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From the forums: 'Formula 1 goes green9

Could the return of turbo engines to F1 bring back the excitement of the '80s turbo era?

Could the return of turbo engines to F1 bring back the excitement of the '80s turbo era?

Drophead: The new 'green' F1 engines for 2013 - what does everyone feel about them? I for one think its a load of left wing b******* These engines are still producing 750bhp so will still do 4mpg even if they arc I600cc turbo four pots instead of the V8s. We will also lose that noise. I just can't get excited over the thought of a turbo four-pot droning round for two hours, and a IC.OOOrpm rev limit is a joke after hearing I7,000rpm+ screamers for the past two decades!

zedleg: People keep going on about how the turbo cars of the 80s were the most exciting to watch though, so it might be alright. There are other benefits to this approach as well. F1 may be able to convince other manufacturers into the sport as engine-builders if they are cheaper to develop. Also, in a few years you could buy a hot hatch with an F1-derived engine in it!

ExiledChris: The 80s turbos were more exciting due to ridiculous power delivery and ISOObhp in qualifying mode - for one lap. Less aero FTW.

jack P: The decision is absolute rubbish tbh. but it was expected since they stepped down from VI2s to VIOs to V8s. By 2030 they will be electric.

Deskjockey: But imagine what excitement we can have then! 100% torque from 0 RPM, designers free of worrying about ride height as the car burns fuel. Surely they can make something exciting with those options.

Tim: It's all in the aero, always will be I'm afraid. Even the new Pirelli tyres are giving the teams aero problems through a fairly significant loss of downforce, and they are deliberately designed (by request of the FIA) to wear out quicker than the Bridgestones. Interesting times ahead in F1 I think.

Caneswell: The cars have no impact on the 'carbon footprint' of F1. Flying one team to a race probably produces more C02 than the entire field racing all year! The proposed rule changes will be rubbish. Limit the fuel usage, don't limit the design freedom.

Deskjockey: What I find most interesting on the technology side is the creativity. B/ imposing limits and regulations you force enormous creativity to maximise the potential within the rules or in bending them, e.g. the fan car, dcuble diffuser, F-duct and flexible front wings. I MO that makes it far more interesting. I don't really care what engines are in the cars - it's the race itself that I watch. 055

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