Rebuild

The best hing about Retro Restos is that I'm having fun working again and with someone I think is one of the best in the business, says Martin. Yeah, we'd all like to be millionaires, but if you love what your doing and have a good laugh with your mates while doing it that can be just as good. CP

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Escudos millionaire, but it was actually only worth around 650 It was good old fashioned racing, very much work hard, play hard, with plentv of drinking and par.ying when the racing was ovar. I think that kind of environment disappeared for good f'om top level racing when F1 died.


We often see inexpensive bikes selling for ludicrous amounts at high-end auctions. We figure that if someone is dropping a quarter-million dollars on a car, paying 5,000 for a 2,500 bike doesn't seem very important. In this rare case, however, a little Cushman Custom single actually went below where we'd have expected. But we also expected a little more from the restoration-some wiring appeared quite old, and plastic electrical tape wrapping didn't inspire confidence. The handlebars appeared to be pitted originals. These can be hard to sell-they're cool to the right people and built well, but slow and of limited use.

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ROLLS-ROYCE 1928 Phantom I, lhd, Brewster body, chassis S381FM, very rare open front and open back, only handful of Phantoms were made with open front and open back, mechanically very sound, excellent original car to restore, for only 85,000. Gullwing Motor Cars Inc, 718-5450500, FAX 718-545-1308, NY ROLLS-ROYCE 1929 Springfield Phantom I Brewster Lon-sdale, left hand drive, excellent original California car, very presentable, for 79,500. Gullwing Motor Cars Inc, 718-5450500, FAX 718-545-1308, NY ROLLS-ROYCE 1930 Phantom II limo, two-tone maroon and black with tan interior, the body was originally on a Silver Ghost chassis then modified to suit Phantom II, the car was used by John Croall of Edinburgh for the transportation of wealthy individuals both to local and distant destinations, car was put in storage until 1963 when bought by Dr Fred Richards, used for a tour of Spain in summer of 1964, on return engine was dismantled and overhauled,...

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WANTED GM, Chevrolet and Corvette documentation, attention western Pennsylvania retired archives caretaker, isn't it time We talked over 10 years ago and you were concerned about the liability from GM (the old GM) that may now be history due to GM's bankruptcy, check with your attorney as you and I are not getting any younger and my one million dollar offer was only a starting point. Email terry or write PO Box 606, Napoleon, OH 43545.

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The relationship I have with Intercity Lines has been an integral part of my business for nearly twenty years. Professional, confidential and on-time, they provide superior service. Simply said, Intercity is the very best in the industry. Transporting multi-million dollar cars is their specialty no one does it better.

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Easier said than done, but at SEMA we can help you follow your passion. If your business, car club or school is a member of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), the SEMA Mentoring program, powered by the SEMA Businesswomen's Network, can help you get connected with automotive aftermarket industry leaders to enhance your career. If you want to find out how to get more involved, need career advice or have a question for an expert, we're


My memories of this particular model stem from endless sunny days in the early 70s, more money than I knew how to spend, a teenager's view on life and hardly a ca'e in the world. Obviously my recollections are skewed and biased I also know the bike I am restoring is less than perfect and had a few design flaws they all did. However, I also know that the bike was, and remains, a style icon of its time and even now is viewed as drop dead gcrgeous by many. Although the bike will be ridden, one of the primary reasons it's getting all this TLC is thai it flicks my switches, floats my boat, ticks all the boxes the look, the sound, the styling, the detailing all strike a harmonious chord tor me in a way that others of the genre, for no good reason I can give, don't. Simply put, it doesn't matter how special a bike might be perceived, if it doesn't do it for me I cannot commit to it.

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