Monaro 57 Superchar

■ Price £12.995 ■ Year 2005 ■ Mileage 39,330 ■ Vendor Taylors of Newbury (, 01635 34155)

■ Engine V8. 5667cc, supercharged ■ Max power 560bhp @ n/a rpm Max torque n/a ■ 0-60mph 3.9sec (claimed) ■ Top speed I90mph+ (claimed)

I turned up at Taylors of Newbury on a snowy day to have a look at a supercharged Vauxhall Monaro. Clearly I hadn't thought this through. And, to be frark, I'd forgotten just how much power the 5.7-litre CM LS2 engine can produce when you bolt a healthy 'charger to it.

In standard, naturally aspirated guise these cars had 329bhp. Even the later VXR-badged models with the 6-litre Corvette motor were 'only' 398bhp. I say 'only' in the context of the car you can see here, which has been dyno'd at 56Dbhp. Yep, 560bhp for under £13,000.

The modifications (which cost over £14000) were carried out by Monkfish Perormance and comprise a Vortsch V2 supercharger, tuned ECU, a 3in bore exhaust. AP Racing brakes and a Road

Response kit to improve body control.

And yoj know what? As long as you don't prod it too sharply, it's a pussycat. The clutch is weighty but feels strong, and I barely need to go near the throttle until I exit the 30mph limit Third gear ramp? up strongly, but through the mid-range you certainly haven't got 560bhp - just a feeling that the supercharger hasn't yet shown its full hand. The cards go on the table at 4500rpm, as push becomes shove and on a cold, wet road, the narrow, 235-section rear tyes start to spin...

Monaros are honest-to-goodness entertainers that easily seat four adults, munch miles, sound awesome and, even with this much power (if you're sensible...), are perfectly docile and driveable. Even in the snow, OM

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