and in long-distance races, economy matters. So we explored a couple of other avenues - the Maserati MCI2 and then the Ferrari 333 SP. I was keen on the 333, but the FIA and scrutineers were nervous about it due to the age of those tubs [the last 333 SP stopped rac ng seven /ears ago].

'What I hadn't realised,' Glickenhaus continues, 'is that the Ring has a special EXP1 experimental class with more lenient regulations [the Porsche GT3 R Hybrid competed in it in 2010], so that led us to starting from scratch with a donor car.'

Or two. Glickenhaus acquired a rac ng team that had been running a Ferrari F430 GT2, which came with a full set of spares including an extra engine and gearbox. Surely rebodying that to look like the P4/5 would be enough of a project? Not for Glickenhaus: 'I wanted the car tc be road legal, so we bought a US-spec 430 Scuderia road car with all the correct numbers and legal documents.'

This allows Glickenhaus to use the Scud's chassis (and hence keep the car road-legal), but wed it to the GT2's proven racing running gear and then cloak the lot in a drop-dead gorgeous body. It won't be identical to the En2o-based car, not least because the 430 is smaller, but Garella, together with LM Gianetti (the company that is building it) ard N.Technology (who will be running the car at the 24hrs), are convinced it has real racing potential.

To comply with GT2 regulations the car uses a shorter-stroke version of the F430's 4.3-litre V8, reducing the capacity to 4 litres and power to around 435bhp. This drives the rear wheels through a triple-plate clutch and a six-speed sequential gearbox. Double-wishbone suspension all round, ceramic brakes (380mm front, 330mm rear) and cast magnesium alloy wheels help peg the P4/5C's racing weight back to 1230kg.

Garella, who left Pininfarina to work for himself in July 2009, is in charge

Wmshtem & i^fliiMagj, (fatap^tetoMI

Left: fabulous 1960s Ferrari 330 P4 was the inspiration. New P4/SC is being built at Turin-based race specialist LM Gianetti.

Right: many of the bespoke parts bear the car's name. Far right carbonfibre is ised extensively in the car's make-up, but there's a beefy roll-cage too


of overseeing this new project. So what have been the biggest challenges? 'Without a doubt it's been reshaping the bodywork for a different chassis,' he says. 'No stylist has been involved, so the work is all engineering - the cockpit and doors are identical, but inspired by GT2 regulations we've modified the lower part of the body, and the front and rear sections are now shorter. The F430 has very different track widths to the Enzo, too - wider at the front, narrower at the back - so those differences have had to be incorporated.'

Will it be competitive at the Nurburgring? The race has such a high profile and has become a real reference for manufacturers such as Audi, BMW and Porsche, so it's very competitive. But don't forget that last year [2010] an F430 GT2 finished second, so I think we have a good chance to do well. Budget limitations mean you can't do huge development, so that makes things quite even.'

The car is due to be running within the next month or two, giving time for testing ahead of the 24hr race on June 25-26. Glickenhaus himself won't be driving. This is a serious effort,' he says, 'especially since it's at the Ring, so we've lined up four professionals: Mika Salo, Nicola Larini, Fabrizio Giovanardi, and Luca Cappellari. The goal is to survive - I really don't think we can win, but we will have fun, put on a good show and hopefully not wreck the car too badly. I want to use it on the road afterwards!'

Surely Glickenhaus isn't serious? 'Of coursc I am. I use all my cars. My P4/5 has now covered 8000 miles. I've driven it in Bahrain, taken it on holiday to France and Italy, done the Targa Flcrio. It's had a new clutch, tyres, rear wheel bearings and been driven in the rain.' At this point it's worth remembering that his P4/5 is the only one on the planet and is alleged to have cost him around £3million.

But what of the P4/5C? Will its appearance at the Ring be a racing one-off? 'As far as we know it only complies with regulations for this one race,' says Glickenhaus, 'but we are going to meet with officials from the ACO [Automobile Club de TOuest, the Lc Mans organisers] about maybe running there in 2012. If that happens then I guess there's nothing ro stop us taking it to the other Lc Mans Series races at Daytona, Sebring and Spa.

One thing's for sure, if it looks half as tasty as the road car, it's going to draw crowds wherever it goes. We'll be keeping a close eye on its progress over the coming months.

Left: the P4/5C mid-build; basic chassis is from a road-spec 430 Scudera; carbonfibre frame for the new, heavily curved windscreen is already in place. Top left- lightweight AP Racing pedal set Right: renderings show how the finished car will lock; proportions have been carefully adjusted to fit the F430 chassis (earlier P4/5 road car was Enio-based), while cooling slats, front splitter, rear wing and rear diffuser are all new . 015


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