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Using years of experience with its Chevy crate engines, Edelbrock has developed a new line of 342ci small-block Ford crate engines packing up to 440 hp and 425 Ib-ft with a dual-quad intake and 432 hp and 415 Ib-ft with a single carb. Built from an 8.2-deck Dart Iron Eagle block, the 4.030 bore x 3.400 stroke 342 uses a Scat cast crankshaft, forged-steel connecting rods, Keith Black pistons, Edelbrock 1.6; 1 roller rockers, an MSD distributor, and a Milodon oil pan. The top end is Edelbrock's Total Power Package combination of a roller cam, Fterformer RPM or RPM Xtreme cylinder heads, an RPM intake manifold, and choice of an Edelbrock carb or Pro-Flo XT fuel injection. Want to change it up a little? All Edelbrock crate engines are hand-assembled, and custom build requests are always welcome. Every crate engine is backed by a two-year, unlimited-mileage warranty.

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