1960 JAGUAR XK 1S0 Coupo, right hand Oris-». #S matohng. fact overdrve. veiy rar« 38. ihis car has been sitting in stotage lor last 15 yrs, leads oompieie resto. Gi#»ving Motor Cars. www guiwingmotorcars con. phone 718 545 0500. fax 718-E45-1308 emai GullkvttgNYöaol com -WT

I960 MERCEDES-BENZ 220SS PONTOON Cabriolet, cieam w/green leather, owned by the same family for the last 35 vears mechanically superb, exce«enl original car, lex $52 BOO, Gullwing Motor Cars, wivw.gullwingmotorcars.ojm, phone 716-545-CSOO. fax 713 515-1308, email GulMngNYfc -WT

1960 MG MGA 1600, silver w.'btack interior, ortginal Texas car. matching numbers, could us© miner coameiK:», for $11,500, Gullwing Motor Cars, phone 718-545-0500, fax 718-545-1308. email [email protected] com. -WT

1960 MG MGA, restored from frame up several years ago, garaged since resto, driven less than 200 mi, all new int. exc running cond, S 15,300, 443-463-8103. -KA

1960 PORSCHE 356 Roadster, black w/gray nl, beautiful cond, for 005,500, Gullwing Molor Cars, www, phone 71P-545-0500, fax 718-545-1308, email GulwingNY®1 -WT

1960 MERCEDES 300D Cabriolet, gi*en w/lan ihr int earenwty rare, «nstnjoted only by special order, 65 built In 5 yrs . just 22 of th*m in '60. previously owned by Formula One «vpresar© Benne Ecceistont $167.500 Gullwing Motor Cars. www. tit 718-545-0500. lax 718 545 1308, «mail [email protected] -w~

1960 MERCEDES BENZ 220SE Convt, chassis ff128030-10-002430. tan w/red int, for 552,500, Gullwing Motor Cars,, phone /i«-b4b-U5iKJ. rax /ib-b4b-iaua, email [email protected]. -WT

1961 BENTLEY CONTINENTAL PLYING SPUR, lelt hand drive, silver w/black int. chassis »BC999Y. this wonderfully hOn©;t orig CA blade license plated Spur «hows n mere £5k mi from ne*. lor $165.000. Gullwing Motor Cars www gullvwngmotorcars com phone 718-545-0500. fax 718-645-1308. email GulKvngNYÖaol com -WT

1961 BENTLEY S2 DROP HEAD COUPS, that has had around 2000 hours Spent on the restoration so tor, the Bentley is about 93% done, once completed this car -Mill worth 3 lot Of money, for $95 0D0, Beverly Hills car Club Inc 310-97>-0272. fax 31C-988-2565. CA. www bB'/ertyhillscnrdU) com -MC

I960 PORSCHE 356B SUPER 1600. black w/ black, matching numbers, chassis 8109C64. engine »P84812. extremely raie factory sunroof, only a handful ol 356 sunroot were ever made, motor runs good, lor S26.75C. Gulli-nrvg Motor Cars. www. gulhvmgmotorcars com. phone 718-545-0500. tax 718-545-1308. email GutwngNYtfaoi.oorr. -WT

1960 triumph tr3 good rurn^r. mechanically good, needs paint, great car for restoration, S12,500 we entertan all offers, www, 866-384-0891. -SL

19fi0 triumph tr3, red w/hlack int. 2138cc. 4 spd. wire whls, no serious rust. $9995, call Roger or Bob at 366-958-8815. email us at infc$ or visit for more info & pholos. -KE


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