Pirelli Calendar

At a glitzy Moscow launch, Pirelli unveiled its 2011 calendar. This year it's been masterminded by fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld and shot in his Paris studio, taking mythology as its theme. Fifteen female models (including actress Julianne Moore) and five males (!) feature in 36 pictures. Ws do wonder if Pirelli tyre depot staff share Lagerfeld's sensibilities - this is a very different calendar to recent more 'risqué' editions...

Wonds: Ollie Marnage. John Simister and Peter Adams 017

New Esprit (left) is due in 2013. It had been expected to use a Toyota engine, but that looks less likely now with its spiritual forebear.

the classic E30 M3

We talked to M Vehicles product manager Christoph Smiesko


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