Ford Mustang Grande V8

automatic, oower steenng and brakes, new Drakes, solid body, runs and drives great, needs paint and restoration, $3250, please call 330-488-2500. -CB

1989 FORD MUSTANG LX. 5.0L. 5 spd. weld racing whls. 4 in. cowl rood. Flowmaetor oxhauet. BBKcold air intal-o kit. very nice int solid body, runs great, lots of extras. $4.995. 330-488-2500. -CB

Classic Carsl

197C FORO MUSTANG MACM1, 42» SOHC Cammer. real, viriaga avernead cara 427 siuttodinio a Bino Machi, cuslorn M.irtz ctiassu »vcailavars. Wlwaod dlscs, ftiP steeung no-*- Acapuco bina pa ni, aaal ülact. dalu>a irleox, tlvs ü a car v,ttcn rnust bo heard >3 be opptcouUd, no oitior tnuscle car mc^no ovan corros cióse. $123 9W. wvnvrticclcciltiles cotr. e6S-&7$-5278 -3L


2V, auto, ps, p/top, pdb, a-'c. 44k 1 owner miles, climate controlled garaged, driven 6-7 summer days a year, books & orig stufT, looks/drive» gteal, Uitve liorne ui wll deliver, $12.500,720-837-0176. -MM

1996 FORD MUSTANG GT 5.0 Convt, last of the 5.0 V8, auto, ac. cc. p<A. pdl. pwr seat & tmnk, Mach sound eyctom, ed'eaee. alloy wheels, 1 owner, 71k mi. drives like new, $4905, 773-551-5075. -SB

1970 FORD MUSTANG FASTBACK. Boss 302 complete, but needs work & resto. ong numbers match r>g eng. wtiite w.'biack Int. menual trans, ps. snaker hood, sports slats, tachometer, tinted glass. $29.000. more photos at wv/w.MusUngBeoinnlrvjs. com, 331-594-2204. emaJ inloemuaarvgtegmriings. com. -MM

1970 FORD MUSTANG MACHI, »ery complete, highly cplioned. goW retail« 1970 Machi v<'or>g 351 4bol eng. will neeo new floor pan3 & paint. $10.000 cal foi dotais or check cut www.MustangBeginnings com for more p>cs and information. 831 594-2204. ema< nloWmu5tBngb««Ti -MM

JMasjsa; Six^/aVJ^ áfaj/iiur/j^ Msj^sMrjas ifcxr Ml r^-wW ' t-rc Classic Carsl

2001 FORD MUSTANG Roush Edition Convertible, slage 2. supercharged, manual trans/loaded, nice 1 owner local car, $15,900. shipping & financing available, Clasyc Uonnecncns, »«b-aaa-yyjy or visit -KE


8 cyl, 4.5L. 400hp, 107 of 600, S27.900. serious sash offer and trades welcome, for more information and pictures please can Alex today at Sb4-y3/-82/i, www -CB

2011 FORD SHELBY GT500, brand new w/550hp, 6 spd. Grabber blue/white stripes, red w/whrte stripes, blackjack stripes, the Shelby experts, call Rand,- at 888-886-6471 or cell b^U-/«b-4jo/'l email rrydguy/y# -MM

1955 FORD THUN DERB WO CONVT, r. Th«jnd<yC»cl Ni* w.'Mi* S whne mi. o*»neo by the 9air>e ma" trom I8S6 until 2010. noi a reswed car. Oui a Uvlngiy ma»tain«J one. no signe or rust, njns tabulous vuls org V8 au», te & CO a P«* 01 he*>ry. Sík C193. Vin =>SF»I131227. mll»s 60.441. p<»00 *3< jSOQ a Ol Bill 073 47» 7800 M318. nt»«in Aie

1955 FORD THUNDERBIRD FAIR BIRD Convertible, one ct the rarest only a handful woro built, prolotypo contlnontal kit. fully restored. upgraded with ac. 12 vol & moro. sale pneo $62.900. Vofo Auto Museum. 866-558-8226 3r www.voloc2rs.conn. -KE

1955 FORD THUNDERBIRD, orig w/ matching #s. 293ci 4 8L V8 eng. CA car. frame/body absolutely clean w'no rust, frame on resto 10 yrs ago. convt good cond. $32.500 866-293-6131, www.meritcars com. we ship worldwide. -SL

1955 FORD THUNDERBIRO. ongnal Tone* red. predously restored, recently gone rtiru n Winter's restoration laciity. 29? vs -tCW. Fcrtto-Maic auioma*« iransmlason. tettsccpu steering, « way power seal. von upgraoe, nice correct Torch led'WMte interior, botft tonneau top & hardtop. tat^CO. derailed pictures vvwwanosrnrnei com, 9/2-931-3357, Dallas SVT

red & white int. pw. pwr sest. ps. pb, exc orig CA car, for $29.500, Cullwirtg Motor Cars, www gullwingmotorcars com, phone 718-545-0500, fax 718-545-1308. email [email protected]. -WT

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