The Madrid City Course

(and a Merc SLS) in a pixel-perfect driving environment, in the real world I'm boxed-in by taxi drivers and hampered by traffic lights.

Tempting though it is to njdge my way through, if there's one area where real life exceeds GTS's capabilities it's in the realism of accident damage. After nearly losing my mirrors at least a dozen times, and then getting lost, I decide to return the Tesla to the launch venue where I car get back to some proper driving...

Detail in GT5's graphics is phenomenal, whether it's F1 cars, supercars or even one-off concept cars like the gorgeous Jaguar XJ13 (centre), which can finally go racing...

■ One of the new circuits induded in Gran Turismo 5 is a Madrid City Course. As the launch for the game is being held in Madrid itself, I have the opportunity to experience the virtual circuit for real, piloting a new Tesla Roadster S around the crowded city streets.

Aside from learning that a Tesla makes a devastating weapon in a traffic-light Grand Prix, what the drive highlights is the Utopian appeal of GT5's gameplay. Where just minutes earlier I'd been sliding a Tesla evomu 0I9


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